At the Abbott house, Kelly tells Jack that Phyllis poisoned her. Phyllis says she's insane. Jack wants Kelly to leave. She shows Jack her hospital papers - she's lucky to be alive. Kelly explains about leaving Phyllis alone with her tea. Phyllis calls her a looney b****. Kelly pulls out what's left of the tea and dares Phyllis to drink it. Jack shouts, "No!" Phyllis accuses Kelly of poisoning herself to set her up. Kelly says if she wanted revenge, they'd be leading Phyllis out in handcuffs right now. More bickering ensues. Jack asks Kelly to leave again. She warns him to be careful. After, Phyllis asks Jack if she can get him tea. He says he's not amused. Jack tells her Cutler has other patients with issues. Phyllis screams at him for taking Kelly's word over hers and smashes a vase. She's cut and cries. She wonders if she's losing her grip. Jack is on her side no matter what.

In Chicago, while Hilary gets ready to go on the town, Devon reads a cryptic text from Colin. He tells Hilary something came up. She gets him to show her the text. They decide to call him together.

In Joe's suite, Cane wants him to look at another property for the development because people don't want the warehouse district destroyed. Joe thinks Cane's ulterior motive is getting Chancellor. Joe says the deal as it stands gets him what he wants. In the dining room, Jill is amused by Colin's insistence he can get the money to buy Chancellor. He encourages her to trust him. Nearby, Neil tells Lily he wants to go surprise Hilary. Cane joins them; he doesn't think it's such a great idea. Neil decides against going and whispers with Cane about his eye appointment tomorrow. Meanwhile, Colin gets a call from Devon. He tells Hilary and Devon their deal expired - it's time for a new one. Colin makes threats about Neil or Lily finding out about them. Devon asks how much he wants. At Jill's table, Cane still thinks the best way to get Chancellor is to stop the land deal from going through. Colin rejoins Jill and assures her he'll come through. Lily takes Cane to a suite where he's distracted over Chancellor. She invites him to take charge of her. He tells her to unbutton her blouse, take it off, and kiss him. They end up in bed. After, Cane says he needs a better plan than Victor. Lily goes to the bar where Kelly tells her about Phyllis poisoning her tea. Lily warns that Jack still may not come back to her. Kelly just wants him away from Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Avery he won't stop fighting and he has back up now. He has a firearm. Avery is upset that things are escalating. Joe arrives wanting to call a truce. Dylan says it's not going to happen and then gets a threatening call. Joe insists he's not behind it and hopes Victor isn't either. He goes. Avery tells Dylan that Joe is playing them. Dylan says, "I played him." He thinks it's obvious Joe is behind it and cites his convenient timing as proof. He's going to put an end to it tonight and Avery can't be part of it. Dylan gets his gun.

In the park, Joe pays off his goon for calling Dylan and tells him, "You know what's next." Later, Colin meets Devon, who reminds him they're family. He warns if he drops this bomb, they'll shoot the messenger and he'll never be allowed around his grandkids again. Colin won't be deterred. Devon asks him to leave them in peace. Colin says he's on their side; he kept their secret. Devon snaps that he'd give away all his money if Neil could be protected. Colin still wants the money.

Hilary arrives at home where Neil is reading in Braille. Neil wants to show her how much he loves the bedroom. Hil pleads exhaustion. Neil realizes she's crying. She goes to get tea.

Avery bursts into Joe's suite. "This has gone far enough. We're going to settle this right now or someone's going to get killed." Avery asks what he wants. Joe says she knows. Avery says he can't have her; her heart is with Dylan. Joe wants one night. Dylan bursts in looking homicidal. Downstairs, Cane asks Devon if he's truly done with Hilary because Neil was about to go surprise her. Devon is cut off by Lily, who wonders if Cane asked him the big question. "Are you going to give us the money to buy Chancellor?" Devon stammers that his money's tied up. Nearby, Colin reveals a platter of cash to Jill.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Billy that Gabriel stopped by her studio. Billy asks, "What is it with that guy constantly dropping in on you."

Sharon tells Nick, "I betrayed you horribly, do you think maybe you could find a way to get over it?" Nick says, "We're going to trial."

Joe tells Dylan, "You don't control what she does." Avery shouts, "Joe, don't antagonize him, he has a gun!"

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