At the Abbott house, Phyllis worries to Jack that she's been wrong in thinking she was okay all this time. Jack assures her it's not her fault. He's enlisted the help of a psychiatrist at Memorial. Phyllis is angry. She doesn't know if she did those things to Kelly. "She's winning."

At the Club, Ben confronts Kelly about being back at work so soon. They discuss Jack and Phyllis. Paul arrives and asks for a moment with Kelly. He knows about the poisoning from the hospital and won't let this go. He questions her. Kelly says it's her word against Phyllis'. Paul wonders why she's not afraid. Kelly says she's afraid for Phyllis...and for Jack. Nearby, Jill wants to know where Colin got all the cash. Cane, Devon and Lily join the conversation. Devon prompts Colin to tell everyone where he got the money. Colin says the deal is delicate as they all press him. Lily still wants to know how Devon's money is tied up. Devon says his money is committed to another venture. Jill heads off to see Victor. Cane corners Devon and asks if he gave Colin his money. "Does he know about you and Hilary?" Devon says there's nothing to know. Cane approaches Colin and wants answers. Colin swears the deal is legitimate. He tells Cane he deserves Chancellor and he's going to have it.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victoria makes christening arrangements and discusses the need for an influx of cash with Victor. She says his decision to hold onto Chancellor is hurting him professionally and personally. He won't hand it over to that Cane Ashby guy. Victoria urges him to sell it to someone else then. They bicker about his hated development deal. Victor makes his own decisions. Later, Jill shows up with the down-payment on Chancellor. Victor says until it's in his corporate account in full, she's short. Jill wants a commitment first. Victor refuses. They bicker about what Katherine wanted. Once alone, Victor recalls a conversation with Katherine about being cut from the same cloth. Katherine advised him not to risk family and everything he has for something he doesn't. Victor muses, "I miss you so much."

At home, Neil tells Hilary he's hurt that she's crying. "Talk to me. What is it that I don't know?" She assures him it's not about having a baby - she feels bad about going to the spa. Neil asks her not to coddle him. He tells her about the vision restoration trial - it's a long shot. Hilary is excited. Neil doesn't want her hopes up, but admits he saw something. Hilary hugs him. He tells her he wants to go to his appointment alone. Later, Devon arrives and Hilary fills him in on Neil's news. They talk about being able to tell him the truth. Hilary worries Neil already senses something deep down. They agree to face him and the consequences together. Devon can't wait to let the world know he loves her. They are embracing when Neil returns. Devon tells him he knows about the new program. Neil goes on about trust and having one hell of a life with Hilary.

At the hospital, Jack lays out Phyllis' issues for the psychiatrist. Jack goes to wait outside. The doctor asks Phyllis if she thinks there's a problem. Phyllis wonders, "Do you want me to blow smoke so we can both get out of here, or do you want the truth?" They discuss Kelly. Phyllis doesn't know if she actively tried to remove her from Jack's life. Phyllis describes all she's gone through. The doctor thinks her insecurity is a bigger threat than any outsider and urges her to make amends if she wants to move on. In the corridor, Kelly runs into Jack - she's there for a follow-up. He tells her he's truly sorry and claims Phyllis has side effects from the treatment she was given through Victor. Kelly says she's not pressing charges. Jack embraces her. Phyllis appears. To their surprise, she apologizes to Kelly. Jack is proud.

In the park, Ben and Victoria discuss Kelly. He's worried she still has hopes for her and Jack. They coo at the baby. Victoria tells Ben he needs to be at the christening. She goes over all the issues the attending family members will have. Ben chuckles. Victoria says Katie wants him there. Ben says he may not be her dad, but he will always love her.

Kelly returns to the Club just after Paul questioned Lily. Lily learns Phyllis apologized and urges Kelly to tell Paul. Kelly says she promised Jack she wouldn't press charges - part of her feels terrible that Phyllis feels so threatened by her. Lily thinks she's thrilled Phyllis is threatened - it means she could get Jack back. Kelly thinks Jack is realizing Phyllis isn't the woman he once loved. Nearby, Jill tells Colin and Cane that Victor wants the full price. Colin assures her there's more where that came from.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis talks to Jack about making amends and feeling insecure about them. He reassures her of his love.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack says, "You're playing a dangerous game, Adam." Adam replies, "It's a game that I'm winning."

Nick asks, "What exactly is Gabriel to you?" Sage replies, "My husband."

Ashley demands of Victor, "Now where is it?" He asks, "Where's what?" Ashley replies, "The sample of my formula that I've been working on for over a year, and don't tell me that you don't have it."

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