At the tree ceremony for Delia in Chancellor Park, Billy wants Adam to leave and Victor backs him up. Jack thinks Delia would have looked into Adam’s heart and seen the best in him – he should be allowed to speak. Adam makes a heartfelt speech that includes an apology to Billy. He would gladly give his life in exchange for Delia’s. Clapping is heard. Chloe emerges. She says it was an Oscar-worthy performance, but deep inside Adam is still the same bastard he’s always been. Chloe wonders why they’re all surprised to see her. Victor suggests Kevin take Chloe somewhere quiet. Chloe says she came to deliver justice and pulls a gun on Adam. Esther and Billy try to talk her down. Adam tells Chloe to do it. Chelsea jumps in between them. She makes a tearful plea to Chloe about what Delia would want. Chloe ends up sobbing in Chelsea’s arms. Victor takes the gun. Jill wants everyone to go for ice cream and cake. Billy says those needing something stronger can join him. Kevin takes Chloe with him. Soon, Victor is the last one left with Adam, Chelsea and Connor. He warns Adam not to blow it, and not to forget he’s out of the joint on his dime. Once alone, Adam wonders if Chelsea’s gesture means she forgives him. “Can we start over?” Chelsea says she did it for Chloe…and Delia. She can’t forgive him or forget the things he’s done. If there’s any justice in the world, he’ll go to jail. Adam doesn’t want Connor to grow up without a father, and tells her to remind Connor that this wasn’t his choice and he loves him. She leaves. Victor reappears, looking for a ‘thank you’ from Adam. He twisted the judge’s arm and wrote a big check, now it’s time for Adam to reciprocate. “You fix the Paragon virus, or else you’ll be put back in jail.”

At Chloe’s suite, Kevin warns her she can’t think about killing Adam or they’ll put her away forever. She thinks it’s unfair Adam is still walking around, but muses he’s not worth her losing the most important thing in her life. Kevin asks, “What’s that?” Chloe says it’s her freedom of course, and asks if Kevin’s moved on. He says it’s complicated and tells her about Mariah. Chloe needs to rest. Kevin leaves.

At home, Billy thanks Victoria for reminding him what’s important. He’s concerned about Chloe, and recalls when she tried to convince him they should have another baby together. Billy feels like she’s lost. He thinks if she had a kid of her own, she may not have shown up waving a gun around.

At the Club, Cane and Lily wonder if the kidnapper will call with Hilary’s location. Cane is upset about Dylan messing things up. Another envelope arrives. Cane opens it.

At Crimson Lights, Paul speculates with Dylan about why the trackers didn’t work on the boxes. Devon appears and bickers with Dylan. Paul wants to know what they’re keeping from him. Devon gets a call from Cane and leaves. Paul stops Dylan from following. Dylan wants Paul to trust him and exits. Later, Lauren, Esther, and Jill discuss the scene at Chancellor Park. Talk turns to Adam passing himself off as Gabriel Bingham. Jack and Phyllis enter. Jill confronts Jack about protecting Adam’s secret. Jack says he tried to do what was best for Billy. They argue until Phyllis pulls Jack away. She tells him the more he tries to protect people from making mistakes, the more he resembles Victor. On the patio, Kevin tells Summer and Kyle that Chloe talked about having something or someone to live for. Kyle wonders if he’s jealous.

At the boathouse, Neil cleans up fingerprints. He and Gwen speculate on whether the ransom notes were a ruse. Neil worries the person saw Hilary and will call the police. She realizes he is removing all trace of her being there but not protecting himself. Neil wants her to go so she’s not an accessory – this is done and he will wait there until Devon and the cops show up. Gwen repeatedly says she doesn’t want to go. She talks about making a run for it together. Neil shouts at her to go. She does.

Devon and Dylan arrive at the Club to see the new note. Devon says he’s taking this out of Dylan’s hands and calls the phone number on the paper. The man on the other end says it’s too late. Devon implores them not to hang up. He asks where he can find his wife. Later, Paul shows up and grills Lily and Cane. Gwen arrives and listens. At the bar, Abby is still shaken from the scene in the park. Stitch improves things by kissing her. Upstairs, Chloe exits her suite. She says into her phone, “Do you think that you could keep her for just a few more days? Great.” Billy is there. “Keep who?”

Neil is still inside the boathouse when Devon and Dylan arrive outside. Devon turns the doorknob…

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane tells Lily, “Devon is not going to find her. She’s not there.” Lily asks, “How do you know that?”

Michael says to Chelsea, “We need you to testify at Adam’s trial. Or more accurately, Adam needs you.”

Chloe says to Billy, “If we team up we could figure out a way to kill Adam and not get caught.”

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