At the station, Cane is grilling Paul about Hilary’s case when Devon interrupts. Paul says he’s checking the hospitals but concedes that she may have been taken elsewhere. Devon is impatient – Paul needs to get inside this person’s head and figure out why he’s doing this. Paul is exasperated with Devon. He warns if the kidnapper feels backed up against the wall, he might do something even more desperate than he already has. Later, Cane and Paul worry that Hilary could be dead if it was a kidnapping for money gone wrong.

At the boathouse, Neil makes plans to move Hilary to an out-of-town facility within the hour. Gwen appears. “Hilary’s here? With you?” Neil grabs her arm. “Let me explain.” He tells her everything, including how he set up Devon and took the video to show Hilary. He explains how he found her at the bottom of the cliff and has been taking care of her since. Gwen can’t believe he’s made his son suffer the worst pain imaginable. “And you liked it, didn’t you?” Neil insists this has been killing him. He describes how he hurt, and became consumed with dark thoughts, but says he didn’t expect this to happen. He sees how much Devon loves Hilary, and it has brought him closer to Gwen. She snaps, “Don’t you touch me.” Neil tells an appalled Gwen that they can have a future, but he wants her to walk out that door and forget she saw Hilary. Gwen says if he won’t end this, she will. Once alone, Neil calls off the transport he’d arranged. He tells Hilary he’ll take her to the hospital and then leave town.

At the penthouse, Jack tells Adam that Summer saw Ian talking to Phyllis in the park. Kevin and Chelsea arrive. Jack tells them Ian Ward is behind the cyber-attack and may not be working alone. Adam thinks this Ian Ward character seems crafty and capable of pulling this off on his own. Jack says, “You don’t know what he’s capable of.” Speculation ensues about Ian’s partner. Kevin says he must have found someone with the Newman password – he will figure this out. Later, Chelsea tells Adam her success was just the computer virus. She worries Newman will collapse. Adam reassures her. Chelsea says all the Newmans will suffer – maybe that was the goal. She muses that Ian Ward must not care who he hurts. Adam tells her, “Baby, I made a big mistake.” He goes on about how they shouldn’t have come back from Paris. She reassures him.

At the station, Cane overhears Paul take a call from Dylan that a Jane Doe was brought into Memorial.

At the prison, Ian spars verbally with Victor and denies knowing anything about his accusations. Phyllis enters. She wonders if ‘Fred’ will deny knowing her. Ian plays innocent and mentions Kelly to push Phyllis’ buttons. Victor holds her back. Ian continues to insist that he has been in the prison the whole time and Victor’s been duped. Phyllis says he’s lying. Victor knows he’s behind Paragon Project. Ian goads him. “What are you going to do about it?” Victor lunges at him. Ian calls, “Guard!” Phyllis issues Ian a warning as he’s taken away. Phyllis and Victor demand answers from the warden.

At the Club, Devon tells reporters the search for his wife is continuing and the assault charges were a misunderstanding. Lily is proud. Devon says he dreamed about Hilary saying she was home. Gwen appears. “There’s something you need to know.” Cane arrives and tells Devon about the Jane Doe at the hospital. He takes off with Lily and Cane behind him.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis tells Jack she and Victor confronted Ian. Kevin and Jack tell Victor they have to find out who Ian was working with. Bickering ensues about who would want revenge on him. Jack says Billy, Victoria and Abby are still being held. Victor orders Kevin to figure out who helped Ian – if it’s not an Abbott, find out who it is. Later, Victor takes a call from the warden – Ian Ward’s escaped.

At Jabot, Jack assures Phyllis they have the upper hand with Ian now.

At the penthouse, Chelsea spots Adam coming out of the apartment across the hall as Kevin appears. He traced the Newman attack to an IP address in that building. Chelsea looks at Adam.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Luca says to Noah, “Tell me quickly! I need to see her.” Noah roughs him up. “You’re going to pay!”

Kevin says to Mariah, “So you heard about Ian Ward escaping from prison.”

Adam says to Chelsea, “Look at me! We’re a family.” Chelsea slaps him across the face. “Stop it! Stop lying!”

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