At the hospital, Ashley sees Abby with Stitch and looks at the engagement ring she found in the champagne glass. Victor appears. Nikki tells him Adam is in surgery. Victor tells Jack he was wrong to assume Billy was the driver and also says he wants to thank him for supporting Adam on the stand. Victor insinuates that Jack should leave, so they bicker. Jack rants to Phyllis about Victor’s shortcomings as a father and tells him Adam saved him from going back on pills. In the NICU, Nick and Sage panic as Christian stops breathing. Nick forces Sage to leave and let the doctor work as Nikki and Victor walk past. Nikki comforts Sage and gives her a pep talk. Victor tells Nick that Christian is a fighter. Meanwhile, Ashley has joined Stitch, Abby and Chelsea. When Abby takes Chelsea for a walk, Ashley gives Stitch the engagement ring. He tells Ash that he and Abby are good together. Ash replies that it wasn’t that long ago he couldn’t get his mind off her – it’s disturbing. She wonders if he spoke to Victor. Victor’s not the parent he’s worried about. He wants to know she won’t hate him if this happens. Ash gives him her blessing. In the chapel, Abby tells Chelsea if Billy can forgive Adam she won’t stir up angst. She encourages Chelsea to pray and to find peace and strength. Stitch enters and says Adam’s out of surgery – he made it. Chelsea goes. Stitch tells Abby she’s a wonderful person and drops to one knee and proposes. In the waiting area, Nikki and Victor tell Jack that Adam’s out of surgery. Chelsea joins them outside Adam’s door. The officer won’t let Chelsea in. Phyllis points out Victor and Jack and advises him to move. He does. Chelsea visits Adam, who opens his eyes a bit. She assures him they’ll be together and urges him to get better. At the NICU, the doctor explains sleep apnea to Sage and Nick. Sage gets hostile. “He’s not a case, he’s Christian.” The doctor says the odds aren’t in Christian’s favor at this moment. They go in and tell the baby to fight. By Adam’s room, Ashley tells Jack that Stitch is going to get engaged to Abby and she’s going to throw them a party. Jack embraces her. Later, Victor visits Adam and tells him to fight.

At the station, Paul tells Kevin and Mariah they need to find the driver. He says they got a tip about a white sedan at the South Lake Motel. They talk about it possibly being a rental car. Kevin gets online. He discovers the driver is Chloe. Kevin leaves her a message, and promises Paul he hasn’t seen her. Paul warns this will get worse if Adam doesn’t pull through. They have to find out where Chloe is before someone else gets hurt. Kevin admits she pulled a gun on Adam in the park.

At The Underground, Mariah hears a noise and asks who’s there. It’s Chloe. She says she needs her help. Mariah recognizes her from Kevin’s photos. She asks what’s going on. Chloe just wants her to call Kevin. Mariah says this must be about what happened to Adam. She calls Kevin and tells him Chloe is there, looking to discuss recent events with him. After, Chloe hits her over the head with a bottle. “You tipped him off, you bitch.” Later, Kevin and Paul arrive and find Mariah unconscious. She wakes up. Kevin asks if Chloe did this to her. Mariah tells Kevin that Chloe’s not okay. “She’s not okay at all.” Paul calls in an APB. Mariah tells Kevin that Chloe said he was the only person she could turn to.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Esther she’s in trouble and needs her help. Esther realizes she ran down Adam. Chloe tells her to stop looking at her like that and give her the money from the cash register and her purse. Esther can’t do it. Chloe gets angry and tells her to go to hell. Chelsea appears. “It was you. You tried to kill my husband.” Chloe replies, “I should have tried harder.”

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Gwen and Neil see Hilary’s fingers move.

Lily asks Cane, “You’re moving out?” Cane replies, “I can’t stay in the house with you if you don’t believe a word that’s coming out of my mouth.”

Kevin and Esther look on as Chloe hollers at Chelsea, “I need to be with my daughter, okay?”

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