At Jabot, Ashley tells Jack the computers are still down – she assumes it’s from the power outage. He says he made a deal with the devil. She hopes it’s not Victor. Jack says they’ve merely agreed to coordinate their efforts regarding the Paragon Project. Someone may be after both of their companies. Ash worries Victor will make a deal with the mastermind to bring down Jabot. Jack says he’ll have to find out who it is first. Ash doesn’t like it. The computer comes back on. Jack marvels at a money-saving deal she made. They wish each other luck.

On the island in a bar, Cane learns from the investigator there is nothing new on Hilary’s disappearance. Cane won’t leave until he finds her and clears Devon’s name. He gives him missing posters to hand out. In the hotel, Michael debates with Devon by phone about the wisdom of offering a high reward. Devon will do whatever it takes. Michael joins Cane – he’s going to see the prosecutor. The investigator talks to Cane about missing persons that never turn up. At the prosecutor’s office, Michael debates with the man about the evidence and lack of motive. It’s all speculation. The prosecutor concedes that, but it won’t stop him from trying to convict Devon. He suggests he come back and admit his guilt. Michael explains he won’t be pleading guilty to something he didn’t do. The prosecutor maintains that juries are swayed by evidence. At the bar, a man tells Cane he saw what happened to Hilary. Michael joins Cane, who says the sincere witness saw a man who looked like Devon on the hiking trail carrying a body. Michael wants to keep it quiet for now. They wonder what to do.

In the boathouse, Neil talks to the unconscious Hilary and says payback is a powerful medicine. He goes on about trying to be a good husband, but it wasn’t enough for her. He says she’s a person who inflicts pain on other people. Neil never understood her desire for revenge. He wanted to teach her love heals, but she showed him love can destroy.

At the Club, Joe asks Phyllis about Avery, but she won’t discuss her. Phyllis wants to know why he’s still in Genoa City. Joe has no more restraining orders against him, and he cares about Avery. Phyllis lashes out at him. Joe says he’s not responsible for all of Avery’s problems; Phyllis was a terrible sister. At the Dive Bar, Lily assures Devon they’ll find Hilary. She goes downstairs and interrupts Joe and Phyllis’ argument. Phyllis is appalled when Lily defends Joe and thinks Cane would be too. Joe and Lily chat. She says she and Cane are fine. Joe says she’s the only one who is decent to him. Lily feels she’s a good judge of character. Ashley arrives to speak to Phyllis about the latest on Jack and the Paragon Project. Phyllis is distracted and rants about Joe. She wonders if he’s behind the Paragon Project. Phyllis exits when Ash mentions Jack teaming up with Victor. Ash joins Joe. She asks why he’s sticking around. He says he still has business there. She wonders who would be doing business with him. He smiles and says he has to go and will maybe tell her later. Meanwhile, Neil joins Devon at the Dive Bar and acts helpful. When Neil mentions Hilary was afraid of heights, Devon’s guilt increases. Neil reassures him. Devon doesn’t know how he’d get through this without him. He worries about Hilary. Neil urges him to stay strong and hugs him. Devon says if something happened to Hilary, whoever’s responsible will pay. After, Lily joins Devon, who laments not knowing Hil was afraid of heights. Lily wonders if he’s jealous. She gets a call from Cane, who tells her not to repeat anything and then fills her in on the witness.

At Jabot, Phyllis angrily confronts Jack for teaming up with Victor. Jack says the Paragon Project has to be a credible threat for Victor to go to such lengths. Phyllis worries he’ll lose everything he’s trying to protect. Jack reassures her, but she says Victor is the only thing coming between them.

At the boathouse, Neil tells Hilary that Devon is worried and really loves her. He shouldn’t feel bad for him… Neil is telling her that she and Devon are both partly responsible for him having to do this when he notices the saline drip is empty. “No, don’t you die on me Hilary!”

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon says to Lily, “I don’t know how I’m supposed to convince a jury of my innocence when my sister and my own damn lawyer think that I’m a murderer.”

Chelsea tells Victoria, “Your father used my son to blackmail Gabe and me into staying in town.”

Ashley tells Jack, “If the Paragon Project exists, I have an idea who is behind it.”

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