At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Dylan canoodle. Mariah arrives. Dylan steps away and she asks Sharon if she’s been to the doctor. “Are you pregnant yet?” Sharon hasn’t, but she feels pregnant. Mariah thinks she should tell Dylan the truth. Sharon thinks the baby is the reason he decided to propose. Mariah disagrees. On the patio, Dylan chats with Esther, who complains that Colin was hitting on her so she walked out of the house. She needs a job. Dylan offers her one there. Esther accepts. Dylan takes her over to tell Sharon and Mariah. Sharon shows Esther around, and Mariah talks to Dylan about Kevin and fishes to find out what brought him and Sharon together. He says it was the murder investigation, not the baby. Sharon rejoins them and Mariah notes that Dylan and Sharon can tell each other anything. Sharon gives her a warning look as she leaves. After, Esther thanks Dylan. She says she won’t serve Colin and mentions him being a sneak – he once blackmailed Devon and is still up to something.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor invites Kevin to take a seat and asks his opinion on the strange power incident from the other night. Kevin says some speculated it was Mrs. C pranking them from the great beyond. Victor chuckles. He then tells Kevin he thinks it was an attack on Newman and he wants to find out who was behind it. Kevin says if it were a cyber attack, there would be clues. Victor wants Kevin to help him. Kevin thinks a hacker would have known Victor was at Katherine’s memorial. Victor offers Kevin a side job.

At the tackhouse, Faith tends to Sage, who is on bed rest. Nick tells Faith not to worry. Victor arrives. Faith goes upstairs with Nick, and Victor talks to Sage about protecting and spoiling his grandchildren. Nick returns and steps outside with Victor, who tells him the Paragon Project is about to be set in motion and he needs him. Nick has to focus on Sage. Victor says he understands and walks away. Nick rejoins Sage, who bickers with him about working at Newman. She encourages him to go back. Later, Sharon arrives to pick-up Faith, who says she’s been talking to Sage’s tummy. She puts her hand on Sharon’s tummy and says, “Hmm. I don’t feel anything.” Sharon says it’s a bit early to feel anything. She decides to leave Faith with Sage. Outside, Sharon holds her tummy and looks upset.

At Newman, Kevin tells Victor he was right – a sophisticated hacker attempted to access the system. He’s searching to see if they planted anything. Kevin thinks they should share this with Jack because they were merged when this started. Victor says no way. Later, Nick arrives and says Sage encouraged him to return to work. Victor’s impressed.

At Gwen’s place, she and Neil chat after sex. She mentions seeing him in the hospital when she was with her sister. Talk turns to Hilary and Devon and what the Winters family is going through. Neil is doing everything he can to help Devon. Gwen mentions their affair. Neil says they were in love and didn’t mean to hurt him. He talks about things spiraling out of control. Neil dresses and says he needs to step out and make some calls. He takes Emma’s hospital ID badge from the living room and leaves. Later, Gwen realizes he left.

At the hospital, Neil breaks into the locked cabinet and starts stealing medical supplies.

At the boathouse, Hilary awakens and wonders where she is and flashes to Neil showing her the boathouse when they were together. “Dream house.” She recalls Neil being blind and tries to get up, but she can’t. Neil returns and finds Hilary unconscious but the IV pole knocked over. He whispers, “I am so sorry.”

On the coffeehouse patio, Kevin tells Mariah about his new gig and complains about Victor leaving Jack and Jabot vulnerable. Mariah warns him not to get on the wrong side of Victor by going rogue.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan asks Mariah, “How come I get the feeling you know something that I don’t?”

Chelsea tells Victoria that something is going on and she wants to know who is responsible for it.

Phyllis encounters Ian in the woods again.

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