At the Dive Bar, Dylan brings Paul up to speed on Colin paying the hooker to scam Devon, and saying he set him up for someone else. Dylan says he confronted Neil. Paul thinks that was a mistake. They debate about the validity of Neil’s alibi. Paul asks if Sharon knows Dylan’s investigating. Dylan says she’s in Fairview and explains why. Paul thinks it’s admirable and says his Aunt Patty is there. Talk turns back to Neil. Paul concedes that he could be the guilty party. Downstairs, Neil tells Gwen he’s back on track after a meeting. Devon appears and says he has news about Hilary. He fills them in about the movements of the private plane. Neil commiserates about how frustrating it all is. He excuses himself. Gwen tells Devon something’s not right with Neil – something’s weighing on him. Nearby, Neil runs into Paul. Neil claims he’s desperate to find out who did this to Hilary and is glad Dylan accused him instead of Devon. Paul says it’s only a matter of time until they solve the case. When Neil leaves the Club, Gwen follows him.

At Fairview, someone says hello to Sharon. It’s Patty Williams. She says Paul had her transferred back a few weeks ago – her mind is much clearer now. Patty asks about Jack and Sharon makes an excuse. Sharon’s doctor stops her to talk. Sharon doesn’t want formal therapy but talks about Dylan and Nick. Sharon says she made mistakes with Nick that he couldn’t forgive, but Dylan accepts her for who she is. The doctor wonders why she’s so anxious. Sharon says she ran into Patty Williams, who hurt some people she knows. The doctor assures Sharon she’s done the right thing by checking in – it shows her commitment to being healthy. After, Patty tells Sharon not to be mean; they could help each other. Sharon doesn’t want to be friends. Patty goes to the doctor and says there’s a problem with Sharon Newman. The doctor thinks Sharon will eventually need someone to talk to. Meanwhile, Sharon calls Dylan to check in.

At the trailer, Adam confronts Ian about accepting Phyllis’ dinner invitation. Ian chuckles that it’s good manners and he’s having so much fun. Adam says it ends now. Ian assures him he won’t break bread with Jack Abbott, but there are possibilities for the future. They talk revenge. Ian says it’s like making love to a beautiful woman – it should be savored. Adam wants less savoring and more security. He tells Ian to move somewhere else. Ian doesn’t take kindly to being ordered around. Adam reminds him who got him out of prison.

At the Abbott house, Jack is having second thoughts about Fred coming to dinner. Phyllis thinks he’s paranoid. Adam arrives as Phyllis gets a call from Fred, who cancels dinner plans due to his book deadline and calls her an inspiration. Jack and Adam whisper about the strange fisherman. Phyllis joins them and says Fred ditched them for dinner. She wonders why it doesn’t seem like a surprise to Gabe and accuses him of coercing Fred. Jack interjects – he’s glad this evening was called off. Phyllis declares that they’re out of control and leaves. Jack demands Adam tell him what he knows about Fred. Adam makes a call to Ian and leaves a message that he better have cleared out of the trailer.

Phyllis goes to the trailer and calls out for Fred. She finds a note saying they’ll see each other again; it’s not goodbye. Jack arrives. Phyllis says Fred’s gone. “You did this.” Jack pleads innocence. He thinks maybe Fred was up to something. Phyllis thinks Gabe has him freaking out. Jack says if he’s freaking out it’s for good reason – Marco got a message out of prison to someone, and told him how to find Marisa. He worries Marco sent Fred to get her guard down. Phyllis embraces Jack. “Is this ever going to end?”

At the boathouse, Neil tells Hilary she needs to wake up and tell everybody he’s a good guy. In her car nearby, Gwen phones Devon and tells him her bad feeling about Neil is worse – she followed him to a house outside of town on Lakeside. Devon realizes it’s the home he bought for Hilary. Later, Neil hears a car pull up. He runs into the house to answer the door. Devon wonders what he’s doing there and whether he’ll tell him the truth.

At the penthouse, Adam gets a call from Ian, who says he left the great outdoors behind. Adam hangs up. Ian is suddenly across the hall. “Howdy neighbor!”

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Marisa says to Victor, “You want me to sleep with Luca even though I’m in love with your grandson?” Victor replies, “Mmhmm.”

Abby says to Stitch, “Victoria confirmed that you two teamed up to keep me out of the Newman loop.”

Sage has a pain and collapses to the floor.

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