At the Club, Nikki questions the extremes Victor is going to in order to control Connor. She thinks he still feels guilty about not being there for Adam. She warns him not to push Chelsea too hard and lose Connor forever.

At the station, Adam and Chelsea confer with Paul about the court order. He says if they tried to leave the country he’d have to arrest them.

At home, Sharon tells Dylan that nothing will stop her from giving him the happy family he deserves.

At the Dive Bar, Jill embraces Devon and says Tucker sends his love. She learns Neil has been supportive and finds it difficult to believe he’s put his anger behind him. Neil insists he made peace with it. Colin snarks about Neil being a devoted dad. Michael appears and greets Jill. Devon tells him he needs something. Downstairs, Lily and Devon discuss Hilary’s disappearance. Cane wishes she’d given him all the facts previously. Lily agrees they should be honest. She tells him Colin was blackmailing Devon. Cane won’t let that go. By the door, Nikki apologizes to Neil for accusing him of hurting Hilary. He says she killed their friendship when she had Victor investigate him. Nikki makes an emotional plea, but Neil says they’re done. Neil gets a call from Gwen and makes dinner plans. At the Dive Bar, Lily, Cane, Colin, and Jill discuss Hilary’s disappearance and honoring Katherine. Cane takes Colin aside and confronts him about the blackmail. Cane says he’ll keep the secret for Devon’s sake, but won’t let it go. Colin then talks to Jill about Katherine. She says she and Tucker honored her in Hong Kong. Colin makes excuses for not joining her. Jill questions him about their bank account. He claims he won at gambling.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Mariah they’re like an old married couple but they skipped the fun steps. Mariah talks negatively about relationships. Kevin snaps that she’s right and takes off. On the patio, David Sherman advises Adam and Chelsea to offer Victor bi-weekly visits with Connor and then return to Paris where it will be harder for Victor to enforce the court order. They like it.

At the station, Devon tells Paul he needs someone to go down and investigate who canceled the tour and what happened to Hilary. Michael says they were thinking of Dylan. Paul doubts he’d go. Devon wants to try and convince him. Later, Paul makes anniversary plans with Christine by phone as Michael and Kevin listen. Once alone, Kevin talks to Michael about why anyone bothers with marriage. Michael says if he closes his heart, he’ll regret it.

David Sherman visits Victor at Newman to propose the bi-weekly visits. Victor tells him to get the hell out of his office.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea gets a call from Sherman and tells Adam that Victor wouldn’t budge. She’s scared he wants complete control. Adam is going to talk to him.

At Newman, Adam and Victor butt heads over Chelsea’s offer. Victor only cares about Connor and says family is everything. Adam makes Victor speechless by shouting that love is everything and he doesn’t know how to make a meaningful relationship with anyone. Victor curses that when he wins the court case, he will never see Connor again. Adam says they’ll see. Later, Nikki arrives and confronts Victor over Neil. Victor suggests she devote her energies to her family. She realizes he told Neil to stay away from her. Victor complains about her cavorting publicly with a fellow lush. Nikki storms out.

At the penthouse, Chelsea is packed and phones someone to say she’s picking up Connor now. Adam arrives and she explains she has to go. Adam realizes she was going to leave without him. She says if he gets arrested, he’ll get fingerprinted. Adam won’t let her leave him behind.

At Sharon’s place, Dylan thanks Mariah for convincing Sharon to go back on her meds. She doesn’t want too much credit. Dylan leaves. Sharon tells Mariah she doesn’t have to lie anymore. “I’m pregnant!” Mariah gets her to admit she hasn’t confirmed it with a test. Sharon calls her a pessimist. Mariah isn’t into fairy tales and setting herself up for disappointment. Sharon says without hope, you don’t have anything.

At Crimson Lights, Devon is unable to convince Dylan to go investigate Hilary’s disappearance. Neil appears. Devon fills him in. Neil warns he may never get to the bottom of this, and makes excuses for not going himself. Sharon and Dylan watch them. Dylan says Devon asked him to investigate. Sharon thinks he turned him down because he’s afraid she’ll go off her meds. Dylan reassures her.

At the station, Mariah tells Kevin they should take the next step in their relationship. Kevin asks her to join him at the Katherine Chancellor remembrance. She agrees.

At the Club, Cane tells Devon he’ll go to the island for him.

In a boathouse, Neil checks the saline drip hooked up to an unconscious Hilary.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam tells Chelsea they stay here together or leave together.

Victoria looks on as Nikki asks Neil, “Did Victor ask you to stay away from me?” Neil tells her he’s not interested in her version of friendship.

At Katherine’s remembrance gathering, Paul says he has a letter from their dearly departed friend.

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