Sharon goes to the hospital and brings Nick his milkshake. Although disappointed that Noah didn’t bring it by, Sharon promises she’ll bring Noah straight to the hospital after she picks him up from his friend’s. Just then, Logan comes in and insists Nick get out of bed and walk around. With Sharon’s help, Nick stands, takes some steps then says, “The sooner I can get out of here, the sooner I can go home with you.” Even though Sharon reminds Nick that she’s married, he says, “Come on, that big mansion, it could be fun.” However, Nick relieves Sharon by saying, “I’m kidding.” Once Nick is back in bed, Nick questions how Sharon likes her life with Jack then asks, “What about our place? Who’s living there now?” After Sharon says, “It’s empty,” they briefly talk more about Noah then, at Nick’s request, Sharon heads to Gina’s to get him some lasagna.

In the waiting room, after getting a call about the jet, Victor heads to Newman. As Sharon joins Nikki and Phyllis, she informs, “I think they might release Nick.” Although Phyllis promises to look after Nick, Nikki states, “He’ll be coming home with Victor and me.” No matter what Nikki says Phyllis will not stop trying to remind Nick of their life together.

When Phyllis goes to Nick and asks him to move into the tack house with her and Summer, Nick says, “I can’t live with you right now. I can’t pretend and I’m not going to fake something I don’t feel.” After Phyllis rejoins Nikki in the waiting room, Nikki questions whether Phyllis upset Nick but Phyllis says, “Summer needs her father. He’s coming home to us!”

At Newman, Maggie tells Victor that evidence shows the jet started on fire. Although Maggie wants to question Nick, Victor insists he’ll talk to him and says, “Talking about the past will cause him stress.” When Victor arrives back at the hospital, he informs everyone of the fire on the jet, but Nick doesn’t remember a thing. Just then, Logan approaches with news that Nick will be released soon, and Nikki insists Nick come home with her.

In the waiting room, Phyllis watches on as Sharon comes out from Nick’s room and joins Victor… Although Victor tells Sharon that Nick is no longer her responsibility, she says, “Strangely, I feel guilty for remarrying.” However, Victor advises Sharon to live in the present – not the past.

Inside Nick’s room, as Nick vents to Logan about where he’s going to live, he says, “I have to get out of here – and you’re going to help me.” When the family joins them, although Nikki and Phyllis both want Nick with them, Nick announces he’s going to move back into his old house with Logan – the one he shared with Sharon – and says, “Logan’s going to take care of me there.” Later, after Victor takes a call, he relays news to Nikki that the Newman jet may have been sabotaged!

At the scene of the accident, as the paramedics are putting Kevin into an ambulance, he cries to Colleen, “Take a picture for Jana.” Quickly, Colleen snaps a shot! Once they arrive at the hospital, Colleen calls Michael…

At Michael’s, Gloria sits with William as he practices his writing. When Gloria sees the word William wrote, ‘Confess,’ she rips up the paper. Watching Gloria and William, Lauren and Michael worry what’ll happen once William recovers. Just then, Michael gets a call from Colleen saying Kevin’s been in an accident. After Lauren agrees to stay with William, Gloria and Michael rush out, leaving William glaring at Lauren!

When Maggie and Paul arrive at Lauren’s, Maggie suggests William try to write down some ‘thoughts.’ Although Lauren shouts, “No,” Maggie goes to William’s side with a pen and paper and tells him to keep practicing. After Paul and Maggie leave, William alerts Lauren and she sees his latest note, which reads, ‘You know!’

When Michael and Gloria arrive at the hospital, after Colleen says she didn’t see the crash – that she was just driving by – Gloria demands to see Kevin. Suddenly, Adrian arrives and Colleen lies to him too by saying she saw Kevin's accident while driving by. Soon, a doctor comes out of Kevin's room and says Kevin damaged part of his pancreas, which could be life threatening! In tears, Gloria says, “I can’t lose my baby – not Kevin.”

At Crimson Lights, as Amber and Daniel are talking about his arrest, Lily calls. Daniel explains how he had to spend an extra night at the seminar but lies, “I’m on my way back to GC now.” After Daniel hangs up, just as Amber admits that she took some money out of their buried treasure, Colleen calls and says Kevin was in an accident! They rush to the hospital.

After Gloria and Michael go in to see Kevin, he explains he took his eyes off the road to dial his cell phone and crashed. When Colleen joins them, after Michael and Gloria leave – she assures Kevin she’ll call the newspaper soon! Just then, Lily arrives…

Later, outside Kevin’s room, Adrian questions how strange it was that Colleen just so happened to be driving by Kevin’s accident. Across the room, as Daniel lies to Lily about the seminar he attended and says, “I missed you,” Lily says she missed him too and invites Daniel to move back home – and he agrees! Later, after Daniel walks away, Colleen tells Lily that Kevin staged the whole accident and that she plans to send a picture of the accident to the press to lure Jana back to GC! Just then, Adrian appears behind Colleen!

When Michael arrives back to the apartment, Lauren says that Maggie and Paul stopped by then shows him what William wrote!

Holding Kevin’s hand, when Gloria questions Kevin about how he really ran into the tree, Kevin admits, with a smile, that he did it to trap Jana!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Adrian & Colleen argue over Kevin.

Nick tells Jack & Sharon he's sorry.

Lily is caught red-handed.

Gloria helps Kevin.