In a camper in the woods, Ian complains to Adam about him throwing in with Jack and Victor. Adam says he has to pretend and whatever they learn he learns along with them. He thinks Ian should thank him for keeping them off his back. Ian just wants retribution on Victor. He warns Victor has his own watchdog and knows there was an attempt to breach the firewall. The virus got through because his IT guy fixed Adam’s screw-up. He thinks Victor’s guy might discover the Paragon virus given time. They talk about watching the sales figures soar, which is a smokescreen.

At the Club, Victor tells Jack by phone he has nothing to report as Kevin looks on. After, Kevin questions Victor about duping Jack. Victor reassures he won’t be in the middle of any war. He adds that Jack has Gabriel Bingham digging and won’t share his findings with him.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack tells Phyllis he can tell that Victor’s holding back. Phyllis says he’s not the only one. She thinks Jack is having trouble stepping down from Jabot. Jack reassures her and they make-out. Adam calls Jack and tells him Victor’s guy uncovered an attempted hack into the Newman system. They’ll figure out who his guy is and what he knows. Jack tells Phyllis he needs to go to town. She is accepting, but will stay another night.

In the camper, Ian tells Adam he’s a born deceiver. He reminds him that when they sink the good ship Newman, all the divisions will go down. Later, Ian ventures into the woods and runs into Phyllis again. She thanks him for his advice and wants to invite him to dinner, but she can’t cook. He offers to do the cooking and introduces himself as Fred.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon thanks Mariah for helping while she goes to her appointment. Dylan wants to come, but she talks him out of it. Esther works to get the coffee machine to work. Dylan takes Mariah aside and says he saw the look she exchanged with Sharon – he feels she knows something he doesn’t. He wonders if she is… Mariah gapes. “Oh my God, you think I’m knocked up?” Dylan takes that as a no. Meanwhile, Colin arrives to tell Esther she made her point – she should come back to the house; it’s an empty shell without her. Colin assures her he wasn’t hitting on her. She rants about his other dark doings. Colin warns her not to spout this stuff around Jill. Dylan intervenes. Later, Kevin and Adam run into each other. They admit they are helping Victor and Jack respectively. Kevin worries about the job losses if the companies go down. Adam says there’s a way around that – they can share information.

At the hospital, Sharon’s doctor tells her she knows the results aren’t what she hoped for, but she will be able to get pregnant again. Sharon needs to be pregnant now. The doctor suggests some help with fertility.

Sharon returns to Crimson Lights patio, where Mariah pleads with Sharon to come clean with Dylan. Sharon lies that it worked – she’s pregnant. Mariah is still concerned about the math. Inside, Dylan questions Colin about the money he came into when Hilary went missing. After Colin leaves, Dylan enters the patio and hears Mariah tell Sharon to be honest with him. The women cover. Dylan tells Sharon that something is going on between Esther and Colin that has to do with Devon. He laughs that he sounds like a cop. Sharon urges him to help Devon. Nearby, Kevin agrees to share information with Adam, who then leaves. Mariah joins Kevin and gets the scoop on him teaming up with Gabe Bingham. Mariah thinks he’s an idiot about to get skewered. Kevin beams. “Aw, you care.” Mariah balks at talking about feelings but concedes she’s worried about him.

At Newman Enterprises, Chelsea questions Victoria about the spike in her sales and accuses her of manipulating the figures. Abby appears and claims responsibility for ‘Chelsea 2.0’. Victoria and Chelsea just stare as she enthuses. Chelsea gets irate over having no control over her line – how is she supposed to fill all the orders? Victoria takes Abby to task over her unilateral decision-making. Abby is full of ideas. Victor arrives and weighs in. Chelsea gives the nod to go ahead if they can meet demand. After, Victoria complains they’ll have orders backed up for months, but Victor sides with ‘fearless’ Abby. He tells them to work together and leaves. Abby has thoughts on Brash & Sassy. Victoria growls, “Oh really?” They argue. Abby tells her if she’s mad about her successes, she’ll be mad forever.

At the Club, Adam and Chelsea make up from their spat. She tells him about her spike in sales – Newman is making her into a fashion rockstar! Adam looks concerned. She says staying in Genoa City was the right thing to do. Nearby, Jack fishes for information from Victor, who doesn’t admit the attempted hack on Newman. Victor moves to the bar and Adam watches him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah says to Kevin, “Maybe we could spend the night here.” Kevin replies, “Oh…”

Ashley tells Jack the Paragon Project isn’t real. He says it is real and it is happening – they have to be ready.

Ian looks at his laptop and says, “You clever Paragon Project. Unleash your fury.”

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