At Chancellor Park, Esther and Jill prepare for Katherine’s remembrance ceremony. Paul tells them, and Lauren, that he has a letter from her to read. Nearby, Kevin arrives with Mariah. He wants to introduce her to Murphy, but Lauren says he broke his leg and can’t make it. Mariah learns about Jill’s complicated relationship with Katherine. Jill flashes to being trapped in a smoky restroom with her.

At the Club, Devon thanks Cane for volunteering to go to the island. Nikki asks Devon when he last saw Neil. Victoria interrupts. She wonders why Nikki’s so anxious to find Neil. Nikki unloads about Victor’s jealousy and the importance of her friendship with Neil. Meanwhile, Devon is cornered by a reporter and decides to speak out about Hilary on camera.

In the boathouse, Neil muses that Hilary will have a lot of questions when she awakens – he’ll be right there to answer them. He talks about her surviving the fall; she would have been fish food if not for him. Neil watches Devon’s appeal for help on his phone.

At the tackhouse, Nick worries about leaving a grumpy Faith with Sage. She gets Faith interested in talking to the unborn baby. Faith does, and the baby moves. When Sage dozes off, she has a nightmare that Victor takes her baby boy. She awakens, stands up, and gets a sharp pain. Nick calls someone to watch Faith so they can go to the hospital.

At Newman, Jack and Victor argue over whether the Paragon Project even exists. Jack suggests they work together to figure it out in honor of Katherine. Victor agrees that they will work independently to assess the threat and share their findings. Victor gets a call on his private line from an unknown person who hangs up.

At the Club, Nikki asks Neil if Victor warned him away from her. Neil says he’s not interested in her version of friendship. Neil joins Devon, who says Cane is going to the island for him. In their suite, Adam and Chelsea debate the risks of him coming with her and Connor to Paris. Adam suggests they stay there and give Victor visitation; then he’ll lose interest. Chelsea is skeptical about the plan but agrees. Adam goes downstairs and reads a text that says tonight is their chance. Adam returns to the suite and tells Chelsea he’s going to cancel the penthouse sale.

Victor, Neil, and Nikki eye each other up at Chancellor Park. Esther tells Kevin she’s glad he’s happy and Chloe is doing much better. Paul gathers everyone to hear the letter Katherine wrote. She wants Jill to read it, and lists off all her last names. Everyone chuckles. Jill calls her an old bat and takes the letter. She reads that Katherine wants them to speak about how they’ve improved their lives. Victor flashes to a conversation with Katherine about him trying to control Nikki and turns to leave. Nikki flashes to a chat she and Katherine had about Victor. Jill talks about reclaiming Katherine’s company. Victoria speaks about her daughter, Katherine Rose, Nikki says she rediscovered sobriety and cites Katherine’s influence, Paul is comforted that the child he and Chris lost is with Katherine, Cane and Lily talk about saving their marriage, Colin and Esther also speak briefly. Mariah leaves to baby-sit Faith. Kevin says he’s moving on with his life, and Devon talks about re-earning the trust of family. He asks Katherine to watch over Hilary and bring her back. Neil doesn’t want to speak. Jack has realized there are more valuable things than companies.

At Newman, Adam gets on Victor’s laptop and phones a computer guy, who is then able to remotely control the computer. Victor approaches in the corridor, but gets word about Sage going to the hospital and leaves. Inside, Adam sees something about The Paragon Project on the screen.

There is a thunder crack and everyone’s cellphones go haywire in the park. Kevin thinks it’s an electromagnetic signal.

At the tackhouse, the power goes out and Mariah’s phone goes haywire.

In Chelsea’s suite, the power goes out and her phone goes haywire.

At the park, the phones go back to normal. Kevin shrugs. Esther thinks it was Mrs. C saying she’s still there with them. Victoria and Lily notice that the power is out in the whole city except in Newman Towers.

Kevin checks on Mariah at the tackhouse and she asks him to stay.

At the hospital, Nick reassures Sage, who feels better. She tells him she dreamed that Victor took their baby. Victor looks in. Nikki arrives.

At Newman, Adam talks on the phone to the computer guy, whose boss gives him the go ahead to initiate the Paragon Project. It’s Ian Ward.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sage gets another pain. Nikki asks if she’s all right.

Nick asks Stitch if there is some reason he should be concerned about the baby.

Adam hides as Victoria arrives in Victor’s office.

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