At Victoria's house, Nikki tells everyone she has a problem after nearly dropping the baby. She says she's been getting a lot of MS symptoms. Ben questions her. She assures him Dr. Costner is taking good care of her. Nick takes her home. Billy and Chelsea leave. Ben tells Vikki he wants to be a bigger part of her life. She invites him to move in. Ben is hesitant - he wonders if it's a knee-jerk reaction to Billy and Chelsea. She says she asked him to share her home because she loves him. Ben loves her too. He agrees to move in. They kiss.

At the ranch, Jill tells Victor she missed the christening because of a cold. She has a contract for the sale of Chancellor and will give him a down payment now and the balance in thirty days. Victor chuckles. "No dice." Later, Nikki arrives with Nick. She heads upstairs, and Nick tells Victor what happened. They discuss her being under stress. Nikki reappears and Nick leaves. Victor tells Nikki he will back out of the development deal so Dylan can keep Crimson Lights. He wants to spend many tomorrows with the woman he loves. Nikki thanks him.

At the Club, Sage and Adam meet with the estate manager, Tipton, who is upset 'Gabriel' put the house on the market without telling him. He warns if their marriage is fraudulent they'll lose everything. He says he'll stop by occasionally - unannounced. Nearby, Lauren frets over Michael working. He says there are other things he would like to do - like jump out of a plane or book a trip to Paris. Lauren thinks it sounds like a bucket list. Michael suggests they both make a list. Lauren just wants to be together. Jill joins them and complains about Victor. Meanwhile, Nick runs into Sage and reassures her again about his custody case. He asks about her arguing with Gabe. She appreciates his concern. At the bar, Jill gets a call from Victor, who tells her if she wants Chancellor to bring him the full price by tonight or as of tomorrow it will be for sale to the highest bidder.

At the park, Phyllis thanks Kelly for coming. Kelly warns her phone is set to dial 911. Phyllis tells her she's sorry. Kelly asks if she's admitting she tried to poison her. They rehash their issues. Phyllis apologizes for being vindictive and tells Kelly to take care of Jack. She walks away, but then watches Kelly.

Paul and Christine arrive at the Abbott house with a warrant to search the premises. Jack finds Phyllis' note. "Forgive me." He leaves her a phone message asking what's going on. Jack questions what Christine is even doing there. Paul and Christine say they found antifreeze on the premises and plan to have it analyzed. Jack tells them to go. Outside, Chris gets a call and tells Paul they may have real evidence. Jack calls Michael looking for Phyllis. Kelly arrives. She says Phyllis confessed to her at the park and it looked like she was leaving town for good.

Billy and Chelsea arrive home and Adam's in the corridor. He tells them he's their new neighbor and invites them in for a drink. Adam suggests Chelsea help him make it feel like a home. Chelsea makes suggestions. Billy thinks his girlfriend might want a say in this. Sage enters. Billy and Chelsea go. Sage asks Adam if this is really a good idea with the estate manager on their case. They banter about sharing a bedroom. Adam goes upstairs and Sage texts Nick good luck at the trial.

Jack finds Phyllis in the park. Phyllis snarks that Kelly didn't waste any time. They argue over her plan to leave. He won't let her go to prison. Phyllis says he can't guarantee that. Jack urges her to trust him.

At the station, Paul shows Christine that the video footage from the Club was tampered with. Chris says the red hair is unmistakable - it's Phyllis.

In their bedroom, Chelsea wonders about Gabriel and Sage, but Billy wants to get amorous.

Jack and Phyllis arrive home. Michael is there. Paul and Christine arrive and arrest Phyllis for the attempted murder of Kelly Andrews. Phyllis tells Jack he betrayed her and she'll never forgive him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Michael asks Phyllis, "You want to face Christine knowing she'll do whatever she can to put you away this time?"

Victor tells Jill, "Chancellor goes on sale in just a few hours." She says it's not enough time. He tells her that's all the time she's got.

Neil sucker punches Devon to the ground. Hilary shrieks, "Neil!"

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