At the GCAC gym, Cane asks Joe why he didn't tell him Victor was involved in the deal. Joe shrugs that he wasn't at liberty to reveal that. In the dining room, Phyllis denies to Jack that she ordered the roses. They argue about Kelly. Victor appears and baits Jack about not searching for a cure for Phyllis like he did. "Or is the answer obvious?" Victor wanders to the gym and hears Cane theorize to Joe that Victor needs cash and will have to sell Chancellor. Victor tells him not to count on it. They spar verbally. Victor tells Cane to tell Jill she won't get her hands on his company. After, Cane threatens to support Dylan if Joe keeps up the secret game and doesn't keep him informed.

Avery finds Dylan on the floor at Crimson Lights and calls an ambulance.

Paul arrives at the ranch where a disheveled Nikki claims she's fine. "You're lying, Nikki." They talk about what Victor is doing to Dylan. Paul asks if she's taken a drink. Nikki takes a call from Avery and tells Paul they have to go to the hospital.

At Jabot, Chelsea and Billy are kissing when Adam enters. Billy comments on him continually showing up. Adam says he's dropping off paperwork and compliments Chelsea's designs. She takes him on a tour and after, he notices her wedding ring is gone. Later, Billy gripes about Chelsea helping that guy. Chelsea tells Billy about Gabriel's grandmother dying. Billy complains that suddenly he's everywhere. Chelsea and Billy get amorous on the couch.

At The Underground, Sage thanks Nick for the flowers and wonders if he has more stories about Gabe. Nick mentions him getting expelled. Nick asks what Sage will do now that Constance is gone, and talks about getting out from under Victor's shadow. Sage says it seems he succeeded. They discuss Victor. Nick says he's not so bad, but he wants no part of his corporate world. Nick wonders what Sage wants to do with her life. They joke. Adam arrives and tells Sage that Chelsea is slipping further away each day.

At the hospital, Avery flashes to slow dancing with Dylan. Nikki and Paul arrive. The doctor says Dylan has a concussion and took quite a beating. They go in to see him. Dylan doesn't know who did it, but feels he knows what it was about. Paul questions him about the robbery. Dylan admits he fought them - he was fighting for Crimson Lights. Avery says his life has more meaning than the building. Paul learns there were no other robberies in the area. He recalls the brick-throwing incident and thinks someone is sending Dylan a message. Later, Dylan tells Nikki that Victor offered him money earlier and made a veiled threat. She hates to say it, but Dylan should be afraid of Victor.

At home, Phyllis asks Jack why he didn't look for a way to pull her out of the coma. Jack insists he flew in specialists from all over and they all told them the same thing. Phyllis notes that her coming back threw his life into chaos and asks if he's still in love with Kelly. Jack gets exasperated. Phyllis wants him to prove he trusts her. Jack calls the florist back and learns the lady who ordered the flowers was a blonde. Phyllis thinks it's proof Kelly is guilty. Jack apologizes and embraces Phyllis, who looks smug. They go to take a bath. There's a blonde wig in Phyllis' purse on the chair.

At the Club, Avery confronts Joe and accuses him of having Dylan beat up. He denies it. She says he's the only one who cares enough to make it personal. Joe wouldn't do anything to push her away. He asks about Dylan and then pulls her into a kiss. She slaps him.

Paul confronts Victor at the ranch about Dylan's beating. "When you put him in the hospital you crossed the line!" Victor says Paul's crossing the line and assures him he had nothing whatsoever to do with the mugging of his son. Paul doesn't buy that Victor's above all this. Paul gets a call about a license plate from the scene and heads out with Victor telling him never to come into his house making such accusations again.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon says to Adam, "You look really familiar to me." Chelsea looks on.

Phyllis asks Michael, "You have cancer?" He says, "I have prostate cancer."

Jack yells at Kelly, "No more lies, no more deceit, it's done, it's over, now!"

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