At the police station, Devon learns that Hilary could be in town. Paul says they can’t be sure and he wants every detail of the pilot’s actions checked. Devon thinks someone is trying to keep him from his wife. Michael says Devon won’t be charged because of the new information about the pilot. Devon takes off.

At a park, Neil tells the pilot to leave town. The pilot counters that he could cut a deal with the cops. Gwen watches the exchange as Neil warns that’s a bad idea – people think he’s in New York, and he’s not about to lose his freedom. The pilot won’t go down as an accessory to murder. Neil says she won’t die and tells him to go. Gwen follows Neil.

At Jabot, Abby tries to stop the officers from arresting Billy. She says they’ll have to take her too. When they grab Abby, Victoria gets involved. They’re all placed under arrest.

At Newman, Noah confronts Jack and Victor about Marco. Jack protests. Noah says Marisa didn’t make it up. He thinks everyone needs to know that there were two Jack Abbotts in town and that his grandfather put every person he cares about in danger. Victor says Marisa telling Noah has put him at risk. Jack argues that Marisa’s a good woman. Noah questions Jack’s courage in not coming forward. Jack talks about extradition. Noah will tell the truth if he won’t. Victor says he will cause more damage. Noah feels they’re protecting themselves. Jack points out he and Victor agree on this. There’s a knock – it’s the authorities. Victor tells Jack they’re there to arrest his ass. After, Noah accuses Victor of only caring about profit and loss. Victor wishes he could undo what happened to Courtney – he regrets it deeply. Noah exits.

At Chancellor Park, Summer tells Phyllis that Ian Ward is a cult leader who took advantage of her to get to Nikki. Phyllis is stunned to hear he was locked up for drugging Mariah and trying to marry her. She realizes he’s back for Victor.

At the penthouse, Adam is incensed that Ian left the premises to see Phyllis. Ian warns that someone tipped her off that he might be behind Paragon and wonders who would betray him in such an underhanded manner. Adam says Phyllis is smart and reminds ‘Fred’ that her family knows his identity. Adam tells him to stay in his apartment. Ian is hungry for retribution on Victor. Adam decides they’re pulling the plug on Paragon. Ian claims he can’t stop it and doesn’t want to. He knocks Adam out and mutters that he doesn’t take orders. When Adam awakens, he leaves Ian a message that he can’t run. “I’ll find you.”

At the boathouse, Neil implores Hilary to wake up. Gwen calls. He continues to lie.

At the station, Jack, Billy, Abby, and Victoria compare notes on being arrested. Paul says the feds must have evidence. Billy thinks Victor planted evidence. Michael warns everyone to stop talking. Phyllis arrives with Summer and orders the cuffs be taken off Jack. “He’s not behind the Paragon Project. It’s all Ian Ward.” They all get up to speed on ‘Fred’ being Ian. Paul goes to confirm Ian’s out while the others discuss how diabolical he is. Paul reports that Ian is in a prison hospital ward.

At the Club, Gwen tells Lily that Neil isn’t in New York and the lies are piling up. As they speculate, Devon appears and says Hilary was flown to Genoa City. Gwen looks concerned and leaves. By the bar, Summer tells Noah that Ian is back in town. She mentions Grandpa, and Noah says he doesn’t care about anyone. Noah gets a text that Marisa left town.

At a park, Gwen’s sister tells her that if Neil took her badge, he stole liquid nutrition from the hospital supply closet.

At Newman, Phyllis orders Victor to put the phone down and listen. She tells him Ian Ward is behind the Paragon Project, not the Abbotts. “You owe me. Let Jack go.”

At the station, the Abbotts are let go. Abby and Victoria are still under arrest. Paul, Michael, and Dylan discuss Ian. Dylan wonders if Ian has Hilary.

At the boathouse, Neil tells Hilary he has to make a move – he hopes it’s not the wrong one. He arranges for transport but turns to find Gwen standing there.

At the penthouse, Jack tells Adam that Ian Ward is behind the Paragon Project.

At the prison, Victor complains to the warden about Ian Ward getting out. The warden brings Ian into the room in a robe. “Victor my friend, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul says to Devon, “Experience tells me that if this person feels as though they’re backed up against the wall, they just might do something even more desperate than they already have.”

At the boathouse, Neil holds Gwen by the arm.

Adam tells Chelsea, “Baby I made a big mistake.”

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