At the church, Summer chats with Nick. Ben and Chelsea enter and compare notes on Billy and Victoria coming with Katie as a family.

At Victoria's house, she and Billy remember Delia as they get the kids ready for the christening. She tells him she cut Victor out of their lives.

At Newman-Chancellor, Nikki reads Victor the riot act about putting Victoria in a terrible position. She tells him to return the formula. They bicker about what he did to Nick and is doing to Dylan. "No wonder you drive me to such extremes!" Victor asks what she's talking about. He thinks she's picking a fight and orders her out. She goes. Victor phones someone. "This is Victor Newman. You know what to do." Elsewhere, Nikki drinks and tells Katherine's photo she's not hurting anyone.

At Crimson Lights, Avery regrets she can't join Dylan at the christening - she has a meeting. Dylan leaves. Avery calls Joe. She says she considered his proposal and can come to his suite right now.

Avery finds Michael and Kevin at the station. Michael leaves. Avery asks Kevin to outfit her with a body wire to get her ex-husband's confession on tape - she doesn't want Paul or Dylan to know.

At the Abbott house, Ashley and Jack discuss the bug in the lab. Ashley assures him Victor won't win. She leaves for the church. Phyllis tells Jack she's not going. Jack wants the woman he loves by his side but agrees she should rest. Once alone, Phyllis texts Michael, who soon arrives. He tells her he's feeling some effects from the treatments, but at least he isn't glowing in the dark. Phyllis tells him she needs a lawyer. They discuss her situation. Michael warns if she was convicted of the poisoning she could go away for life. Phyllis thinks Christine will go after her. Michael is on her side.

At the Club, Joe prepares his suite. He looks at the bed and smiles. Avery arrives and describes how he said this would stop the attacks on Dylan. She wants to get on with it. He insists this isn't about sex. He reminisces about them making love and produces a necklace she admired on their honeymoon. As Kevin listens, Joe puts the necklace on her and suggests she open a button or two. Avery decides she needs to go. Joe just wanted them to be who they once were and asks when she last laughed. Avery says this accomplished nothing and exits. Joe muses, "That's where you're wrong."

At the church, Jack tells Summer and Nick that Phyllis is under the weather from the treatments Victor forced on her. Nikki listens as Ashley and Abby arrive and grouse about Victor with Ben, and Nick complains to Noah and Summer about Sharon. She hears Ben and Dylan discuss the attacks at the coffee house and steps outside to drink. Victoria and Billy appear. Nikki lies she was getting air. They all go in and Victor appears. Victoria asks what he's doing there. He's there for his granddaughter's christening. Chelsea has deja vu. Jack grumbles. Ashley confronts him. Jack gets a call that the Environmental Authority is returning everything they seized. Victor is allowed to stay. The christening ceremony takes place without incident. After, Victoria thanks Victor for putting family before business. He says he always does. Ashley and Jack tell Victor the thought of losing his granddaughter must have been worse than the thought of losing to Jabot. Victor doesn't lose to anyone. Dylan asks Ashley about Joe and tells her he's dangerous.

Summer checks on Phyllis at the Abbott house. Michael leaves. Summer describes the ceremony. Phyllis cries over how much she's grown up and thinks Summer would be fine if she wasn't around. Jack interrupts. Summer goes. Phyllis asks Jack to love her no matter what happens. When he leaves the room, she exits with luggage.

At the Jabot lab, Abby tells Ashley there appears to be nothing missing. Ash is sure Victor's not done yet.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor calls to have the 'drop' of formula he has analyzed.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin gives Avery the recording and warns her not to go alone again. She flashes to Joe asking when was the last time she laughed. Dylan arrives and asks about her meeting. She says she'll have to interview the person again.

At Victoria's house, Chelsea thanks Victoria for including her, Victoria tells Ben how important he is to her, and Nick awakens Nikki who has dozed off in the chair. Photos ensue and Nikki nearly drops the baby.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Ben to move in with her.

Adam tells Billy and Chelsea he's their new neighbor and will be living right across the hall.

Kelly asks Phyllis in the park, "Are you admitting now that you tried to poison me with antifreeze?"

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