At the Abbott house, Jack makes nice with Phyllis, who doesn't think he trusts her. He wants to make sure there no lasting effects from her coma. Phyllis says he fell in love with a crazy woman while she was gone and now they're stuck with her. Later, Dr. Cutler arrives and Jack wants to know about his other patients. Cutler says that's confidential. Jack warns his trial would end if it came to light he took a payoff. Cutler admits some have had changes in behavior, including a lack of empathy. Jack says Phyllis would be capable of almost anything.

At the hospital, Ben tells Kelly she had poison in her system. He asks what she ate today. Kelly says nothing out of the ordinary, but then remembers something. "It was Phyllis." She wouldn't even think it if Phyllis hadn't done other things. Kelly says she tried to call a truce and arranged for them to have tea. Ben wants to call the cops, but Kelly protests. Ben realizes she doesn't want Jack to know. He says no man is worth her life. She counters that Phyllis is living her life now. Kelly cries about how hard it's been. Ben counsels her to move on with her life and let the police handle this - the hospital is obligated to report poisonings. Later, Kelly tells the doctor it was an accidental poisoning and doesn't need to be reported.

At the Club, Sharon gets a call from Faith who pleads with her to come back to the tackhouse. She says it's an emergency, mentions daddy, and hangs up. Later, Phyllis arrives and runs into Victoria. Phyllis wants her help with some insight on Kelly. Victoria tells Phyllis that Billy and Kelly maintained contact. Phyllis muses that it's impossible to move on when someone refuses to let go. Victoria advises her to focus on something other than Kelly. Phyllis says Kelly is determined to hang on to Jack. "We've all had it tough, but Kelly is the only one going around torturing people because of it." Later, Ben meets Victoria and tells her Phyllis tried to poison Kelly. Victoria says they can't jump to conclusions. Ben wonders what she's saying - that his sister poisoned herself. Victoria thinks something must be going on.

At the tackhouse, Nick regales Sage with tales of Gabe at school. Faith asks Sage why she's wearing Nick's robe and tells her she shouldn't be there. Nick sends her to her room and tells Sage not to leave because of Faith's tantrum. After Sage is dressed, Nick explains Faith's attitude and tells her what Sharon did to him. Sharon comes through the door yelling for Faith. She sees Nick and hugs him. "Thank God!" She tells him Faith called and said there was an emergency and he didn't answer his phone. Faith appears. She wants to go home with Sharon. Nick reports Faith's bad behavior. Faith says her stomach hurts. Nick tells Sharon he'll let this go tonight. She tells them to enjoy their evening. Sage thinks Faith was upset about her presence. Nick asks if she'll see him again.

At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Fen things are going great and would be better if Mariah could keep her lips off her husband. Fen questions if the kiss was one-sided. Summer defends Austin. "You don't really know him." Fen says, "Neither do you." They bicker. Fen thinks the best thing that could happen would be for Austin to cheat - then she'd see him for the loser he is. Summer is hurt and takes off.

At The Underground, Austin tells Mariah he knows she kissed him because she was upset and acting out. It can't happen again. He warns her about screwing things up with Kevin. Kevin arrives. He hopes she's learned her lesson about running scared. She wonders why he cares so much about what happens to her. He complains about her putting up walls and tells her if he can keep her in check, maybe it will keep him from imploding. He doesn't want to let his brother down. She donates to his cancer run. After, Austin tells her not to ruin a good thing. Mariah says her and Kevin aren't a 'thing'. Austin thinks it could happen and talks about Summer being amazing. Summer appears. Mariah tries to apologize but Summer won't let her. She calls her an awful human. Mariah walks off with tears. Austin chastises Summer for being cruel. Summer brings up what Fen said. Austin said Fen doesn't think he's good enough, but he doesn't kick people when they're down, which is more than he can say for Summer.

Kevin finds a downcast Fen at Crimson Lights. He reassures him about Michael, but Fen says he had a fight with Summer about Austin. "She should let Mariah have him." Kevin defends Mariah. Fen realizes he's into Mariah. She appears, upset. Kevin rushes to hug her.

At home, Jack tells Phyllis they're arguing all the time, he wants it to stop. She doesn't think that will happen until Kelly's out of their lives for good. Phyllis said she made that clear to her. Jack asks how. Kelly enters. "She poisoned me."

At Sharon's house, Faith tells her that her tummy didn't hurt, she didn't want to stay there. Sharon asks what Nick was doing with the woman. Faith says he told the woman to take off her clothes.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis rages at Jack. "You're taking the word of some lunatic who wants to break us up over mine!" She smashes a vase of flowers.

Lily undresses for Cane.

Avery tells Joe, "We're going to settle this right now or someone's going to get killed."

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