At the boathouse, Dr. Neville tells Neil and Gwen that they either trust him or they don’t. Neil worries it’s a risky treatment. Neville will walk if they can’t accept his terms. Neil asks him not to let Hilary die. Neville goes on about his methods being light years ahead and tells Hilary, “You could be my crowning achievement.” Neil and Gwen are unnerved by his ego, but agree to go ahead. Neville gives Neil some prescriptions to fill and warns him if he’s caught, he’ll say he stole his prescription pad.

In her Club suite, Marisa tells Luca there is nothing tying them together. He says, “Nothing but my child.” He accuses her of being pregnant when she left him and giving their daughter away. He says he’s found her. Marisa asks where she is. “Tell me.” He’ll tell her when she comes back to him. Marisa decides he’s lying about finding their daughter. She gave her up so she’d have a loving home. Lucas says Marco sold her to the highest bidder and her life is miserable. He shows her a photo and she cries. Luca wants to be a family…unless Noah Newman means more to her than her daughter. Marisa tells Luca she’ll live with him for one month…then he must bring her daughter back. Luca agrees. He kisses her.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson tells Noah that Sharon has requested no visitors, including family. Noah argues with her. Sharon can hear him from her room. Noah refuses to leave, saying he wants his mother to tell him herself that she doesn’t want to see him. Anderson shows him Sharon’s signature on the document. Noah goes. Anderson tells Sharon that she sent Noah away because she signed the form. Sharon doesn’t remember. Anderson reminds her that she didn’t want visits to interfere with her progress. Sharon brings up her baby and says she’ll do whatever the doctor tells her to.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Devon, Lily, and Cane that Cane’s fingerprints were on the ransom note. Cane says he ripped it open without thinking. They rehash the situation with Hilary. Cane and Dylan feel there could be more than one kidnapper. Devon is irritated. Cane just wants to go home and see the kids. Lily invites Devon, but he’s heading to the station. After, Noah arrives to discuss Sharon with Dylan, who says she was out of it. Noah tells him about the form Sharon signed saying no visitors. Dylan calls Dr. Anderson and questions her. In the background, Sharon asks, “Is that Dylan?” Dylan insists on speaking to her. Sharon takes the phone and confirms it was her idea not to see family.

At Fairview, Dr. Anderson gives Sharon more drugs. Sharon says it feels like she just took the last dose. She thanks her and goes to sleep.

At the Club, Neil is on the phone about the prescriptions when Devon appears. Devon tells him they’re not sure the person who sent the ransom notes is the same person who has Hilary. They debate possibilities. Devon worries she could be dead. Neil reassures him. “She’s alive, Devon. I know this.” He feels it in his gut. Nearby, Luca phones Victor and tells him he closed the deal. Later, Devon looks at Hilary’s photo. “Where are you?”

At home, Cane and Lily play Twister with the kids. The kids say they heard about Hilary being kidnapped at school. Cane sends them to clean their teeth. Lily asks why Cane changes the subject when Hilary comes up. Cane says they need family time and can’t keep spending all their time helping Devon. The kids return. Lily tries to talk to them, but Cane takes them to bed. Lily goes into the closet and finds a bag of cash. Later, Cane discovers she’s gone.

At The Underground, Marisa tells Noah she’s certain Luca’s family attacked her. She says Luca’s the only one who can protect her so she’s moving back in with him. Noah is angry – she clearly can’t stand him. “I can protect you!” Marisa says he’s better off without her. Noah thinks Luca is threatening her. He carries on until she blurts, “He knows where my child is!” She shows him the girl’s photo and explains how she was pregnant and ran. Marisa says she’ll live with him for a month and he’ll bring her daughter. Noah says Luca might never do that. Marisa tells Noah that he’ll have to help her then. “Help me find my daughter.” Noah says he will. He urges her to tell Luca the deal is off. Marisa can’t – she has to live with him until she knows her daughter’s safe.

At the boathouse, Gwen assures Dr. Neville that Neil will return with the prescriptions. Neville assumes she’s mixed up in this because she loves Neil. He asks why Neil didn’t hospitalize her. Gwen says Hilary will explain when she wakes up. Neil returns and says he had to reassure Devon.

At Crimson Lights, Lily gives Dylan the bag of cash. He looks and says it’s the ransom money. Lily says it was at her house and the bag is Cane’s.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Lily, “If you really think that’s so impossible then why didn’t you go to Cane for the truth? Why’d you come to me?”

Kevin says to Michael, “Nice job, Mike. Thanks to you, Delia’s killer is ruining our lives all over again.”

Victor says to Adam, “If you want to leave town before the trial, give me the word.”

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