At a hotel, a woman in a blonde wig lets herself into a room and reads a newspaper report about Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Abby, Summer, and Kyle rehash the Adam reveal and Jack and Chelsea keeping his identity a secret. Stitch appears as Abby is weighing in about love. Nearby, Jill and Esther embrace. Jill tells Esther today is about Delia and she’s come up with a way to honor their sweet little girl.

At home, Billy and Victoria look at a photo of Delia on the anniversary of her death. Victoria’s glad Adam is in a cell. Part of Billy thinks that’s never going to be enough. They discuss how to get through the day. Billy recognizes it’s tough for her too. Jill arrives and hugs Billy. They talk about Adam getting what’s coming to him. Jill says she made arrangements to plant a tree in Chancellor Park in Delia’s honor. Billy and Victoria agree to go.

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Kyle agree to go pick up Delia’s tree for Esther, who still has to get ready. On the patio, Stitch and Abby have coffee. He asks her to have dinner. She says she’ll be with family remembering Delia tonight, but agrees to let Ben support her. Later, Summer and Kyle return and discuss how the tree they were supposed to pick up was sold to someone else. They call around but have no luck, until they spot an employee from the Genoa City Botanical Gardens.

At the station, Christine and Lauren discuss Michael taking Adam’s case. Chris reassures her that she’ll be keeping Adam behind bars for a long time.

At the courthouse, Michael tells Adam he’s doubtful he’ll get bail. Adam says he’ll do whatever it takes to get out on bail and see Chelsea and Connor before they leave town. Elsewhere, Jack and Phyllis see Victor shake hands with the judge and accuse him of paying off the judge and arranging to have Adam go free. Victor claims he was just saying hello to an old friend. After, Jack tells Phyllis that Victor is doing this to get Adam to stop the Paragon virus. Phyllis thinks it’s crummy. Once the hearing begins, Adam pleads not guilty. Christine and Michael debate about the bail issue. She says no one will vouch for Adam. Victor announces, “Your honor, I will vouch for my son.” He makes a speech on Adam’s behalf. The judge sets bail at $10 million and remands Adam to Victor’s custody. Christine snarks about ethics and exits. Jack muses that what Victor wants, Victor gets. Adam tells Victor he has to do something before they go to his office.

At the hotel, the woman in the blonde wig angrily shuts her laptop when she hears Adam got bail.

At the station, Christine rants to Michael about the judge. Michael says Adam is most dangerous to himself. Michael insists he won’t run. Christine won’t let Victor stand in the way of a guilty verdict.

At the penthouse, Anita tells Chelsea she can run away from Genoa City, but can she outrun her feelings for Adam? Chelsea says her love for Adam no longer matters. Anita asks where she’s going. Chelsea won’t tell her – so she can’t tell Adam. Anita asks how long she’ll be hiding out. Chelsea says she can visit once Adam’s out of her system. Anita says that will never happen. Kevin arrives to invite Chelsea to the tree planting. Chelsea doesn’t think anyone would want her there. He says Chloe would. Chelsea says she’ll be there. Later, the woman in the blonde wig lets herself into Chelsea’s darkened penthouse. She hides when Adam enters and watches him from behind some boxes. Anita arrives and confronts Adam, who says he loves Connor and wants to see him one more time. She tells him they’re at the park honoring Delia. He leaves.

At Chancellor Park, Lauren joins Jill and tells Billy and Victoria she hates that Michael is representing Adam. Lauren takes a call from Fen; she’s glad to hear his voice. Esther arrives and tells Jill the tree is on the way. Chelsea and Connor arrive. Billy and Jill wonder what she’s doing there. She wants to thank Delia for the gift she gave Connor, but offers to leave. They warn her not to speak Adam’s name. After, Abby, Stitch, Kevin, Victor, Jack, and Phyllis all arrive. Billy asks about the arraignment. Victor says it went as expected. They assume Adam was denied bail. Summer and Kyle appear with a tree and Jill begins the ceremony by explaining how the Gingko tree represents Delia. Billy makes a speech about keeping his promise to his little girl. Adam appears nearby. They all water the tree. Connor says, “Daddy.” Adam steps out. Billy calls him a stupid twisted son-of-a-bitch. The woman with the wig appears – it’s Chloe.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon is on the phone and says, “Please tell me where I can find my wife.”

Neil says to Gwen, “This has to end. I’m going to wait here with Hilary until Devon and the police show up.”

Billy tells Adam, “If you’re so determined to do the right thing, why don’t you walk away and let us honor my daughter’s memory in peace.” Chloe watches.

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– Candace Young