At Avery's place, she can't believe what Joe is asking of her. Joe goes on about what they shared. He knows one night will change everything. Avery disagrees that it will all come rushing back to her if they have sex. He wants to prove it to her. Avery glares. "Okay Joe. Let's make love." She chirps, "One night of sex coming up!" She pours wine and toasts to the night neither one of them will ever forget, and then opens her blouse and pushes him on the sofa. He grabs her arms and she flashes to him yelling followed by a slap. He says, "I want you to want me." Avery hollers that her guilt is gone. She hysterically tells him he hurt her and to get out. Joe says he may have made a mistake here tonight, but he wasn't the only one.

At the Club, Lily leaves Cane a voicemail. She knows nothing is going on between him and Lauren. "Call me."

At the park, someone watches from the trees as Cane and Lauren kiss and then look at each other guiltily. They agree it was a mistake.

At the station, Paul and Harding talk about pinpointing the person who posted on the GC Buzz. Paul says the poster may lead them to the killer. They chuckle that Kevin is probably finding out who posted right now. Harding is frustrated with no leads. Later, Paul gets a lead on the poster. They head out.

At The Underground, Mariah is worrying about being exposed as the poster on the GC Buzz. Ben and Abby enter. Ben says Abby won't be going on TV as bait for the killer. Abby can speak for herself - she won't do it. Abby suggests Kevin hack into GC Buzz and find out who posted the message. Kevin can't - he lost his job. Ben and Abby leave. Kevin tells Mariah they've probably found her IP address and she should come forward. Mariah wants to run. Kevin says that's crazy. She understands he must stay. As Mariah leaves, Harding and Paul arrest her.

At the Jabot lab, Ashley tells Michael she wants to get her will in order like her brother. He exits and she takes pills. Abby and Ben arrive. Abby tells Ash the killer may still be out there. Ash gets upset and nearly faints. She explains it's a side-effect from her migraine medication. Ben leaves. Abby wonders if she's causing Ashley's stress - maybe her headaches would go away if she stopped seeing Ben. Ash wouldn't ask her to do that. She downplays her feelings for him.

At Crimson Lights, Michael holds his head and flashes to Lauren kissing Cane. Lauren appears. He hopes she's going to sign the divorce papers. She won't, and goes on about the obstacles they've overcome. Michael says if everything he's done hasn't convinced her it's over, maybe they should look at what she's done. He saw her kissing Cane. Lauren narrows her eyes. "You did this." She says he took his affection away and cries that she kissed Cane because she's human and is dying inside of loneliness. Michael shouts, "Divorce me!"

Cane returns to the Club in a daze. Lily is apologetic and feels horrible for lashing out. "I love you. And I do trust you." Cane asks her to stop and tells her he loves her. They kiss. Lily is going to call Lauren and apologize. Cane urges her not to push people. He walks away, stressed. Later, Lauren finds Cane. She tells him Michael saw them kiss. Cane will tell Lily before Michael can.

At the hospital, Ben grills Barton Shelby about Ashley's headaches, which he fears could be more than migraines. He thinks Shelby should do more tests. Shelby lectures him about his patient's privacy.

Ben returns to the lab. Abby notices he's tense. In the office, Ash gets a call from Shelby, who tells her Ben stopped in and raised some concerns he shares. He'd like to do tests. Ash angrily confronts Ben and hollers at him to be concerned about Abby, not her! Ash becomes more agitated, falls into a chair, and stares into the distance.

At the station, Paul and Harding lecture Kevin and Mariah on ruining their plan to let the killer believe the case was closed. Kevin and Mariah argue back. Paul takes Harding aside and says Kevin is right - the killer makes a move when he feels the walls closing in. Paul tells Kevin and Mariah they can go, but to stay out of the investigation.

Lily sees Michael at Crimson Lights. She urges him to reconsider divorcing Lauren, who loves him very much. Michael alludes to Lily's problems with Cane and excuses himself.

At The Underground, Mariah admits she'd have missed Kevin if she'd run. They learn Paul is holding a press conference and get online. Paul announces that Austin and Courtney's murder investigation is back on and Tobias is a new victim. He claims they have Austin's tablet. Kevin tells Mariah there is no tablet - Paul is using the press to pressure the killer.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Ben says to Barton, "Ashley had a seizure and then she left the hospital without telling anyone. I'm not leaving here until you tell me why."

The captain tells Jack they have a highest bidder and for the price he's willing to pay, he gets to decide if he gets him alive or dead.

Fake Jack/Marco looks at a text on his phone saying he's the highest bidder.

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