When Phyllis calls Daniel and tells him about Nick’s memory loss, Daniel worries it’s not temporary. However, Phyllis says, “I’m going to bet you… When I see him this morning, he’s going to be the same ole’ Nick.”

Lily and Amber are stuck working the same shift at the Boutique. When Amber says, “I’m willing to forgive you,” Lily snaps, “You’re going to forgive me!” Amber voices her disappointment in being kicked off of Extreme Catwalk then says, “I wish we could all be friends again.” Seeing a customer, Amber agrees to help the woman so Lily can call Daniel. Later, trying to make a sale, Amber and Lily work together until the customer recognizes them from Extreme Catwalk. Lily claims Amber and she were just acting, which manages to ease the woman's mind.

On the phone with Daniel, Lily questions what all the loud music is. Although Daniel claims he’s at a lecture, he’s really at a strip club! After hanging up with Lily, Daniel’s gaze aims at the stage! Suddenly, a dancer takes a seat, questions if Daniel is old enough to be in the club then asks him to buy her a drink – and Daniel does! While chatting it up with the stripper, the cops arrive and ask Daniel for his ID. Although Daniel tries to deter them by saying, “I’m a married man. This could really…” the cops arrest Daniel for being underage!

At the hospital, while sitting with Victor, Nikki gets a call from David. “Oh, David, hi,” Nikki says as she looks at Victor. After she hangs up, Victor says, “Do not have a conversation with that man in my presence.” Just as Nikki says she can’t help who calls her, a nurse informs them they can see Nick.

In his room, when asked how he’s feeling, Nick says, “I feel like I’ve lost my mind.” Just then, Phyllis shows up and Nikki and Victor give them some time alone… Although Phyllis apologizes for all the reminiscing, she brings out a photo album and Nick reluctantly agrees to take a look. Over talk of how Nick saved Daniel’s life by rescuing him from a burning car, the incident still doesn’t jog Nick’s memory. When Nick asks what it was like between them, Phyllis says, “It was amazing… There was a lot of love, laughter and a lot of sex. We had something really great.” Nick apologizes and says, “This can’t be easy for you.”

Suddenly, Victor rejoins them and Nick says to Phyllis, “I think we’re about done.” After Phyllis is gone, Nick confides to Victor, “I wanted her to leave. She makes me uncomfortable… everything’s blank to me.” Over a game of chess, Nick wonders how things went so wrong with Sharon and says, “Sharon meant everything to me. How could I let my marriage fall apart?” Victor explains how their marriage suffered after Cassie died. “My little girl,” Nick says, “I can’t believe she’s not with me.” Victor rehashes how Nick sang to Cassie as she died then gives Nick the details of the event leading up to her death. “You went into denial. You went after Phyllis for comfort.” Nick is upset by the man Victor is describing and says, “I don’t ever want to be that man again.” Nick then brings up his parents and says, “You and mom coped when you thought I was gone.” Victor nods and says, “Our marriage is alive.”

When Logan arrives to check in, Nick tells Victor how Logan took care of him then smiles. “Except when she tied me to the bed.” After they all laugh, Victor insists on putting Logan up at the Genoa City Hotel then leaves. While talking to Logan about their time in the cabin, Nick asks if she’d be willing to tell him more about her husband and kids sometime. When she doesn’t answer, Nick tells her all he’s found out about his past.

At The Boutique, after finding a cute outfit for Summer, Phyllis explains Nick’s memory loss to Lily. Lily hurts for Daniel, knowing that Nick doesn’t remember any of the good times they had, then says, “Daniel doesn’t need this disappointment now. Not when he’s been trying so hard.” Across the room, Amber gets a call from Daniel saying he’s been arrested! Although Amber gives him grief, she agrees to meet him at the police station to bail him out! Amber goes to Lily with a story about her friend getting locked out of her car. After Lily agrees to cover for her, Amber rushes out!

At the coffeehouse, after Amber bails Daniel out of jail, Daniel asks, “Do you think there’s anyway I can get around Lily finding out I was at a strip club?”

Nikki meets David at Newman to discuss the wrap up to her campaign. At his suggestion that she run for next term, Nikki says, “No,” and expresses only wanting to be there for her son. Before Nikki leaves, David asks, “Now that Victor is back, what about us?” Although Nikki says they were just two lonely people, David is disappointed and says, “You don’t mean that.” David explains how he fell in love with her way back when he was working for Jack then reminds her how Victor walked away from her and states, “You can be with me.”

When Nikki returns to the hospital, she tells Victor to go and rest. Just then, Phyllis returns and bickers a bit with Nikki. As Logan joins them, Phyllis questions if Nick has asked about her. After Logan suggests that everyone give Nick some more time, she leaves. “You probably think I deserve this,” Phyllis says to Victor and Nikki. “Don’t you!”

At the coffeehouse, Colleen rehearses to Kevin what she’ll say when calling Jana. When Colleen can’t reach Jana, Kevin pounds his fist to the table and says, “Damn it!” Just then, Jana calls Kevin and he tries to act strong when she reminisces about a time they climbed a water tower. “I should’ve pushed you off when I had the chance,” Kevin says. Cutting the call short, Jana hangs up and Kevin shares a plan with Colleen to make Jana come to him and says, “We have to make it seem real.” Over talk of what to do, Kevin asks Colleen to hit him with a baseball bat! At her refusal, Kevin says, “Fine, I’ll get someone else to!” However, Colleen reminds Kevin, “This is our problem! We’re in this together!” Kevin and Colleen leave...

After pulling over, Kevin and Colleen get out of Kevin’s car to where he announces, “I’m going to fake a car accident! Are you in?” Although Colleen is against it, she agrees to Kevin’s plan with hopes of finding Jana! Suddenly, Kevin gets in his car, storms down the road and crashes! Colleen screams, “Kevin!”

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis & Nikki argue about where Phyllis fits into Nick's life.

Lily asks Daniel to move back into the apartment.

Nick wants to go home with Sharon.