At the station, Devon is in cuffs for punching the pilot. Dylan says the pilot knows where Hilary is. Michael lectures Devon, who goes to booking. Meanwhile, Paul questions the pilot and has no choice but to let him go, leaving Dylan frustrated. Later, Devon argues with Paul about letting the pilot go. They all wonder where Dylan went.

At the boathouse, Neil rambles on to Hilary about everyone asking questions and having to stay away from Gwen. He has let people think he’s out of town. He needs Hilary to wake up and clear his name. Neil takes a call from Gwen and lies about going to Central Park.

At The Underground, Noah is upset that Marisa wants to be honest now that they’re breaking up. She wants a chance to explain – it’s a secret about Victor, Marco and Jack Abbott. Marisa tells him the whole story about Marco and Jack. Noah says it’s insane and Victor would never do such a thing. Marisa explains why Jack and Phyllis have kept it a secret. Noah says she protected everyone, but couldn’t be honest with him. Next, Noah learns she had to seduce Marco to keep him at the Abbott cabin. She cries. “I did what I had to do to get rid of that bastard forever.” Noah can’t even look at her and storms off to confront Victor.

In his apartment, Ian sets up dominoes and knocks them down. He looks at a photo of Phyllis on his laptop and blows a kiss.

At Jabot, Billy and Kyle bicker about the outcome of the board meeting. Billy says Ashley put him in charge at Jabot while she’s overseas- if Kyle doesn’t like it he can go to Newman with Abby. Gwen enters and tells Billy that the IRS wants to audit Jabot. Billy says it’s Victor’s doing and asks her to stall them. Gwen is concerned. He tells her to take the next few days off and he’ll handle everything.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells two FBI men he wants the Abbotts in charge at Jabot arrested. He then argues with Victoria and Abby about whether or not the Abbotts are behind Paragon. Abby thinks that’s a stretch. Victor learns Ash has left the country on business and hollers, “How convenient.” Abby implores Victoria to defend Ashley, but she won’t. Bickering ensues. Victor informs them that Ashley and Billy are against them and he won’t have it.

At the Dive Bar, Phyllis and Jack discuss Ashley and Billy acquiring the shipping line. Jack tells her and Summer that they’ve unleashed the devil. Jack gets word about the audit at Jabot. Summer pleads with Jack to put a stop to all this. Kyle arrives and Summer leaves with him. Phyllis and Jack speculate about who is behind Paragon. Phyllis says Gabe suspected Fred. Jack leaves to deal with Victor. Phyllis takes a call from Ian, who asks if she’s free as he draws a line across her throat on her photo. She agrees to meet. Downstairs, Dylan finds the pilot planning to leave the country. He tells him he can answer his question or deal with the feds. The pilot sighs. “What do you want to know?” Later, Summer talks to Kyle about how the family war affects them. Kyle says they can overcome anything.

At a park, Phyllis tells ‘Fred’ about the corporate turmoil and notes how he came into her life right after the first hack. Ian tells Phyllis he’s offended at what she’s implying but he understands she’s under stress. As he leaves, Summer appears. Appalled, Summer tells Phyllis that man was Ian Ward and he’s supposed to be in prison.

At Jabot, Abby and Victoria warn Billy that Victor called the FBI. Billy won’t back down from Victor. Two officers show up and arrest Billy.

At Newman, Jack tells Victor he’s retaliating against the wrong enemy. “Call off the dogs before it’s too late.” Victor refuses. He picks up the phone to have the FBI arrest Jack. Noah arrives and notes the two of them conspiring behind closed doors again. “I know what you did, Grandpa.”

At the boathouse, Neil gets a call from Gwen, who wants to meet for dinner in New York. He says it won’t work. He then gets a call from the pilot – it’s urgent that they meet.

Neil meets the pilot at Chancellor Park. The pilot says McAvoy got to him. He knows Hilary’s in Genoa City, but he didn’t tell him who hired him.

Dylan returns to the station and tells Devon, Michael and Paul that the pilot brought Hilary to Genoa City.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ian knocks Adam unconscious from behind. “I told you Adam, I don’t take orders.”

Lily asks Gwen, “What do you mean? He’s not in New York?” Gwen says, “Lily he’s hiding out here. In Genoa City.”

Jack asks, “Who was at that door?” Victor says, “They’re here to arrest your ass.”

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