At Newman-Abbott, Victoria tells her father she and Abby knocked it out of the park at the convention. Victor reminds her they were supposed to stay out of town. He talks about a coup and says one of the Abbotts must be behind it. Jack and Ashley have denied any knowledge of it and Tracy and Abby wouldn't do anything like that. Victoria realizes that only leaves Billy. They argue about whether he'd do it, as well as him coming back into her life. Victor asks, "Are you with me or that loser?" Irked, she says she chooses them both. Victor wants proof that Billy's innocent. Victoria is disappointed he wants her to spy on him. She refuses - she's protecting her family.

At the park, Mariah and Kevin bicker about whether to follow Harding. Mariah tells him to leave her out of it.

At the Abbott cabin, Marco asks Harding, "Is that any way to greet your partner?" They talk and flash to Harding pulling over Marco, who offered to make him a very wealthy man. Harding warns him he's at the scene of two crimes. They talk about Austin, who captured two Jack Abbotts on film and died. That might have been an accident but the second death wasn't. Harding gets edgy as Marco jokes about the bride with cold feet in the morgue. They flash to Courtney showing Harding footage on the computer that showed Jack knocked out Abby in the park. Marco talks about how Harding lured her to the cabin. Marco says she had to die, just like that Tobias guy. They flash to trying to pin the murders on Tobias. Harding says he's done things for Marco he regrets. "Nobody else dies." Marco says there's no backing out. Harding asks what he has planned now.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Jack that after visiting Marisa, she realizes she's a lucky woman. Billy groans as they smooch. Jack asks him if he's heard of the Paragon Project, which has Victor's paranoia in overdrive. Billy hasn't, but is in for any plan to take him down. Jack worries if Newman is attacked, they go down too. Jack says there's no way out of the merger. Billy is perturbed. He wonders if Victor has something on him. They discuss how to stop the threat against the company. Billy mentions his new closeness with Victoria. Phyllis is suspicious. Jack says she's spied on Jabot before. Billy storms out. Jack and Phyllis are frustrated. They'll confront Victor. Jack calls Victor to meet in Chancellor Park. Jack asks Phyllis to think back - did Marco say anything that indicated he was part of Paragon? Phyllis says they hardly exchanged two words because all he cared about was taking her to bed.

At Crimson Lights, Paul learns from Kevin and Mariah that Harding is taking time off. Paul doesn't recall approving it. Kevin thinks it's suspicious. Paul is dubious. Mariah points out that there's a killer on the loose and his lead detective wants to go fishing. Paul tells them to stop sticking their nose into trouble. Mariah urges Paul to go outside the lines and act now before other lives are lost. Paul asks Kevin to run the department while he investigates Harding. Paul phones Harding. "Where the hell are you?" Harding claims he realized it was a bad time to camp and is on his way back. Paul goes and Kevin gets online to look up Harding's credit card charges. He wonders who buys 22 frozen dinners.

Billy finds Victoria at work and they kiss. Billy leaves her a file, kisses her, and exits. He returns and catches her looking in the file. He accuses her of spying. Victoria says she spilled coffee on it and said no to Victor's request to spy. Billy apologizes. Victoria says he misjudged her, not the situation. They bicker. Victoria won't give him another chance.

At the park, Victor greets Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis wants to focus on catching Marco. She complains about Victor unleashing all that suffering based on a wrong suspicion. Victor regrets what Marco did to Phyllis. Jack warns Victor that the Abbotts aren't plotting and to let this go.

At the cabin, Marco tells Harding he's taking back Jack's life and his wife. Further flashbacks reveal that Harding killed both Austin and Courtney. Harding wishes he'd never taken his money. Marco says he's going to help him get what he wants.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack phones Adam and asks, "The Paragon Project. How long have you been planning it?"

Colin tells Devon he can walk up to Hilary and tell her he slept with another woman, or he can do it. "I'm cool either way."

Marco tells Harding he will handle their problem or he is the one who will be erased.

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