At Jabot, Jack tries to convince Ashley that she acquired the Newman shipping line due to a computer virus. She is outraged when he says John wouldn’t have approved of an acquisition like this. He threatens to take the matter to the board. She challenges, “Bring it on!”

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Kyle discuss the corporate scandal between their families. Summer is concerned it will affect them. Kyle gets a call from Jack to be at a board meeting later.

At the hospital, Victor tells Billy that the Abbotts are thieves and stole his shipping line. Victoria tells Victor to leave Billy alone. Billy tells her not to defend him and continues bickering with Victor. He says Newman got taken to the cleaners by a computer nerd and is trying to blame it on them. Victor calls him names. Billy gets a call from Jack and Victoria kisses him when he leaves. Victor rages at her for reconciling with that punk. Nikki appears. Victoria takes off. Victor talks to Nikki about Sage’s ramblings at the tackhouse and Nick’s accusations. Victor talks about Nick one day being the patriarch of the family and having to make tough decisions. In Sage’s room, Stitch tells Nick and Sage that the problem with her pregnancy isn’t psychosomatic. She has Giardia – a parasite of the intestines. They can clear it up. Once alone, Nick asks Sage if Victor upset her. Sage is embarrassed – Victor was just trying to help her. Nick leaves her to rest and joins Victor and Nikki. He updates them and apologizes to Victor. Victor understands he was protecting his family. After, Victoria confronts Nick about setting himself up to have take over the family business. Nick can’t believe she’s talking like this. Victoria can’t believe he is doing this after having no interest – she has put in years and Victor gave Abby more responsibility. Nick thinks it’s because of Billy. He offers to quit. Victoria just wants to be in this together.

At Fairview, Sharon gets a visit from Dylan and Faith, who is upset. “Dylan told me about the baby.” Dylan clarifies the he explained it was best for the baby for Sharon to be there. They reassure Faith, who hopes the baby is a girl. Dylan mentions putting in a call to Sharon’s OB/GYN. Sharon hurries to talk him out of it. When Nick texts Dylan to keep Faith tonight, Sharon grills Dylan. Dylan tells her about Sage – he says she’ll be fine. Later, Sharon tells her doctor that Faith was worried about her. She says trouble seems to follow some people, but Nick leads a charmed life – his wife Sage had a scare but is fine. “It’s not fair. Good things happen for other people but not for me.” The doctor is confused – she has a great life. Sharon says Nick gets more time with Faith.

At Jabot, Billy finds Ashley and Jack arguing. Kyle arrives, followed by Lauren, who is voting Traci’s proxy. Jack makes his case to the board about Newman’s shipping company and Ashley then says this is about the future direction of the company and who will be leading it. She gives a rundown of Jack’s recent bad decisions. A vote is held and Jack loses. Afer, Jack warns Ashley about what this could lead to. Billy goes. Ash and Jack decide they won’t let this come between them as siblings, but he warns she reignited a war with Victor. Later, Ash reads the note Jack gave her from John and looks thoughtful. Billy returns. Ash tells him she’s not afraid of Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Faith tells Summer about Sharon being back in the resting hospital. Summer cheers her up. Dylan thanks her. She agrees to help while Sharon’s away. Kyle returns. He fills her in on the board meeting. Summer is upset they didn’t vote to return the shipping company. Meanwhile, Faith cries and asks Dylan what will happen to her if her mom doesn’t get better or something happens to her dad. Dylan reassures her.

At the Club, Victor accuses Jack of being behind the Paragon Project. Jack tells him he just went up against his family to try and give the shipping company back. Victor doesn’t believe him and warns of serious consequences.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Marisa says to Luca, “Just give me a divorce.” Luca replies, “I will. On one condition.”

Neil tells Lily and Devon, “I’m busy, I don’t want to lead Gwen on…” Lily says, “Well maybe you should tell us what’s keeping you so busy.”

Dylan says to Kevin, “I need actual evidence and I could really use your help to get it.”

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