At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Nick realize the supply chain has come to a stop due to the Paragon virus – they’re going to lose everything. Victor thinks he’s found a way out. Soon, Ian’s hacker is brought in. Victor knows he introduced the Paragon virus into his computer system. The hacker says it can’t be stopped. Victor informs him he’s going to co-operate.

At Delia’s roadside memorial, Victoria doesn’t want Billy to go after Adam again. Billy asks if she really believes Adam will get the punishment he deserves.

At the park, Sage tells Adam the baby’s coming. “My water broke.” Adam’s phone won’t work because of Paragon. She can’t make it to his car. Adam says he delivered Johnny; they can do this. Sage screams with contractions. Adam delivers the baby – it’s a boy. Sage asks why he isn’t crying. A woman passes by. Adam yells at her to call an ambulance.

At the Club, Nikki appears as Jill chats with Colin and asks Jill if she’s seen Billy. She explains that Adam is alive and has been living in town for a year. Nearby, Devon, Cane, and Lily open a ransom note. Someone claims they have Hilary and will be in touch. Colin watches.

At the boathouse, Gwen assures Neil that Hilary will wake up and exonerate him. He says they need more supplies. Gwen says she’ll take Emma’s badge and get the IV nutrition. They kiss.

At the hospital, Paul tells Dylan and Stitch that they’ve put trackers in the IV nutrition packs so if they leave the hospital they will be traceable. Dylan gets a call from Devon. Later, Sage is wheeled in. Adam tells Emma and Stitch that she lost a lot of blood. They tell Sage the baby’s gone to the nursery and take her away. Gwen arrives.

At Newman, Nick gets a call that Sage and the baby are at the hospital. He leaves. Victor continues intimidating the hacker, who reiterates that the virus can’t be stopped – Gabe wanted it that way.

Dylan arrives at the Club and gets up to speed on the ransom note. He thinks the kidnapper knows a lot about Devon. Colin joins– he figures they believe he’s the one holding Hilary for ransom. Cane says he better not find out he’s involved. Neil appears. Colin thinks he should tell them it’s ludicrous that he’s involved in Hilary’s disappearance. Dylan brainstorms some theories. Cane thinks the ransom note could be a fake. Colin adds it could be a smokescreen. Later, Cane shouts at a man in a hoodie who leaves another envelope. The ransom note says the kidnapper wants one million dollars dropped in the park tomorrow night.

At the station, Nikki blows in with Jill. She tells Paul that Adam is alive and Billy went after him. Paul tells them to calm down. Billy appears with Victoria. He assures them he didn’t do anything to Adam – he’s putting his faith in the legal system. Victor arrives. He also wants Adam arrested for the cyber-attack. Bickering ensues between Billy and Victor. After, Victoria tells Billy she doesn’t want him eaten alive by this again. He says, “Let’s go home.”

Nick arrives at the hospital. Stitch tells him the baby is in the NICU and Sage is in surgery. The early labor could have been caused by stress. Stitch says that luckily, the person who delivered the baby knew infant CPR, as the baby wasn’t breathing. Nick asks who delivered the baby. Adam appears. “I did.” Nick tries to blame Adam for sending Sage into premature labor, but Adam says Nick got pissed off at her. “This is on you, brother!” Adam tells him it’s a boy. “Congratulations.” In the NICU, Nick welcomes his son to the world. He tells him to keep fighting like a Newman.

At the boathouse, Gwen tells Neil she got the supplies and Emma was the only one who saw her. Neil accuses her of writing the ransom note. She denies any knowledge of it. He doesn’t believe her. She says he’s acting like a crazy person. Gwen takes a call from Emma. She hangs up and tells Neil they know the supplies are missing – the police put trackers in the boxes. They find the tracking device.

At the station, the police officer misses the signal from the tracking device when Dylan calls. He looks again and the signal is offline.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Nikki tells Victor that Sage is still in surgery and they have another grandson. Victor beams. “That’s nice.”

Paul arrests Adam at the hospital as Sage is brought out of surgery.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Christine tells Paul that once the jury sees Adam’s videotaped confession she doubts he’ll get much sympathy from them.

Kevin tells Victor he wants to kill his son. Victor tells him to stand in line.

Adam asks Michael, “Then you want to be my lawyer?” Michael replies, “Yes.”

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