Joe and Adam get acquainted at the Club bar. Ashley appears. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Ash pulls Adam aside and tells him she will get information from Joe. Adam says fine, he’ll be busy actually finding out who’s behind the Paragon Project. Ash leaves Jack a voicemail to call. She rejoins Joe for dinner. They discuss Gabe Bingham. Up at Dive Bar, Gwen agrees to make dinner for Neil. Lily appears and tells Neil something’s happened. Gwen steps away. Lily says Cane and Michael were arrested for withholding information. They’re out, but she’s worried Devon’s reaching his breaking point and she can’t reach him. She knows he would never hurt Hilary. Lily then asks Neil about his sleeping pills. He reassures her.

At the Abbott cabin, Phyllis admires the redecorating. Jack wants to put their troubles behind them. Phyllis asks him about hiring Gabe Bingham. Over wine, Phyllis says she thinks it’s a mistake, but Jack insists he’s doing what he knows is right. He distracts her with kisses. After making love, Phyllis decides to go out for air. Jack showers and notices a missed call from Ashley. He calls Phyllis to see if she’s okay and gets voicemail. Outside, Phyllis runs into Ian Ward. He points out a bright star and says it’s his wife; she just passed away. He notices her wedding ring and asks about her marriage. She admits she’s having trouble with her husband’s decisions lately. Ian counsels her to trust her husband and her anger and disappointment will disappear.

At the Club, Ashley gets a call back from Jack, while Lily joins Joe. Ashley complains to Jack about him telling Bingham about Joe. She rejoins Joe as Lily is talking about Charlie being disappointed that Cane will miss his football game. Lily goes and Ashley talks to Joe about her frustration with Victor. Joe admits he’s not a big fan, but questions her pursuing a vendetta. He wishes he’d never gone down that road with Avery and Dylan. He advises Ash to forget about Victor; it’s not worth it.

Phyllis returns to the cabin and Jack tries to make amends about his investigation into the Paragon Project with Victor. Phyllis is supportive. They kiss.

On the island, Cane and Michael are relieved to be out of jail and are stunned to see Devon appear. He’s there to clear his name since he can’t count on them. Michael insists he’s trying to investigate everything to help him. Cane says things can happen – like crimes of passion. Devon hollers that he didn’t kill Hilary. He came to talk to the so-called witness. Jimmy arrives. Devon challenges him to tell his story to his face. Jimmy concedes that Devon is smaller than the man he saw, and the man had more hair. “It probably wasn’t you.” After, Devon is about to head back to Genoa City, but Cane gets a call that someone saw a woman on a gurney being loaded onto a plane at a remote airstrip on the same day Hilary disappeared. Michael thinks Devon should go. Devon won’t leave until he finds out what happened to his wife.

In the boathouse, Neil talks to the unconscious Hilary about wanting to ruin their marriage, but everything has spiraled out of control. He wonders if Devon did this to her. He only heard a loud scream and looked over the edge and saw her in the water. Neil wants Hilary to wake up and tell him if Devon did this to her or if something else happened. He worries people will think he’s responsible.

At home, Gwen tells Emma that she’s making Neil dinner there tonight. Emma says she’ll go out. Her hospital ID badge is on the floor. Later, Neil arrives. Emma leaves and Neil spots her badge. Neil tries to grab it when Gwen steps out, but she returns and takes him to the bedroom.

At the penthouse, Chelsea learns Adam never showed up to meet the realtor the other night. Once alone, Chelsea looks thoughtful. Adam arrives. Chelsea says they haven’t been back a week and he’s lying to her. “Where were you the other night, Adam?” He flashes to being in Victor’s office. He lies that he went to Jabot. She learns that Jack assigned him to a special project that involves Victor. Chelsea is skeptical about them working together to fight a common enemy. She’s angry that he’s back in the middle of Jack and Victor and dragging her and Connor along for the ride. Later, Adam gets a call from Ian, who wonders if he’s getting cold feet. Chelsea grabs the phone, assuming it’s Jack, and hollers at him for recruiting Adam. Ian hangs up. Adam snaps at Chelsea, who says they never should have come back here.

At the boathouse, Hilary awakens and grimaces.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Mariah asks Sharon, “Have you been to the doctor? Are you pregnant yet?”

Neil takes Emma’s ID badge.

Victor says to Kevin, “Not a word of what you and I have discussed leaves these four walls. Is that clear?”

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