At the hospital, Devon bursts into the Jane Doe’s room. It’s not Hilary – it’s Marisa. Nearby, Gwen’s sister tells Gwen that the Jane Doe wasn’t Hilary – poor Devon is crushed. Gwen looks wary as Devon hollers about killing whoever has Hilary. Paul gets a call about Ian Ward. Gwen watches Lily and Cane lead Devon out.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan asks Stitch where one would take an unconscious woman for health care. Stitch feels she isn’t in a medical facility and never has been. He recalls the missing medical supplies. Dylan muses that whoever stole them will need more.

At the boathouse, Neil realizes Hilary is too fragile to move. He assumes the police are on their way and says he has to leave to get a head start. He wishes Hilary a great life with Devon. Gwen calls and wants to see him – she hasn’t told anyone. Later, she arrives and thinks Neil took off, but he appears. Gwen can’t let everyone hate him. What if Hilary doesn’t wake up and exonerate him? She couldn’t tell Paul at the hospital. “I don’t want to lose you, Neil.” She wants to help him with Hilary. Neil can’t make her an accomplice. Gwen has a resource – Emma. They’ll get Hilary the help she needs.

At The Underground, Noah, who has broken three glasses, tells Mariah he is relieved Marisa is gone. Mariah defends her – she understands trying to erase your past, but it always catches up to you. Noah gets a call that Marisa got mugged and is in the hospital. Mariah urges him to go.

At the hospital, Noah enters Marisa’s room as Paul asks if she has any enemies. Paul exits. Noah asks Marisa if Luca did this. “Are you lying to Paul to protect your husband?” Marisa claims she wouldn’t lie to protect him, and doesn’t think he would hurt her. Noah muses that she lied to protect Marco. He knows what he needs to do. Marisa hollers, “Don’t go to Luca!” as he leaves.

At the penthouse, Chelsea watches Adam as Kevin says the IP address of the cyber-attack came from that building. He says it all happened the night of Katherine Chancellor’s memorial. Adam gets a call that Ian escaped from prison. Kevin says it’s important to find his accomplice and leaves. Chelsea tells Adam she saw him leaving the apartment Kevin said Ian’s been using. “What were you doing there, Adam?” She remembers him disappearing the night of Katherine’s memorial and shouts, “It was you, wasn’t it? You were the mastermind behind Paragon?” Adam claims that Ian had the upper hand, but Chelsea thinks he got Ian involved. Adam won’t apologize for trying to bring down his bastard father, who manipulated her and wants to hold Connor under his thumb. Chelsea wants to call the police but Adam stops her. They argue. Adam says he regrets teaming with Ian and tried to stop it. “We’re a family.” Chelsea slaps him. “Stop it! Stop lying!” Adam says Ian probably left the country so this can end here. Chelsea says it can’t, because she knows. She tells Adam to get out and he will never see her son again. She’ll make sure he pays for everything he’s done – starting with Delia. Adam leaves but turns, leans in close, and says that she was right about one thing – this isn’t the end. He goes.

At the Club, Devon rants to Lily and Cane about the frustrating search for Hilary. He and Cane will keep at it. By the bar, Noah confronts Luca about attacking Marisa. Luca wants to see her. Noah roughs him up and hollers that he’ll pay for what he did to Marisa. Luca insists he wouldn’t hurt Marisa, but it could have been his father.

At the hospital, Noah tells Marisa what Luca said about his father. They speculate if Victor could be behind the attack.

At The Underground, Kevin talks to Mariah about Ian being on the loose. He reassures her he won’t get anywhere near her. Mariah tells him about Marisa being hospitalized. Kevin gets out the laptop. “Where was she attacked?” Mariah gets turned on by his abilities with the keyboard and they nearly kiss.

At the station, Devon, accompanied by Cane and Lily, offers his resources to help Dylan find Hilary. Dylan appears with Stitch – thanks to Stitch they have a lead that could take them right to Hilary. They explain and Paul decides to put surveillance on the hospital medical supplies.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Patty says to Sharon, “I thought that you were lying about giving Pauly a grandchild, but you weren’t.”

Ian tells Phyllis, “My brother-in-arms is Adam Newman, as I live and breathe.”

Victoria, with Abby, says to Victor, “We’re here now.” Victor shouts and bangs on his desk. “Too late! My company is being brought down to its knees!”

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