At the trailer, Adam looks in from outside as Ian calls Phyllis his muse, and says he’s blessed that she came into his life. Adam looks concerned. Phyllis leaves and Adam enters. “What the hell was Jack’s wife doing here?” Ian insists she has no idea who he is. Adam warns he doesn’t know Phyllis – she’s the last person he should be having coffee with. Talk turns to Chelsea’s fake sales. Adam is taking her out of the equation. Ian agrees to spare her business, but he won’t end his friendship with Phyllis. Adam asks what if she finds out the truth. Ian intones, “Make her disappear.” Adam isn’t amused. Ian warns they’re in this together, all the way.

At Newman Enterprises, Jack confronts Victor about Marco being able to communicate from prison. He explains about Luca. He thinks Victor’s helping him work from inside prison. Jack doesn’t trust Victor because he lied to him about an attempted hack on Newman’s computers. Victor says Jack’s paranoid and claims he hasn’t been in contact with Anicelli. He is concerned about Luca Santori, who is from the Santori family in Spain and could be trouble. They worry he knows about their connection to Marco and could be a threat. They bicker about whether Marisa’s a threat as well. Victor scoffs that Jack makes her sound like Florence Nightingale. Jack says this is about Noah and tells him to lay off her.

At the hospital, Victoria asks Ben if he’s okay since Abby is so consumed with work. She feels the success has gone to her head and she’s changed. Victoria fears Ben will get his heart broken. Ben says they’re fine, and wonders if she is hoping he’ll distract Abby. Victoria urges him to take her on a vacation. “I’m very worried about her.”

At Crimson Lights, Abby complains to Nick about Victoria, whom she feels is jealous. Abby takes a call, and Sharon tells Nick she’s checking into a facility tonight. She admits she’s leery. Dylan explains the only place that could take her was Fairview. They recall Faith being stolen from her there. Sharon doesn’t want to tell the kids. Nick and Dylan agree there’s nothing worse than being lied to.

At The Underground, Luca and Noah discuss how to win over a woman. Marisa arrives. Luca and Marisa talk about ‘his wife’. Deep down he thinks she wants him back. Noah takes a call from Nick and leaves. Marisa hisses at Luca to leave Genoa City – she doesn’t want Noah hurt. Luca scoffs that he’s a boy with no style. Marisa snaps that he comes from a powerful family and is a good man. Luca wonders why he’s with a low-rent piece of trash like her. She slaps him. He chuckles that he can still get to her. They argue about the way his family treated her. He will tell her everything that has happened if she comes to his suite.

At Crimson Lights, Noah chats with Sharon about Fairview, while Nick and Dylan discuss her bi-polar disorder. Noah understands Sharon is being pro-active and offers to explain to Mariah. He’s proud of her.

At The Underground, Nick and Noah talk about Sharon. Noah finds a note saying Marisa had to leave. Noah leaves. Victoria arrives. Nick learns she went to see Stitch about Abby and questions her. Victoria says she’s back with Billy. Nick isn’t thrilled. Victoria says Abby needs to be stopped. Nick agrees – he’s just playing it smarter than her. Victoria muses that he’s taking a move out of Victor’s playbook.

At the Club, Phyllis yammers on to Jack about ‘Fred’. She realizes he’s distracted. Jack suggests inviting Fred to dinner. Adam appears and warns about inviting strangers into your house. Phyllis won’t listen. She goes to make a call. Adam and Jack hiss about ‘Fred’. Adam warns Jack not to let his guard down. Phyllis returns and says it’s all set – Fred is coming to dinner tomorrow night. By the bar, Abby cancels dinner with Ben for a work meeting. Once alone, she learns her meeting is in a suite. She goes up there and Ben is waiting with a candlelit table set. He wants to take her on a trip through Europe and kisses her as a preview. Upstairs in Luca’s suite, he and Marisa rehash the past. He insults Noah and she throws her drink in his face. There’s a knock – it’s Victor, who wants to speak to Luca alone. Marisa leaves. Luca summons his bodyguards. Victor asks what it will take for him to get out of town and take everything he knows about Marco with him. Luca only wants Marisa. Downstairs, Victor tells Marisa to use her assets to get Luca to leave. After, Noah joins Marisa. “Are you okay?”

At Fairview, Sharon goes to get settled in and Dylan asks the doctor about the safety of Sharon and the baby. Sharon listens from the hall and then rejoins them. Dylan kisses Sharon, and her tummy, goodbye. After, someone watches Sharon.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Jack, “Gabe’s got you freaking out.” Jack growls that if he’s freaking out it’s for very good reason. She challenges. “Prove it!”

Ian tells Adam, “Revenge is like making love to a beautiful woman – if you’re just trying to get it over with, why bother?”

Patty says, “Hi!” Sharon, stunned, asks, “Patty?”

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