At the ranch, Jack and Sharon bring Nick and Logan home. When Logan picks up a picture and asks, “Is this your daughter?” Nick replies, “Yeah, that’s my Cassie.” Looking around the house, Nick thinks back to his times with Sharon and says, “It still feels like home.” Teary-eyed, Sharon nods with a smile. Looking at pictures of Cassie, and hearing fireworks outside, Nick remembers a conversation he had with Cassie about getting her learners permit… Seeing the sadness in Nick’s eyes, Jack shows Logan to the guest room and leaves Sharon to Nick…

Nick expresses how Cassie wanted him to teach her to drive and says, “I can’t believe she’s gone. I should have taught her… I wish I could remember. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me the most.” When Jack rejoins them, Sharon goes to show Logan around leaving Nick to say to Jack, “I owe you an apology…” They briefly talk about Jack being with Sharon and how sorry Nick was to have been with Phyllis. “I know how much you loved her,” Nick says, but Jack replies, “It’s been a long time… We’ve all moved on.” When Sharon and Logan rejoin them, Nick thinks back on a July 4th memory of Sharon then warns Jack, with a smile, not to let Sharon near a BBQ.

After Jack and Sharon leave, Nick says to Logan, “After my daughter died, I cheated on my wife. What kind of guy would do that?” Logan comforts Nick and says, “Losing a child changes people. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The guy you are now seems pretty okay to me.” As Nick is looking through a desk, he finds the first ring he ever gave Sharon and shares his memories of Sharon with Logan by saying, “I fell hard for her… I don’t care what’s happened the past two years. What we had just doesn’t go away. I still love her… I’m going to win her back.”

On their way home, Sharon thanks Jack for being there and expresses how hard it is seeing Nick reliving the pain of losing Cassie. However, Jack reminds Sharon that Nick has a family of his own and she can’t feel guilty about having a new life. Yet she does...

In Kevin’s hospital room, Gloria gasps, “You faked a car accident!” Although Gloria worries about what Jana will do, Kevin says he has it under control and begs Gloria not to tell anyone! Just then, Kevin’s phone starts to vibrate and Kevin says, “Get Colleen - quick!”

Outside Kevin’s room, Adrian says to Colleen, “I heard what you said to Lily!” After Colleen admits that Kevin plans to lure Jana back, Adrian demands that Colleen stay out of it – and away from Kevin! Suddenly, Gloria calls Colleen into Kevin’s room!

With Adrian following in protest, Colleen goes to Kevin and answers his phone. Colleen explains to Jana that Kevin is on his deathbed and that she’s to blame! Although Jana wants to speak to Kevin, Colleen says he’s in surgery then hangs up! When the doctor comes in, he says Kevin has a bruised pancreas and that he’d like to keep him in the hospital for a few days. After the doctor leaves, Adrian says, “Kevin, you can’t do this by yourself. I’m calling the police!” However, Kevin and Colleen manage to stop him and Kevin says, “If you call the police, this whole thing could blow up.” After they convince Adrian to stay, he finds out that Colleen took the picture after the wreck and says, “You just didn’t happen by – you helped him staged it? Answer me!”

In a room – somewhere – Jana paces the floor, her mind heavy with thoughts of ‘What to do next?’ Abruptly, Jana calls Gloria. Although she doubts Kevin – and the seriousness of his accident – she hears the hospital pager go off in the background and demands to talk to him! However, Gloria refuses and even goes so far as to accuse Jana of having something to do with Kevin’s accident! After Gloria hangs up, she goes to Kevin and tells him, “Jana called. I told her you were barely alive.” Kevin promises Gloria that this will be over with soon! Later, alone, Colleen tells Kevin she thinks Jana called the nurse’s station to check on his condition! With Adrian gone, although Kevin worries if he’ll be able to stay quiet, Colleen assures him Adrian wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

At The Club, Maggie tells Paul she’s frustrated that they can’t trace Jana’s calls and keep hitting dead ends. Suddenly, Adrian shows up and says, “I have new information about the Jana Hawke’s case!” Shortly after, Paul, Maggie and Adrian burst into Kevin’s room saying that Adrian told them everything! Although Colleen says Adrian must have misunderstood things, Kevin starts having convulsions, causing doctors and nurses to come barreling in!

Later, after a doctor tells Gloria that Kevin needs his rest, Gloria screams at Paul and Maggie, “Stay away from my son!” As Colleen lashes out at Adrian for going to Paul and Maggie, Jana calls and Colleen tells her to check out the photo on The Chronicle’s website! When Colleen rejoins Kevin, he admits to faking the hyperventilation but says, “Adrian’s right, I can’t risk your life.”

At The Club, after Amber tells Cane about Kevin’s accident, he questions where she’s been all day! “I had to help a friend out,” Amber replies as she thinks back to getting Daniel out of jail. After talk of the ‘old friend’ she helped, Cane suggests going home for some ‘private time.’ However, after Cane calls the Estate to see if anyone’s home, he hangs up and relays, “We’ll have no privacy… We did drive here.” With a smile, Amber asks, “Your car or mine?”

While half-naked in their car, Cane and Amber get hot and heavy until they see someone coming. Once they sit up, Cane removes a piece of paper from underneath him then looks at Amber and says, “A bail receipt… You lied to me.” After Amber admits she helped Daniel after being arrested at a strip club, Cane asks, “How many times have you gone behind my back to help your friend?” Although Amber says, “Okay, I hear you,” Cane replies, “You just don’t give a damn, do you?” On their way home, Cane tells Amber he cannot believe a word she says…

When Lily and Daniel arrive home, Daniel promises to be a better husband and says, “I love you.” Lily expresses wanting things to be the way they were and replies, “I love you too.” Sitting on the couch, although Daniel would rather get reacquainted with his wife, Lily convinces him to grab a shower while she gets dinner. Once he’s gone, Lily quickly takes out Daniel’s laptop! As Lily is looking through Daniel’s files, he comes back into the room and catches Lily red-handed! Surprisingly, Daniel says he understands and wants to prove to Lily he’s changed!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Daniel acknowledges his arrest.

Kevin seeks a gun from Gloria then leaves the hospital!

Cane turns to Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke Logan for information on Amber's life in LA.