At the Club, Adam is upset over an article in which Chelsea gushes about Billy. Sage tells him to calm down. Adam gets intense about the need for Sage to get information from Nick. Nearby, Colin tells Jill and Cane one of his investments is about to pay off enough to buy back Chancellor. Neil thinks there's only one way he could come up with that kind of capital. Cane thinks it's shady. Jill drags Colin off and Cane gets a call about a large group threatening to cancel. He doesn't want to bother Lily. Neil says Devon's also out of town.

At the studio, Chelsea and Sharon discuss Nick and the custody suit. Chelsea worries that unless Sharon is willing to fight with all she's got, her love for Nick will cost her her daughter. Sharon can't believe it's come to this. She tells Chelsea she saw Nick with another woman. Chelsea feels for her. Adam arrives. Sharon jokes they have to stop meeting like this. Adam says today, Chelsea's the one he wants. Sharon comments that she and Gabriel are keeping Chelsea very busy and leaves. Chelsea is impressed with Gabriel's commitment. They connect while discussing his marketing ideas. She thanks him for reminding her why she loves this. He tells her she's come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the hotel lobby and pretend to be a guest. She asks how he knows that. Adam says he read it in an interview. She suggests they meet at Jabot from now on.

On the coffee house patio, Michael assures Lauren he feels fine. He urges her to go. Kevin arrives. He's thrilled to hear Michael began treatment. Lauren leaves. Michael needs something important from Kevin - he is rewriting his will and wants Kevin to be his executor. Kevin wonders why he's doing this now and why he'd choose him. Michael has no one else. Kevin finally agrees. Michael teases that he'll have to pick up his dry-cleaning every Tuesday.

In Chicago, Hilary and Devon are canoodling on the sofa when they hear Lily slide her card in the door. Devon hides. Hilary nervously asks Lily why she's back so soon. Lily thinks Hil is tense. Devon cringes as Lily goes on about becoming friends. Hilary tells her about holding off on having a baby. She says she wants to have one with the man she loves, but can't do that to Lily's father. Lily is confused but holds Hil while she cries. Devon watches in anguish. Hilary says Neil needs all of her or he'll drink. Cane calls Lily about the issue at the Club. Hil encourages her to go. Later, Devon holds Hilary and assures her Lily suspects nothing. Devon can't turn his back on their love. They make love.

At the tackhouse, Faith grills Nick about families, and whether he loves her mommy, Faith says her living with him won't make her mommy happy. Nick says she'll understand when she's older. Sage arrives and meets Faith, who elects to take her hot cocoa upstairs. Nick apologizes and they laugh over Nick and Gabriel's old yearbook. Sharon comes to the door and asks what all the fun is about. She spots Sage and is polite. Nick tells her not to bring things for Faith without calling - it confuses her. Sharon says not as much as seeing him with another woman. After, Nick rejoins Sage and tells her Gabe was a practical joker; reckless and crazy. He's really changed. Faith spies on them as they wipe up a spill and Sage puts on Nick's robe.

Lauren joins Jill and Colin at the Club just as Colin is trying to avoid telling Jill about his investment. He joins Neil, and they speculate about Devon being gone away. Colin mentions his inheritance. Neil says Devon's handled it well and he's with Gwen now. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Jill about Michael's cancer and his fears. Jill urges Lauren to address Michael's concerns about impotency before it eats up their marriage. Lauren thanks Jill for her support. Nearby, Lily greets Cane and Colin; she's back to address the problem. Colin texts Devon that his secret is safe with him...for now. Sharon arrives and joins Neil. They lament having empty houses. Sharon urges Neil to go surprise Hilary. Colin muses that Hilary's probably enjoying her down time. Sharon gets a call from Faith, who tells her to come to Daddy's right away.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Faith holds her doll and tells Sharon, "Her daddy told the woman to take off her clothes."

Jack tells Phyllis, "We're arguing all the time. I want it to stop." Phyllis doesn't know if that's possible.

Kelly asks Ben, "What's wrong with me?" He tells her the doctors found poison in her system.

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