At the penthouse, Abby tells Chelsea that Victor is giving her fashion line back to her. Jack snipes about Victor being known for being kind and wonders what Chelsea will do with her newfound freedom. Chelsea says she’ll move somewhere that Connor won’t be judged. Jack thinks she still has feelings for Adam. They urge Chelsea to go to Adam and talk to him.

At the station, Victor tells Adam he can arrange bail for him in exchange for stopping the Paragon virus. Adam says it can’t be stopped. He has nothing at stake – he’s resigned to his fate. Victor leans forward. “For your son, everything is at stake.” Adam says Victor’s corporation nor bail means much to him. Victor calls him a fool and mentions he gave Chelsea’s company back – she’s probably packing to leave. Adam figures he’s okay with that since he has a new grandson. Victor tells Adam he’s abandoning his own son. Victor tells Michael to talk sense into Adam on his way out. Michael joins Adam, who asks him to help him get out of there; even if it’s only for an hour. Michael isn’t hopeful. Chelsea appears. Michael exits. Chelsea confirms she’s leaving town. Adam needs to see Connor one last time. She refuses. Chelsea has her say, and Adam insists nothing was ever more important than her and Connor. He asks again to see him. She says no and turns to leave, but then turns back and kisses him. “I need you to be dead to me…and your son.”

At the hospital, Sage tells Christian she loves him. The doctor says the vitals are holding steady. He encourages Sage to focus on her own recovery. Nick convinces her to go back to her room. Elsewhere, Dylan tells Stitch that the tracking devices on the nutrition boxes went dead. They feel it was an inside job. Dylan mentions there is more going on. Stitch senses it could be dangerous. Dylan says it’s going down tonight, but first he’s going to Fairview; Sharon may be ready to come home.

At the boathouse, Gwen tells Neil they need a doctor for Hilary. Neil says they’ll have to have faith and be patient.

At Fairview, Sharon tells Dr. Anderson she’s surprised she slept so long. The doctor thinks it’s the pregnancy catching up with her. Patty listens. Dylan arrives and is dismayed that Sharon needs to stay. He is glad she’s doing better and they kiss. As he’s leaving, Patty stops him. “I’m your Aunt Patty!” She tells Dylan she’s not sure about the drugs they’re using on Sharon. She says she’s getting the high-octane dosage and was really out of it. Dylan thinks she seems improved. Patty persists; she’s worried about the baby. Dylan feels they have to trust the doctors. Later, Patty tells Sharon to stop taking the drugs they’re giving her. Sharon reassures her.

At the hospital, Nick exits Sage’s room and runs into Dr. Anderson, who he thinks looks familiar. She says she is Sharon’s therapist and is checking in on Sage to give Sharon peace of mind. In the NICU, Victor tells Christian he’ll be all right and urges him to fight like a Newman. “I love you.” He wipes away tears. Later, Stitch finds Abby in the NICU. She talks about the latest developments in her family. Stitch tells her about Adam saving Christian’s life. Abby hopes Stitch can forgive her for putting work ahead of him. He asks her to get coffee. Later, Nick tells Sage that Christian will make it – he can feel it. Dr. Anderson watches them embrace through the door.

At the Club, Devon argues with Cane and Lily about paying the ransom. It’s his only shot at getting his wife back! Cane offers to deliver the money. Devon says Dylan is going to make the drop. Cane argues. Neil arrives and says it’s a mistake to pay the ransom. Dylan appears. He thinks too many people are being involved. Devon hands him the money. “Please bring back my wife.” By the stairs, Jack spars verbally with Victor about giving Chelsea her company back. They talk about Adam. Jack insists he’s loyal to him and to Billy. Victor says he was justified in everything he did to Jack because he kept Adam’s secret. Jack smirks. “You’ve forgiven yourself already.” Victor gets a call from Adam, who will accept his offer. Michael arrives and asks Jack to vouch for Adam, but he can’t betray Billy.

At the boathouse, Gwen nearly hits Neil over the head when he returns. She tells him she heard a noise. He wonders if it was the person who received the ransom tonight.

At Chancellor Park, Dylan sets the briefcase in the bushes and hides. He jumps the guy who takes it, but he gets away.

Dylan returns to the Club and Devon is upset he let the guy get away.

At the station, Adam tells Victor he’ll stop Paragon if he gets him out to see Connor.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Connor they’ll leave without telling anyone.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Esther today is about Delia and she’s come up with a way to honor their sweet little girl.

Michael says to Adam, “Given your history, the nature of the crime, your chances are one-in-a-million.”

Christine says, “No one will vouch for this man.” Victor says, “Your honor, I will vouch for my son.”

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