At the Club, Ashley is heading to Adam’s trial. She spots Phyllis and Jack and asks who Jack will be sitting beside – his brother or the scum who killed his niece? At the bar, Cane tells Colin he’s innocent, but unless he can prove it he’ll be spending a lot more time in jail. Colin insists he didn’t set him up. Cane says he knows that, but someone did, and now Lily thinks he’s a chip off the old block. Colin tells Cane it’s time he sat down and talked to Lily.

At the courthouse, everyone worries that Adam has run. Michael appears. Billy asks him, “Where the hell is Adam?” Chelsea explains that Victor tried to convince Adam to skip bail. Christine issues a warning to Victor, who claims he stands to lose if Adam runs. Just then, Adam arrives. The trial begins with Christine making an impassioned opening statement. Michael goes next – he intends to prove the events on the night in question were not planned, in fact Adam didn’t know it has happened. Chris calls Chelsea to the stand. Chelsea confirms that Adam confessed to hitting Delia on the videotape he left her. Michael cross-examines Chelsea. She describes their devastation about Connor’s blindness and describes Adam as a caring, sensitive person. She admits she still loves him and talks about him saving her and delivering Johnny, and more recently, delivering and saving Christian Newman. During the recess, Billy tells Jack his buddy Adam will be going to prison for a long time. Nikki whispers to Victor about offering to help Adam run. She realizes in the end it means something that he’s his son. Meanwhile, Esther corners Chelsea and tells her how Chloe would feel about her singing that monster’s praises. Adam asks Michael to put him on the stand. The judge calls court back into session. Michael says Adam wants to testify. The judge allows it. Chris calls Adam to the stand. She has him admit to covering-up the hit-and-run. She asks if he was solely responsible for the death of Delia Abbott. He looks at Billy and says, “Yes.” Michael cross-examines. Adam testifies to his state of mind that night and how dark it was on the winding road. He talks about swerving to avoid a shadow and getting out and seeing the dog. He had no idea he’d hit Delia. He testifies that he tried to come forward numerous times, but had much to lose. He felt no one would believe it was an accident. Billy has an outburst. Adam says he loves his son and would have done anything to keep him, but he’s lost him anyway. He testifies that if he had it to do over he would have come over right away and been a man his son could look up to – he’s ashamed and remorseful. He apologizes directly to Chelsea and then to Billy. “I am so sorry.”

At Fairview, Sharon tells Dr. Anderson she’s tired. Anderson says she’s glowing and starting to show. She medicates her again. After, Patty accosts Anderson in the hallway, begging her not to lock her in again – she’s learned her lesson and won’t go near Sharon. In her room, Sharon hallucinates a big pregnant belly when she looks in the mirror. She is reading to the baby when Patty comes in. Sharon says, “Look, I’m starting to show.” Patty tells her she doesn’t look pregnant at all. Sharon argues she’ll soon need maternity clothes. Patty suggests Paul or Dylan could bring some. Sharon tells her she signed off on having no visitors. When Patty suggests that there could have been an issue with Sharon’s blood test, Sharon gets defensive. Patty tries to tell Sharon that something is wrong with Dr. Anderson. Sharon tells her to shut up; she wants her out. Patty reaches for Sharon’s shoulders. “Listen to me!” Sharon shoves her and Patty hits her head on the wall and is knocked out.

At Crimson Lights, Lily complains to Dylan that he made Cane seem like a criminal. She wanted his help, but he went straight to the police. Lily insists the man she married would never do this, but Dylan points out there’s a lot of evidence against him. Lily worries about proving his innocence. Dr. Anderson arrives. She tells Dylan that Sharon is making progress. She shows him the paperwork Sharon signed. Dylan can’t understand Sharon suddenly seeing him as a distraction and cutting him out of the pregnancy experience. Anderson counsels him to be patient and everything will work out as it should. Dylan asks her to tell Sharon he loves her. On the patio, Dr. Anderson calls the hospital and learns Sage has been released. She asks how the baby is doing.

Lily arrives at the Club and Cane apologizes for accusing her – he should have sat down with her to talk. Lily thanks him for saying that. She regrets not coming to him first. They’ll figure out together who is framing him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Noah tells Kevin, “I need you to help me find Marisa’s daughter.”

Adam tells Jack, “I killed that little girl and now it’s time for me to pay.”

Chelsea looks around the park. “Connor? Connor!” Billy calls out, “Connor?” He’s nowhere to be seen. Chelsea panics. “Oh my God!”

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