Kelly sees Phyllis stride into the Club and tells her she won't have a screaming match. Phyllis confronts her with the wig. They argue back and forth. Phyllis tells Kelly to admit what she did or they'll go to war like she can't even imagine. Over tea, Kelly insists she couldn't have planted the wig in their house. She says there could be a medical excuse for what Phyllis did. Phyllis counters that Kelly set her up and presses her to admit it. Kelly is exasperated. In the dining room, Cane tells Neil he should tell Hilary about his treatments. Neil doesn't want her or Lily to know. Cane mentions Chancellor as Colin joins them. Gwen arrives, so Cane and Colin go off. Neil tells Gwen he has a favor to ask her. Nearby, Colin wants to help Cane get Chancellor. He says it takes a scoundrel to catch a scoundrel.

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Dr. Cutler he needs to know if other patients who've used his protocol have lost their grip on reality. He says Phyllis has changed. Phyllis arrives. Jack introduces them. Phyllis tells Cutler that a woman named Kelly is making Jack think she's crazy. Jack says he called Dr. Cutler because he loves her. Cutler wants to examine Phyllis - he'll be in town until tomorrow. After, Phyllis is upset that Jack thinks she's crazy. Jack argues she left the facility without being checked out. Phyllis insists she wouldn't waste her time setting Kelly up. Jack complains that Victor played games. She snaps that it's more than he did.

In Chicago, Lily tells Hilary she loves how she always puts Neil first. Lily hopes they can be friends. Hilary leaves the suite to arrange their spa treatments. Devon kisses her in the corridor. Hilary asks him to give her time. In the suite, Lily tells Cane by phone how stressed Hilary seems. Hilary rejoins Lily and when she leaves for a treatment, Devon enters. They kiss and start undressing. Lily approaches the door.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor tells Jill he's not selling Chancellor. They debate about him getting the capital he needs. Jill insists she can help him save face. "I'm your last hope." Victor chuckles about her kindness. Jill knows he needs the cash because he's messing with Nikki's son's business - he would not be risking her wrath or her health otherwise. She wants Chancellor back. Victor says it ain't gonna happen. Jill says it will end up back in her hands and offers to help him draft the press release. Victor says she and Cane don't have the finances to purchase Chancellor. He jots down a figure that stuns Jill.

At the Jabot lab, Abby and Ben discuss adding the formula to other products like shampoo. Ashley arrives with the news that Newman is trying to steal their thunder by bringing back Brash & Sassy. Ash worries Victor knows what they have. Ben says if she thinks he gave information to Victoria, she should fire him now. She turns to Tobias, "I'm going to fire you!" Ash confronts him for being a mole. She realizes there is another mole too and wants a name or she'll call the cops. Tobias doesn't know. Ben escorts him out. Abby drops her purse and Ash sees her vial of product. She claims she planned to use it on Victoria and Billy. Ash panics that Victor could have seen it. Abby wouldn't hurt the project.

Jill arrives at the Club as Colin and Cane are debating whether Victor will sell Chancellor. Jill shows them Victor's price. "It's a nightmare." Colin looks thoughtful. He listens as Gwen tells Neil that Devon went away on business. Cane says they don't have this kind of capital. Colin says he can help get an investor. Neil says goodbye to Gwen and joins them. Colin says one of his investments is about to pay off big. At another table, Kelly tells Ben about her problems with Phyllis. She says something is wrong and passes out.

In Victor's office, Ash tells him she fired Tobias and confronts him about baiting her in the media. She tells him he won't learn their formula, so just stop. Victor thought she enjoyed the game, but suggests they end it as a draw.

At the hospital, Ben tells Kelly the doctor will run some tests. She moans, "My head. My stomach." Later, the doctor tells Stitch she was poisoned.

At the lab, Ashley tells Abby that Victor doesn't know about the compound. Abby dumps her vial in the sink.

In his office, Victor listens to Abby and Ashley's conversation in the lab.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At the tackhouse door, Sharon smiles at Nick. "It sounds like someone's having a good time. What's the fun all about?" She looks in and sees Sage.

Adam tells Chelsea, "You've come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the hotel lobby pretending to be a guest." She asks, "How did you know that?"

Kevin asks Michael, "Is there some reason you want to re-write your will now? Is there something you're not telling us?"

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