Jack arrives at the Abbott house and looks around. He sees a photo of Phyllis with Marco in the green golf vest. He calls out and his voice catches as he says, "I'm home." He goes upstairs and dons a suit. Back in the living room, Phyllis appears. She wonders what he's doing home. He just wants to look at her. They embrace. She feels suddenly like everything's going to be okay; she'd been feeling a distance. Jack says, "Now, I'm back." He is about to tell her something when Summer arrives. She starts in about him setting up her grandfather. Phyllis and Jack learn Victor thinks he's dangerous and the Newmans have bodyguards. Summer lashes out about Jack having Kyle do his dirty work. Jack says he's not that man.

At the Club bar, Cane thanks Lily for her forgiveness. She seems distracted. Upstairs, Joe gets a call from Avery, who wants to meet. He's wary. She wants to stop this war between them before someone gets hurt. Joe makes his way downstairs and greets Cane and Lily at the bar before exiting. Cane tells Lily he didn't sleep with Lauren - he would never cheat on her and disrespect their marriage like that. Lily knows how much he loves her and their family. Cane suggests they go up to a suite. In the dining room, Adam asks Marco, "Who the hell are you?" He asks more questions Marco clearly doesn't know the answer to. Marco says, "Jack Abbott's dead." Marisa enters the Club and spots Marco as he is telling Adam everything. Adam can't believe that Jack is dead and the impostor has gotten away with this. Marco tells him he's Marco Anicelli. Adam wants to know who helped him. Marco claims he acted alone and fooled everyone by telling them what they wanted to hear. Adam vows to tell everyone about his deception. Marco almost notices Marisa, but she moves. He tells Adam he wants him to help him fake his death and frame Victor for it. Adam thinks he must have Jack locked up. Marco reiterates that Jack is dead and tells him to get over the sentimentality. Upstairs with Cane, Lily flashes to Joe. Cane tells her she's beautiful and kisses her. She flashes to kissing Joe. Cane moves her to the bed and lowers her as they kiss. She flashes to her passion with Joe and tells Cane to wait. "I can't do this. I'm sorry." They talk. Cane assures her he didn't cheat on her. "We can get through this." He says Joe seemed to make her tense. She admits he's been a shoulder for her, but she shouldn't have talked to him. They agree to talk to each other.

At the park, Joe asks Avery if she's stalking him now. She confronts him about sleeping with Lily. Joe rationalizes that they'd been at each other's throats. Avery asks why he did it and why he's still in town. He thinks she sounds jealous. She snaps that he's not even close. They argue heatedly over their split. He tells her to stop playing the victim. She retorts that he's a small man with a monstrous ego. He grabs her, and then calls her out for asking him there just to tell him what a bad person he is. She can't believe how he twists everything around. Joe insists his only crime was loving her and leaves. Avery hears a noise.

At the Abbott house, Jack gets a text from Marisa that she's checked into the Club and Marco is there - where is he? He tells Phyllis and Summer he has to go and urges Phyllis to hang onto that feeling from when they embraced. Once alone, Phyllis and Summer speculate about whether Jack's on the up-and-up. Phyllis says right before Summer came in his wonderful warmth was back. It's the closest she's felt to Jack in months.

At the Club, Jack meets Marisa in her suite. She's a bit upset that he visited Phyllis. He says she and Summer seemed upset with him. Marisa tells him Marco was sitting with a man called Bingham and their conversation was intense. Jack needs to find out what is going on before he can reclaim his life. Marisa wonders about vengeance. Jack will give her fair notice. Marisa says he can trust her. Jack wants her to get information from Jabot. Once alone, Jack flashes to seeing Phyllis in her wedding dress. Downstairs, Marco warns of bringing pain to Chelsea and Connor again - Adam's only choice is to help him. Marco says he'll get three wishes - Victor out of the picture, Jack's legacy, and he can hang onto Chelsea. Adam agrees to help him.

At Jabot, Marco shows Adam a bullet-proof vest and fake blood. He guarantees he can goad Victor into shooting him and says he's arranged to meet him in Chancellor Park later. Marisa, hiding, watches them.

Outside her building a man dressed in black wearing a balaclava grabs Avery from behind.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Marco points a gun at Adam, "If you're not on my side you'll be another loose end I have to deal with!"

Victor tells Nikki, "He's here to keep you safe." She asks, "What are you protecting us from?"

Jack tells Marisa, "Something is happening tonight." She says, "Somebody's not coming out of there alive."

At the park, Adam watches from behind a wall as Marco greets Victor.

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