At Newman Enterprises, Victoria happily shows Victor the quarterly report showing that Brash & Sassy’s sales have skyrocketed. Victor notices Chelsea 2.0 sales dropped. Victoria says she warned Abby.

In the penthouse hallway, Adam hisses at Ian. “What are you doing?” Chelsea calls out for him and comes to the door. “Who were you talking to?” Adam lies that he was on speakerphone. Chelsea says she saw delivery guys moving someone in. Adam stops her from going to introduce herself. Adam concocts a story about seeing the new neighbor leave in the elevator. Chelsea goes to work and Adam rejoins Ian, who assures Adam he’ll be cautious. Adam thinks he should get out of town. Ian says he has to decide what he wants more – vengeance or his picture-perfect family. Ian pouts about Adam not trusting him. They bicker because Adam wants to get Victor without hurting the others. Ian thinks they’ll be grateful to be free of Victor. He would like to get to know Adam’s family. Adam tells him to stay away. Ian chuckles.

At the tackhouse, Nick makes Sage sit down, since she had pain and dizziness previously. Sage wants to be productive and do the books for The Underground. Nick says ‘Big Daddy’ can think of some other things she could do. He nuzzles her. Nick leaves for work and Sage opens her laptop.

In their suite, Abby’s in bed with Stitch. She can’t wait to rub Victoria’s nose in the quarterly report that comes out today. Stitch wants to leave for a European vacation. Abby says she won’t leave until she goes and checks the numbers at work. Downstairs, Noah notices Marisa seems distant. Luca appears. Noah asks why he’s still there. Luca says he’s letting his wife remember what she’s missing. Noah gets a text from Nick and leaves. Marisa tells Luca that Victor Newman wants him gone. Luca wonders why she hasn’t told Noah the truth about them. They bicker. She despises him. He says the coin will flip back over; he knows how to make that happen.

Noah brings Sage spreadsheets at the tackhouse. They discuss Sharon. Sage thinks she’s brave. She brings up Marisa – she feels she has finally found someone she can trust. Noah wonders if she just lets him think that. Later, Sage gets a pain and collapses to the floor unconscious.

At Newman, Nick listens as Victor questions Victoria about Abby’s absence. Victoria admits she spoke to Stitch about Abby needing a break as Abby appears. Chelsea enters. Abby complains that Chelsea 2.0 slowed down as Brash & Sassy picked up. Victor leaves them to figure it out. Abby accuses Victoria of trying to sabotage her company. Victoria denies it. Abby thinks Victoria is threatened by her being there and stomps out. Chelsea complains to Victoria this sibling rivalry is affecting her business. Nick thinks the sales figures were manipulated – it could be the cyber-attack Victor warned them about. Later, Victoria and Nick discuss the situation.

At the hospital, Abby arrives to hear Stitch planning for their vacation. Abby says she doesn’t travel with someone who conspires against her with their ex. She blinked because of him and her division went down the toilet. They have a huge argument, with him accusing her of caring more about work than them. They angrily split up.

At the penthouse, Adam tries to make Chelsea feel better about the drop in sales. She says Nick thinks it’s a cyber-attack – they could all go down with Victor. Adam thinks he’s just trying to keep his sisters from ripping each other’s throats out.

At the dream house, Devon asks Neil why he is there. He says he’s there renovating the house for Devon and Hilary to live in together. Devon is puzzled. Neil hopes that when Hilary comes back they will accept the house as a gift. Devon embraces him. Neil wonders how he found him there. Gwen appears – she followed him there. Neil is angry and tells her they’re done. She says she’s worried about him. He accuses her of hoping Hilary never returns so she can make her move on Devon. Gwen storms out. Neil asks Devon to leave him to it. Once alone, Neil paces and grimaces. He heads to the boathouse and rails at unconscious Hilary. “I should have left you there.” He contemplates disconnecting her IV and then cries. “I am so sorry.”

At the Club, Victor watches as Luca leaves Marisa’s table. He tells her to get rid of Luca. Marisa realizes he expects her to sleep with him even though she’s in love with his grandson. Victor suggests she leave with Luca and tell Noah the truth. He gives her 48 hours to make Luca leave or he’ll deal with it. At the bar, Devon reassures Gwen, who understands Neil pushing her away. She admits she’s falling in love with him. In Marisa’s suite, Noah tells her he’s realized she is married to Luca. He exits.

Victor arrives at the tackhouse and finds Sage on the floor. She acts afraid of him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria frantically types and says, “The whole shipping line? It can’t be? This has to be a mistake!”

Ian holds a glass of wine, looks at his laptop and says, “The soothing sounds of chaos.”

Jack asks, “Phyllis, what’s going on?” Phyllis replies, “I have a confession to make.”

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