At the park, Gwen tells Devon that Hilary isn’t the only one in trouble. “Neil is too.” She shares her suspicions about Emma’s badge and the medical supply closet.

At the boathouse, Neil knows he should be taking Hilary to the hospital, but he can’t. He watches a TV report saying Devon is probably guilty and gets upset. As he is shouting over Hilary not waking up, he gets a call from Devon, who wants to talk.

At the park, Devon tells Neil they found out Hilary most likely left the island, but he is concerned about him. He questions Neil about Gwen’s concerns and asks for the truth. Neil says the truth is he’s responsible for Hilary’s disappearance. Devon assures him it’s not his fault and asks again for the truth. Neil cops to an addiction and promises to kick it. Devon offers support. Neil doesn’t feel deserving of it. Devon tells him about the lead.

Kevin walks Mariah into work at The Underground. It’s awkward and he pecks her goodbye. Marisa and Noah appear and tease her. She snaps at them. They wonder what’s wrong and realize her issue is with Kevin. Mariah admits they spent the night together and the sex was the dullest she’s ever had – but Kevin thought it was great.

At the Club, Lily thanks Joe for taking Charlie to his football game. Colin appears. He questions Lily and doesn’t think Cane would be happy at all. Cane appears as Joe rushes past playfully carrying Charlie. The kid tells Cane all about Uncle Joe going to his game. Michael arrives and explains they caught a last-minute flight. Colin departs, followed by Michael, who mentions a lead. Cane tells Lily they found a witness who saw a woman on a gurney being loaded on a plane to Dallas. Lily tries to explain why Joe took Charlie to the game. Cane is understanding and thanks Joe. Lily walks off and Cane tells Joe to stop moving in on his wife. Lily returns with Charlie and they stop bickering.

At the station, Dylan tells Paul he came for help because a woman’s life is at stake. He thinks Colin played a role in Hilary’s disappearance. He passes on what Esther told him. Paul can’t get a warrant to check his bank accounts but muses about circumventing the system. They get Kevin on it. He finds hefty cash deposits right before Devon’s wedding and money spent on escorts. Dylan takes the information. Michael arrives and Kevin grouses about his night with Mariah. He’s been more excited writing computer code, but Mariah was happy. Michael urges him to be honest with her. Kevin leaves. Michael tells Paul he needs help tracking Hilary down.

Kevin arrives at The Underground where Mariah has been worrying about how to break the news to him. Noah and Marisa retreat to the back. Kevin blurts that the sex was…not great. Mariah, relieved, agrees…it was awful! They decide to go back to being friends. She tells him his ‘earlobe thing’ is bad. He warns her not to do the ‘growl thing’ anymore. Noah and Marisa reappear. Kevin and Mariah say they are going to celebrate never having sex again, and leave. Marisa and Noah kiss. A man appears. Noah tells him they’re closed. He’s there to see his wife. “Hello Marisa.”

At Crimson Lights, Dylan meets with the hooker from Devon’s bachelor party. He forks over cash and she tells him everything. Colin enters and she fingers him as the guy who paid her. Dylan grills Colin, who suggests he lay off. Dylan presses him. Colin advises him to look for a person who doesn’t want the happy couple to be happy.

At the station, Paul gets a call and tells Michael, “You’re not going to believe this.”

At the coffee house patio, Michael tells Devon that no flight plan was filed after the plane left Dallas – they have no idea where Hilary might have gone.

At the boathouse, Hilary’s hand moves when she hears Devon’s voice on the TV.

At the park, Dylan tells Neil he had a conversation with Colin, who hinted he might be involved in Hilary’s disappearance.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil tells Gwen he’s been lying to her and she slaps him.

Sharon asks Nick, “Are you saying I should check myself into a facility?” Nick replies, “At least until you get the situation stabilized.”

Ian says to Phyllis, “I guess I’d better confess why I’m really out here.”

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