At Jabot, Jack tells Billy about Phyllis' erratic behavior and blames Victor. Adam enters and Jack learns he and his girlfriend met up with Billy and Chelsea last night. Billy says Sage is nice. In the lab, Abby tells Ashley the name for the fragrance should be Hex. Ashley likes it. The Environmental Security Bureau shows up with a court order to seize their formula because it uses a South American tree root. Ashley calls Jack, who sends Billy to talk to her. Ash then tells Abby she's going to take back what's hers. In Jack's office, he confronts Adam about his lies. Adam explains the ruse with Sage. Jack says he's playing a dangerous game, but Adam says it's one he's winning. He maintains that when Billy goes back to Victoria, Chelsea will know he's the man for her.

At the Club, Sage listens as Chelsea and Nick bicker about Sharon and the custody case. Nick notices Sage and Chelsea remarks on them knowing each other. Sage says she and Nick are just friends. Chelsea tells Sage to say hello to her boyfriend Gabriel, and leaves. Nick grills Sage, who admits he's her husband. She says it's a marriage of convenience and explains about Constance's will. They kept it secret so they could both be free to have a relationship with someone they really care about. Nick thinks it's cool what she did for Gabe.

At Newman-Chancellor, a man places a test tube on his desk and tells him they're even. He confirms it's Ashley Abbott's fragrance. Later, Ashley arrives to confront Victor. He says they formulated something similar and holds up her test tube. She says that's hers and he know she wasn't using a tree root from South America. Victoria enters. Victor wants her to tell Ashley the fragrance was developed there. Ashley appeals to Victoria as a woman to respect her. Victor says this isn't a support group. Victoria says they have developed a fragrance and will release it at the relaunch of Brass & Sassy. Ash storms out. Victoria asks if Victor stole it from Jabot. Victor talks about saving Katherine's company.

At the station, Chris and Paul bicker about Phyllis poisoning Kelly. Paul says they have no proof. Chris thinks she can get her to confess. Paul asks her to let him handle it. Chris says, "Nail her. Or I will."

Ben joins Billy and Abby in the Jabot lab. Ashley texts and they learn Victoria backed Victor's claim that they developed the fragrance. Ben leaves. Ashley returns and Abby says Ben knew nothing about Victoria working on a fragrance. Ash and Abby mutter about blood being thicker than love for the Newmans. In Jack's office, he and Adam bicker until Jack leaves. Chelsea appears. Adam jokes that she has to stop stalking him. They talk about his girlfriend making her and Billy see him differently. Adam talks about a woman changing a man for the better. Chelsea says he reminds her of someone she knew. Later, Billy joins Chelsea, who tells him about seeing Sage with Nick.

Ben arrives at Newman-Chancellor and confronts Victoria about stealing their formula. Victoria says it's business, not personal. Ben tells her she chose her father over him. Victoria says it's complicated. Ben tells her she's better than this and goes. Victoria storms in to confront Victor, who hollers that espionage is a dirty fact of business. Victoria wants no part of it. If this is how things are going to be, Katherine will have no part of his life. She'll be christened and raised as an Abbott. Victoria orders him to return Ashley's vial or it will be the only legacy he ever has.

At home, Phyllis dreams of confronting Victor in his office about rushing her recovery for her own purposes. He says she should go back in the coma and jams a syringe into her hand. Phyllis awakens screaming. Later, Paul arrives to question her. He tells her she can trust him, but she has to tell him everything. Phyllis tells him about having tea with Kelly, but Jack enters and stops her. Paul leaves. Jack assures Phyllis that if anyone is to blame it's Victor and he will pay.

Adam arrives at the Club and kisses Sage. Nick tells him he knows about the arrangement. After, Adam freaks out when Sage admits she told Nick they were married. He thinks she's trying to wreck things with Chelsea on purpose. "What did I tell you about crossing me?" Nick watches from a distance as Adam berates her.

Ben returns to the lab, where Ashley assures him she knows he wouldn't betray her. They realize Victor bugged the lab.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Kevin, "I will do anything to get this man's confession on tape and out of my life." Kevin says, "A real creeper huh? Who is he?" Avery replies, "My ex-husband."

Joe looks around his suite and has champagne in a bucket.

Victor crashes the christening. Victoria asks, "Dad, what are you doing here?" He says, "I came for my granddaughter's christening. Any objections?"

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