At Sharon's house, Faith tells her she had a nightmare that daddy was angry at her over the woman with no pants. Sharon reassures her. Noah arrives and Sharon fills him in about the woman with no pants. Noah advises her to talk to Nick calmly in the morning. Sharon says she'll use this to bury him in court.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Kevin she feels better. He asks why she was crying. She doesn't answer but accepts a ride home.

At the Club, Chelsea tells Billy that Gabriel stopped by her studio. He's irritated. Chelsea says they'll meet at Jabot from now on and explains that Gabriel seemed to know things about her. Billy worries he's a stalker. In the gym, Sage finds Adam beating the crap out of a punching bag. He complains Chelsea's putting up roadblocks. Nick appears. He apologizes to Sage for Sharon, who is quick to jump all over him since he filed for full custody. Adam says he doesn't blame Sharon, but quickly backtracks. Sage apologizes for the trouble with Faith. Nick assures her it's nothing to do with her. Noah appears and takes Nick aside to warn the custody issue is escalating because of a woman taking her clothes off. Sage and Adam exchange a look. Noah suggests Nick talk to Sharon. In Joe's suite, Dylan accuses him of having him beat up to try and get Avery back. Joe hollers that Dylan doesn't control what Avery does. Avery warns Joe that Dylan has a gun. Dylan says he doesn't need his gun to kill him; he was special forces. Joe snarks that he talks a big game. Dylan assures him he's capable of taking another man's life. Avery intervenes. Joe points out she's protecting him. Dylan says she is there for him. He warns Joe if he has to come back, he won't take one more breath. Dylan and Avery leave. Joe phones someone to say he's not sure about the deal; Dylan's lost it and this could step on what the person has planned for Victor Newman. Later, Adam and Sage are dressed up in the dining room. Billy and Chelsea look over, so Adam kisses Sage. He whispers to Sage that he'll make Chelsea feel comfortable by making her think he has a girlfriend. He takes Sage over and introduces her to Billy and Chelsea, who remember her from Delia's memorial. Billy invites them to sit. Billy learns 'Gabriel' hates Victor Newman - something they have in common. After, Sage is upset with Adam for saying she's his girlfriend. By the door, Billy tells Chelsea that Gabriel gets points for hating Victor, but something is still off. He'll keep an eye on him. Chelsea appreciates him looking out for her.

At home, Sharon takes a call from David Sherman. Kevin and Mariah arrive and Sharon leaves. Faith tells them the full story on the lady who had no pants. Kevin wonders if Mariah will tell Sharon the truth. Mariah argues it's Sharon's one chance to block Nick from getting full custody. Kevin thinks Mariah wants them back together like Faith. Nick and Noah arrive. Kevin goes. Mariah tells them Sharon is with her lawyer.

At Crimson Lights, David Sherman listens to Sharon's story and wants to put Faith on the stand. Sharon doesn't want that, but David convinces her. Sharon grins about Faith being cross-examined by Avery. Inside, Dylan tries to calm himself. Avery enters and says he scared her. Dylan tells her he didn't even bring the gun. He asks why she ran over to protect Joe. He rants and ends up saying if Joe pushes him again, he's going to kill him. Avery phones Joe to warn him to back off. Joe thinks she still cares. She just doesn't want him dead. Joe asks again for one night. "Give me what I want and I'll stop." He sets it for Thursday night in his suite.

Sharon returns home as Nick warns Faith not to tell her story to anyone else. Noah and Mariah take Faith upstairs. Sharon accuses Nick of coaching Faith on what to say. Nick says Sage got wet and her clothes were in the dryer. Sharon wonders if he even stopped to think how it would affect Faith. "Where are your priorities?" Sharon is frustrated that they're battling. She wants him to find a way to get over her betrayal. He can't; they're going to trial. Sharon warns he leaves her no choice but to put Faith on the stand - she doubts he'll end up with full custody then. Nick warns her not to make Faith lie. Sharon says she only needs the judge to ask Faith who she wants to live with. "We both know what she'll say." Upstairs, Noah and Mariah reassure Faith.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Cane asks Devon, "Did you give the money to Colin?" Devon says, "Why would you ask that?" Cane asks, "Does he know about you and Hilary?"

Jill tells Victor, "I'm going to fight like hell." Victor says, "You'll go down in grand fashion, which is probably what Katherine wanted."

Jack tells Kelly, "I appreciate that, thank you." He hugs her as Phyllis appears.

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