At the GCAC gym, Nick runs into Adam and questions him about getting expelled. Adam says he got kicked out but Constance paid for the damage. Billy listens as he says it was embarrassing. Billy joins them. Nick says he and Gabe go way back. Nick goes. Billy tells Adam Nick's a good guy. He apologizes for how he's treated him and asks about his personal life. Adam won't discuss himself. He mentions Chelsea saying she was a widow. Billy says the world is better off without Adam Newman. He talks about the hit and run and Adam being the driver. Adam says he must have felt terrible, but then backtracks. In the lobby, Sage tells Victoria that Nick paid her a visit when a close friend died. Victoria didn't know they'd gotten close. After, Victoria and Nick discuss the Crimson Lights robbery at the bar. Vikki says Nikki is furious with Victor. Victoria tries to find out if Nick is interested in Sage. He says not 'in that way' and explains the connection to Gabriel Bingham. Victoria tells him not to close the door on the possibility of romance. She goes to the gym. Billy introduces her to Gabriel. After Adam leaves, Billy and Victoria spar. Victoria notices his wedding tattoo is gone. He says it was time. They discuss the kids and Billy says he's the only father Connor will know. Victoria realizes he plans to spend his life with Chelsea.

At Chelsea's studio, Sharon acts overly accommodating. She gets a call from David and tells Chelsea the hearing is coming up sooner than she thought. Chelsea is sympathetic; it's obvious how much Sharon loves her children. Chelsea recalls worrying about hanging on to Connor. Sharon says she'd settle for shared custody - even if she wanted sole custody, she has nothing on Nick. Chelsea advises if she looked hard enough she'd find something. Sharon's reluctant. Chelsea says he opened himself up for it. Adam arrives. Chelsea introduces him as Gabriel and Sharon recalls him from the coffee shop. Once alone, Chelsea says Sharon's her model. Adam asks to see her designs for marketing. She mentions she has her son there today. He doesn't mind. When Chelsea takes a call, Adam plays with Connor with the red car. Chelsea reappears.

At home, Phyllis crows about great make-up sex and says she's glad Jack now knows Kelly was the one who set her up. Jack had no idea she was so deranged. Jack's phone shows a text from Kelly wanting to talk. Phyllis clucks that some women will do whatever it takes to hang onto a man. Phyllis leaves and Jack sees Kelly's text.

At the hospital, Michael is told he can start radiation tomorrow. Phyllis arrives in time to hear Michael being told his test results will be sent to his oncologist. Michael tells her has prostate cancer. She cries and chastises him for not telling her sooner. Michael gives her the rundown on his prognosis and treatment, and opens up about his fears of losing Lauren. Phyllis reassures him and warns him she'll kick his butt if he doesn't stay positive. Talk turns to her and Jack. Phyllis complains about Kelly being delusional but says that's all taken care of now. Michael asks, "What did you do?" Phyllis claims she merely helped Jack see the truth. Michael hopes she doesn't act out and screw things up. He laughs when she says those days are behind her. Later, Michael asks a nurse if he can continue normal activities after his treatment. She says if he feels up to it.

In the Club office, Jack tells Kelly she ordered the flowers and was behind all of it. Jack tells her this has to stop - no more trying to get in touch with him; it's done now. Kelly learns the florist said the woman was blonde. Kelly gasps, "That b**** is good." She works to convince him she would never do this - she doesn't want to be second choice. Jack insists it wasn't Phyllis this time. "Be honest with me, Kelly." Kelly feels she's in the middle of a bad dream. Jack is sorry for what she's going through, but he's marrying Phyllis. Once alone, Kelly hopes Jack will see Phyllis for who she is.

Nick finds Sage at The Underground. She needs a recommendation for a lawyer. He mentions Avery. Sage thanks him for helping her and making her laugh - it's been a long time. Sharon arrives and takes in the scene. Sharon tells Nick that court is next week - if they want to avoid things coming out they only have days to work things out.

At home, Jack finds the blonde wig. Phyllis comes in and asks, "What's that?" Jack thinks she should tell him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Adam, "He swore he never saw Delia." Adam asks, "Do you believe him?"

Victor asks Joe, "What were you thinking sending two thugs to beat up McAvoy?"

Avery looks on with concern as Dylan listens to a man on the phone saying, "Next time you won't be so lucky."

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