At the trailer, Ian looks at a photo of Jack and Phyllis. He takes a call from Adam, but they’re cut short by a knock at Adam’s door.

At the penthouse, Adam lets Abby in. She’s gushing about the latest figures for Chelsea 2.0. Adam tells her she’s making a mistake – the spike in numbers can’t be trusted. Abby clucks that he sounds like Victoria. Adam says he’s not part of their drama; he’s looking out for Chelsea. Abby calls him a pessimist. She asks where Chelsea is. Adam says she’s meeting with one of the pessimists.

At the park, Dylan tells Neil that Colin hinted that he set up the whole hooker thing for someone who didn’t want Hilary and Devon to be happy. Neil guesses he thinks it was for him and denies it. Dylan notes he didn’t seem surprised about the video. Neil admits he knew about it and warned Colin not to use it. Dylan wonders if Devon knows Neil knows about the video. He intends to find out what happened to Hilary.

At Crimson Lights, Nick enters as Sharon finishes a call about checking herself in to a mental health facility. Nick wonders what’s going on. Sharon says he knows her well. She admits she briefly went off her meds. Nick thinks she needs to check into a facility. Dylan appears. Nick goes. Sharon tells Dylan that Nick thinks she should be monitored at a facility. Dylan supports it – he wants what’s best for her and the baby. He says she’ll go, get what she needs, and come back. Sharon smiles. “That’s what I’m hoping.” She will go today.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria wonders why Chelsea can’t see that the whole Chelsea 2.0 thing is going to blow up in her face. Chelsea thinks she’s jealous of Abby. Victoria warns Abby will bail when she gets bored and Chelsea will go down in the fallout. Chelsea admits Gabe warned her too. Abby arrives and confronts Victoria about meeting with Chelsea behind her back, and complains about the negativity from her and Gabe. Abby is frustrated that Chelsea is listening to them. Nick arrives as they debate. He reminds them Victor is supporting Abby’s decisions and Gabe is against them. Chelsea says he wants what’s best for her. Victoria hopes if history repeats itself where Abby’s concerned it doesn’t cause the fall of the Newman Empire.

At The Underground, a man enters and says he’s there to see his wife. “Hello, Marisa.” Marisa looks shaken. She says Luca’s wife was a friend of hers – she hasn’t seen her in a long time but might have her number. She writes Luca a note telling him to meet her in Chancellor Park in 20 minutes. He exits. Marisa tells Noah that Luca was everything her friend wanted at first – charming, handsome, and wealthy – later he changed and she became afraid of him. When Noah goes to the back, Marisa takes off.

At the park, Marisa wonders what Luca is doing in Genoa City – she left him long ago. Luca says she never divorced him and Marco led him back to her. Marisa says she’s in love with someone and insists he leave. She alludes to secrets that could put people’s lives in jeopardy. Luca will leave in due time.

At the Dive Bar, Jack and Phyllis discuss the mysterious Fred. Jack talks about how awful it was when she was in a coma – he chose Kelly over dealing with his pain through drugs. Jack gifts Phyllis with a necklace – the pendant is a rare stone from Sri Lanka. Talk turns back to Fred losing his wife as Adam interrupts. Phyllis goes. Jack tells Adam he was right about Victor, who lied to his face. Adam says he’s starting to think the Paragon Project isn’t cyber-related at all – it could be a hostile takeover. He also feels Jabot isn’t a target and urges Jack to relax. Later, Marisa finds Jack and tells him her husband Luca showed up; Marco told him how to find her. Jack agrees it’s a big problem – Marco is getting help in prison. He suspects Victor. Downstairs, Neil tells Gwen he lied to her. She slaps him. She thinks he is referring to her sister’s ID, but he insists he didn’t do that. He’s just been drinking again. She’s the one good thing in his life. Gwen urges him to get help. Neil steps away to call the pilot and warn him to keep his mouth shut.

Phyllis shows up at Ian’s trailer and notices the laptop. Ian confesses he’s writing a book – it’s therapeutic. Phyllis encourages him to find new love down the road. He thinks she’s wonderful and says his book is due in the next month. He doesn’t know how the story will end. Outside, Adam arrives.

Luca returns to The Underground, and quizzes Noah on his relationship with Marisa. He mentions having had quite a talk with his wife. Noah suggests he leave the relationship in the past. Luca says moving on is not an option.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Luca asks Marisa why she’d choose to be with that naïve bartender. “Is the sex really that good?” She throws a drink in his face.

Nick asks Victoria, “Did you honestly go see Ben because you’re worried about Abby, or because you’re still interested in him?”

Jack asks Victor, “Are you working with Marco behind my back?”

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