At the Club, Billy talks about getting justice for Delia at Adam’s trial. Victoria cautions him about how trials can go. Billy feels she knows Victor is going to pay off the judge. Victoria is offended that he thinks she would keep inside information from him. She’s worried about his obsession with Adam. Victoria says if Adam gets off, she and the kids will have a life sentence of Billy’s bitterness. She’ll never forgive Adam for covering up his part in the hit-and-run, but she wants Billy to accept that it happened. Chris and Paul arrive and hear Billy ranting. Chris warns his anger could work in Adam’s favor on the stand. Billy says he’ll hide the bitterness. After, Billy worries about Chelsea helping Adam. He’ll go talk to her. Nearby, Victor and Nikki discuss Victoria being back with Billy. Talk turns to Adam and why he hates Victor, and would go after his company. Victor muses that his hatred of him was more important to him than his family. “When all is said and done, he is my son.” Victoria joins them. Nikki is glad she is there for Billy today. She leaves. Victoria tells Victor that Billy thinks he’ll help Adam beat the charges. They discuss the hit-and-run. Victor says it was dark and Adam didn’t see Delia – he’s not a murderer. Victor is concerned about Billy’s hair-trigger temper. Victoria talks about wanting Victor’s respect – she heard him imply to Nick that he would one day run everything. She says it gave her a taste of what Adam’s felt for a long time. Victor is sorry and says he loves her. Up at the Dive Bar, Devon tells Neil they found out Cane was behind the ransom.

At the station, Lily has posted Cane’s bail and he’s released. They embrace. He thanks her for believing him. Lily wants to know who set him up. She questions him about his gym bag and the issue at Fenmore’s. She repeatedly says the police think he needed the money because of the bad deal. Cane realizes she actually thinks he did it. He angrily points out that he trusts her, even though she slept with another man.

At the Dive Bar, Devon learns that Cane got out on bail and goes to talk to Paul and Christine. Paul tells Devon there is no evidence to connect Cane to the actual kidnapping. He warns him to stay away from Cane. Nikki asks Neil if they’re any closer to figuring out what happened to Hilary. Neil fills her in on Cane and the ransom. Neil muses that under the right circumstances people can do things they never imagined. Cane appears. He approaches Devon, who is back with Neil. Devon asks if he knows where Hilary is. Cane gives a sarcastic answer and tells him to go to hell. They get into a yelling match. Neil tells Devon to take a walk. Neil tells Cane this is an elaborate set-up. Whoever did it put a million dollars in his hands – they must be going for something bigger. Downstairs, Lily tells Devon she paid Cane’s bail. Devon asks why she didn’t leave him in jail. “Because he’s my husband,” she replies. They debate. Lily can’t believe Cane would do this.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam cuddle in bed. He brings up the idea of running instead of facing the trial. He tells her Victor knew he couldn’t stop Paragon, but got him out anyway. He wanted answers and offered to help him leave the country. Adam says he could send for her and Connor after a while. Chelsea feels it’s a scam – Victor is never going to help him. They bicker about it. He feels last night was a new beginning for them, but Chelsea says it was goodbye. Downstairs, Chelsea tells Adam to take responsibility. Adam makes a speech about them. He doesn’t see how she can move on without him. There’s a knock – it’s Billy. Outraged, Billy says Adam is there to seal the deal, so she’ll defend him in court. He tells Chelsea she can’t do that and warns her not to fall for this again. Later, they are dressed for court. Adam wonders why he should spend years in prison to satisfy Billy’s need for revenge. Chelsea tells him it’s for Delia. If he runs, she can’t defend him, and he’ll lose them anyway.

At the courthouse, Chris and Paul discuss the problem of Cane – it doesn’t make sense to Paul. Chris says all he can do is follow the evidence. Talk turns to Adam. Chris says he won’t get away with murder on her watch. Billy and Victoria arrive. He tells her Chelsea spent the night with Adam. Victoria says she loves him. Chris wonders to Paul why Michael’s not there yet. She wonders if Adam jumped bail. Billy says Victor could have helped him run. Victor and Nikki arrive. Billy says if Adam runs, it’s on Victor. Chelsea arrives and says Victor played the concerned father and offered to help Adam run – so he could screw him over.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley asks Jack, “Who are you going to be sitting beside, Jack? Your brother or that scum who killed your niece?”

Dylan asks Dr. Anderson, “Why all of the sudden does she feel like her fiancé is a distraction? We’re having a baby.”

Patty says to Sharon, “You don’t look like you’re showing. You don’t look pregnant at all.”

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