Outside Chelsea's penthouse, Jack spots Victor arriving. "This building needs better security." They spar verbally about Summer, and then Phyllis. Victor wonders if Jack's got another woman stashed in the building. Jack says he was invited to visit Billy. "Were you?" Victor doesn't need an invitation. They bicker about Adam not wanting Victor around Connor. Victor catches Jack referring to Adam in the present tense. Inside, Billy asks Chelsea about Connor calling him daddy. She jokes. Billy says they can correct him. Chelsea needs him to understand she has to keep Adam alive, but she doesn't think Connor could have chosen a better person to call daddy tonight. They hear arguing and find Victor chastising Jack for speaking inappropriately about Adam. Victor gives Chelsea a report on Connor's stock. Jack blurts that Victor is behind the redevelopment project. Chelsea is concerned about Dylan's business. Billy figures Victor considers that collateral damage. Victor says his project will secure Connor's future. He leaves, and Billy asks Jack to be Katie's godfather. Jack is thrilled. Chelsea goes upstairs. Billy asks about Gabriel Bingham working at Jabot. Jack talks him up. Billy says he rubs him the wrong way. Talk turns to Billy and Chelsea. Jack worries they're moving fast. Chelsea reappears. She thinks this is about Adam. They both reassure Jack. Chelsea walks off and Billy tells Jack it's not like Adam is going to come back like Phyllis. He mentions Connor calling him daddy. Jack says, "Don't get too attached."

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan are excited about the momentum of the rally and Victor reveal. Paul arrives. He suggests they walk away. Dylan wonders why he would want him to give up. Paul just thinks someone else should fight the war. Paul admits he's worried about Nikki being in the middle. Dylan feels backing off is letting Victor win.

At the ranch, Nikki listens to Paul's concerned voicemail. She whispers, "Don't worry Paul. I have everything under control." She hides a bottle of vodka when Victor comes in. He notices her stumble and assumes she's having an MS episode. She snaps that an MS episode is nothing compared to what he's done. She rants about him making her sick. Dylan walks in. He asks Nikki if she wants to leave. Victor asks if he's serious. Dylan asks if Victor going after his business is about money or his wife having a son with Paul Williams. Victor orders him to calm down and not spin this business decision. They argue until Nikki stops them. Dylan won't leave despite Victor ordering him out several times. Nikki tells Dylan she's fine. He goes. Nikki tells Victor she won't share his bed. She has another go at him about Dylan. Victor says they'll discuss it later and exits. Nikki drinks.

At the Club, Lauren greets Michael and wonders how they're going to tell their friends tonight. He doesn't want a welcome to Michael's cancer dinner. They sit and bicker about it. Lauren insists they need Christine and Paul's support. Michael agrees, but says it won't be easy. Chris appears. She says Paul will be there soon and they have news to share. Michael says, "So do we." Paul joins them and they announce their pregnancy. Paul asks, "What's your news?" Lauren blurts that Fen made the Dean's List. They toast.

At the Bingham mansion, Adam chuckles about that girl Juliet. Nick says Juliet was a sailboat - the Gabriel he knew wouldn't forget that. Adam improvises that he loved the boat like a woman. He wants to know what happened after Gabe sank the sailboat. Adam says he blanked it out. Nick presses the issue - it was the headmaster's boat. Adam mumbles about his grandmother bailing him out. They encourage Nick to tell the story. He does. They remind him they have to make funeral arrangements. Nick prepares to leave and quotes a school motto to Adam, who reacts awkwardly. Sage reminds Nick it's an emotional time for Gabe. After, Adam tells Sage, "Well that can't happen again." He decides he'll use his best asset against Nick - Sage. Sage agrees to get information from Nick.

Nick sees Avery at Crimson Lights and she talks about Victor's development plans, but Nick is distracted. He says he's feeling unsettled and questioning his life with Sharon and the years before. He ran into an old friend. Later, Dylan returns and tells Avery he hates Nikki being married to that egomaniac. He calls Paul with an update. Nearby, Nick reads an online article about Gabriel Bingham being expelled and wonders why he wouldn't remember that.

At the Club, Christine hears Paul tell Dylan on the phone that he'll keep an eye on Nikki.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon nuzzles up to Gwen at the Club and Hilary startles Lily and Neil by dropping her glass.

Ashley says to Ben, "Victoria's just so devoted to you now that she's not going to do her father's bidding? Really?"

Kelly tickles a blindfolded Jack with a red rose as he lays in bed smiling.

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