At Crimson Lights, Dylan, Kevin, and Mariah discuss Sharon being at Fairview. When Mariah steps away, Kevin asks Dylan about his case. Dylan says he needs actual evidence and could use Kevin’s help to get it. They discuss the puzzle of the private plane. Dylan can’t find the pilot or a record of the charter. Kevin agrees it’s shady stuff – he’ll help find the pilot. On the patio, Michael and Lauren are having a date. Michael talks about work and then apologizes. Lauren misses their chats.

At The Underground, Marisa wants a chance to explain to Noah. He wonders if she’s even capable of telling the truth. Marisa says she married Luca thinking he loved her, but it was an act of rebellion against his family. Noah wonders if he’s her next mark. Marisa says no, and she loved Luca too, but he changed. She felt suffocated. Noah thinks she’s someone who runs. Mariah appears. Noah leaves with her to visit Sharon. Luca arrives. Marisa hisses that he’s destroyed her relationship with Noah. She wants him out of her life and asks for a divorce. “Let me go.” Luca will…on one condition.

At Fairview, Sharon is taken aback when Patty tells her she has a cat. Patty mentions seeing Faith visit. Sharon tells Patty to stay away from her daughter. Patty understands her protectiveness – the thought of losing a child could drive a person crazy. She recalls losing Jack’s baby, which was the start of her troubles. They argue about Patty speaking to Faith. Patty insists she’s not a threat. After, Sharon wonders to her doctor if it was a mistake checking into Fairview. The doctor reassures her. Mariah and Noah arrive. Sharon notices Noah is down and learns he’s having problems with Marisa. Sharon muses that sometimes people lie for a good reason. Noah decides he isn’t good company and leaves. Patty overhears Mariah refer to Sharon not telling Dylan about the miscarriage and trying to get pregnant again. Mariah’s happy everything worked out. Meanwhile, Patty tells the doctor that Sharon is lying about her pregnancy. The doctor tells Patty not to mention she’s been eavesdropping. Later, Patty joins Sharon and asks about her baby. Sharon doesn’t want to talk about it. Patty says, “It’s your secret.”

At the Club, Lily is surprised when Devon tells her about Neil fixing up the house. Neil comes along. Devon tells him Gwen is falling in love with him. He confronts Neil about possibly stealing her sister’s ID and accusing her of wanting Devon. Lily is stunned. Neil says he is too busy for a relationship and doesn’t want to lead Gwen on. Lily wants him to tell them what he’s so busy doing. Devon encourages Neil to give Gwen a chance. Gwen appears, so Devon and Lily leave. Gwen tells Neil she wasn’t after Devon, but she was wrong to follow him. She apologizes, and says she cares. Neil believes her. Nearby, Lily urges Devon to rest. He is going to meet with Dylan, who will help find Hilary.

Devon arrives at Crimson Lights and confers with Kevin and Dylan. Michael notices and Lauren says he should be part of the conversation. Michael worries about another date, but Lauren tells him to just come home. Michael agrees and they kiss. Michael joins the trio inside and warns them about whatever it is they’re doing. Kevin finds the pilot’s name. Dylan calls him up and arranges to meet.

At the Club, Lauren tells Lily that she and Michael are back together. Lily offers Lauren forgiveness since Cane forgave her. They agree relationships are a lot of work.

At the boathouse, Neil tells Hilary that Gwen might be in love with him. He has feelings for her too. Gwen calls to invite him to dinner. He lies that he’s headed to New York. Neil muses that he wanted to destroy Hilary and Devon’s happiness, but destroyed his own.

At the park, Dylan tells Devon to stay out of sight. The pilot greets Dylan, who pretends to want to hire someone discreet. Devon appears and confronts him about flying an injured woman off the island. He demands to know where his wife is and holds up her photo. The man denies ever seeing her. Devon punches him.

Noah returns to The Underground as Luca tells Marisa he’ll divorce her if she tells him the truth about why she left him. Noah appears and kicks Luca out. Noah was prepared to listen to Marisa’s explanation, but since she had Luca there, he announces they’re through. Marisa frantically says she’ll tell him everything right now.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ian knocks over some dominoes and says, “Hello Phyllis,” to her photo on his laptop.

Noah asks Marisa, “What is so important you had to swear to keep quiet?” Marisa says, “It’s about Marco and Victor and Jack Abbott.”

Abby listens as Victoria asks Victor, “You’re trying to have the Abbotts arrested?” Victor confirms it. “All of them.” He looks at Abby. “Including your mother.”

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