In the Club office, Lily talks to Cane about being busy and trying to help Kelly; at least everything is all right with their family. Cane has to take Neil to an appointment. They discuss Cane's corporate plans and Lily warns him not to turn into Joe. Downstairs, Hilary tells Devon she only wants his baby. Devon suggests they go to Chicago for a few days. Hil rejoins Neil, who confronts her about her birth control pills. She claims it's an extra pack. Neil tells her it's okay if she's not ready. Hil admits she's stressed and tells Neil she'll go to a spa in Chicago. In the gym, Austin tells Summer he got a job shooting a commercial. In a suite, Jack assures Phyllis this is not what it looks like. Kelly says she got a message to meet Jack there; someone must have put the blindfold note on the table while she was getting ready. Phyllis says, "Get ready for this, b****!" She throws the vase of roses at her. Jack grabs Phyllis and they all holler about who is to blame. Jack vows to get to the bottom of this. Phyllis follows him out. She takes him to the room she had set up for him. Phyllis claims Kelly had him sent to the other room and made it look like Phyllis set it all up. Jack muses, "You did use my phone to lure her to my office."

At the ranch, Victor tells Joe the sale of the warehouse is on hold until a study is completed. Joe crabs about Avery helping Dylan. Victor is only concerned about the deal. Joe warns McAvoy won't back down. Victor says he'll take care of him.

At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Dylan the sale is on hold pending a community study. They happily kiss and Avery leaves. Victor arrives. He's there to make Dylan an offer. Dylan regards the figure and wonders if Victor thinks he can buy him. Victor says his happiness is important to Nikki and he's making a business proposition. Dylan thinks Victor is worried; he'll pass. Victor calls Dylan a fool and warns sometimes these transactions get complicated and people get hurt - like Avery, who has a good reputation. Dylan refuses the offer again. After, two masked men in black appear. They order Dylan to open the cash register. He does but tries to fight them and winds up on the floor.

Joe arrives at the GCAC gym and Austin tells Summer that's his new boss. Austin tells Joe they have a problem if the commercial is about tearing down Crimson Lights. Summer sees Avery and tells her what's up. She also tells her about Mariah kissing Austin. Avery eventually tells Austin he should take the job, but then grills Joe about his motives. Joe wonders what it would take to convince her he's not out to hurt anyone? Avery says to work on something worthwhile. Joe answers, "Who says I'm not?" In the office, Kelly tells Lily about the scene with Phyllis and Jack and insists Phyllis set her up. Lily thinks Phyllis does seem desperate. Upstairs, Jack tells Phyllis to let go of this vendetta against Kelly. Phyllis wants to know who he believes. In the dining room, Hilary tells Devon she told Neil she is going away, but she feels bad. An employee brings Devon a gift - massage oil from Gwen. Nearby, Phyllis and Jack run into Lily and Kelly. Phyllis asks the desk clerk who told Jack to go to suite 802. Kelly urges him to be truthful. The man says it was a woman whose voice he didn't recognize. Phyllis and Kelly argue. Kelly hands Jack a business card that was in the room and suggests he call the number. Lily meanders over to Devon and Hilary and hears him mention a hotel - she thinks he's regretting buying it. Hil says they were discussing her getaway. Lily wants to go with her. At the bar, Jack tells Phyllis he called the florist who delivered the roses - Phyllis ordered them. Nearby, Victor tells Avery this is business not personal. She smirks; her ex-husband said the same thing.

At his doctor's appointment, Neil flashes to getting shocked and losing his sight. After meeting with the doctor, Neil tells Cane he said the bits of light he's seeing could indicate his sight is coming back. Cane is excited to tell Lily, but Neil doesn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Joe tells Avery, "I didn't send anybody after Dylan." Avery says, "I don't believe you, Joe."

Paul hollers at Victor, "When you put him in the hospital, you crossed the line." Victor says, "I had nothing whatever to do with the mugging of your son."

Dylan tells Nikki, "I'm not afraid of Victor." Nikki says, "You should be."

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