In an interrogation room, Michael assures Phyllis that he and Avery will provide her with a strong defense. Phyllis wants to know what about Jack? Michael says he's helping. She complains that he lead her to the cops. By Paul's office, Avery listens as Jack argues with Paul and Christine that there were mitigating circumstances. Avery says her sister is mentally incompetent. Chris will prosecute her to the full extent of the law. Jack and Avery join Phyllis, who is complaining to Michael about Summer being kept away. They break the news that she's going to Fairview. Avery says it's the only way to avoid a criminal trial. Michael warns Christine would do everything she can to put her away. Phyllis accuses Jack of doing this to punish her for ruining the life he had without her. They argue. Jack insists he's fighting for her. Avery says it's time to go. In Paul's office, he defends the assessment to Christine, who is determined to make sure Phyllis doesn't skate. As Phyllis is taken out, Chris says she looks forward to reading her evaluation. Jack glares at Chris and Paul. Michael has words with Christine, who is upset he's protecting Phyllis. Paul advises Chris not to get so worked up. She doubles over in pain but then is okay. She promises not to sacrifice their baby.

At home, Victoria thanks Stitch for a lovely night. She has to get to the office and gives him a key to move in today. Later, Kelly arrives and tells Ben that Phyllis is in custody. He wonders if she thinks she'll be the one to support Jack. Ben is worried she'll go back to that place where she completely fell apart after her marriage ended. Kelly gets agitated.

At Newman, Victoria tells Victor she was glad he was at the christening. She says Ben is moving in today. Victor's okay with it. Vikki says Nikki told her he's backing off the development deal - he'll take a huge financial hit. She notes Nikki's well-being didn't bother him before. "What's really going on?" He says he's selling Chancellor to the highest bidder unless Jill comes up with the money. He believes Katherine would want Jill to have it if he doesn't. They discuss Nikki's health. Victor says it's his priority.

At the Club, Jill takes a call from Victor, who tells her she has until noon to pay up. Colin says he'll talk to his investors. Cane is skeptical. Jill tells Colin to do what he has to do. Colin goes. Cane warns Jill that the man always has an ulterior motive. Jill thinks he's trying to make things up to them and wants them to have Chancellor.

At Neil's place, Devon asks, "Did the doctor say how soon you could get your sight back?" While Neil talks to Hilary about staying positive, Devon gets a text from Colin regarding money. Neil gets a call from Colin, who wants to meet at Crimson Lights. Neil goes to shower. Devon tells Hilary it's time to call Colin's bluff. Devon leaves. Hilary imagines Neil saying he heard everything and screaming at her to get out. Neil appears and asks if everything is alright. She reassures her. He leaves and Hil pours a drink. She imagines confessing to Neil, who says he knows it's Devon, and then takes a drink. She moves to the living room and envisions a scenario in which she and Devon confess and Neil punches Devon to the floor.

At Crimson Lights, Colin tells Devon he's glad he could make it. Devon invites him to 'out' him and Hilary - he's not giving him more money. They spar verbally. Colin gives him a figure. "Just wire the money."

Devon arrives at the Club and tells Cane that Colin is blackmailing him. Cane says this won't end well for anybody. He realizes Devon wants him to get Colin to back off and then cover until they're ready to tell Neil. "Are you out of your mind?" Cane tells him Colin is desperate to get Jill the funds by noon. Later, Devon gives Jill a check to buy Chancellor. His condition is that Colin has nothing to do with the company. Jill says, "Deal." Jill calls Victor with the news. She says Chancellor is back where it belongs.

Victoria arrives home as Kelly's stalking out. Ben says it was about Phyllis. He feels guilty about things going well for him. They kiss and head upstairs.

At Fairview, Jack and Avery try to make Phyllis accept it's better than a jail cell. Phyllis starts to freak out but they have to leave her there.

Neil meets Colin at Crimson Lights and Cane shows up. He gives Colin an envelope with a Bonaventure card inside. On the back it says, "If you tell Neil, I'll tell Victor." Cane grins. He tells Neil that Devon has given them the money to buy back Chancellor.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer rages at Jack as Avery looks on. "You have given up on her once and now you just going and doing it again."

Victor tells Phyllis, "I'm here to help you." Phyllis says, "You go to hell."

Dylan tells Avery, "Victor didn't just suddenly change his mind. Did you make Joe a better offer?" Avery slaps him.

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