Kevin sees Mariah kissing Austin at The Underground. Mariah says it was her idea - she wanted to and she liked it. Summer appears. "You liked what?" Kevin covers that Mariah walked out on Sharon and enjoyed doing it. Summer and Mariah snipe at each other. Summer wants Mariah to leave. Mariah asks, "Can I see your ID snowflake?" Kevin follows Mariah out - he'll find her before she does something else she regrets. Summer wonders what he meant. Austin tells her Mariah kissed him. Summer fumes. Austin says she was upset and acting out. "It meant nothing." Glass breaks. Abby appears. She's meeting someone there, but won't say who. Summer tells her Mariah kissed Austin. Abby rants and asks Austin how he let that happen. Abby goes and Austin asks Summer not rile Mariah up more. She agrees.

At Sharon's place, she and Noah discuss Mariah taking off. Sharon has to go to her job interview - a modeling position. She has to show the judge she's stable. Noah thinks things will turn around for her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Billy she can't find Connor's toy car. She gets a call - her assistant's sick. Billy tells her to go, he'll stay with Connor. Later, Jeff shows up and is disappointed to see Billy. He wants to wait for Chelsea - she owes him the second half of his money for dropping the suit against Stitch. Billy calls it bribe money. Jeff muses it was more of a donation. They bicker. Billy says he'll pay him, and tells Jeff he should be ashamed of himself. Jeff says Chelsea threw the money at him so Stitch would be free to date Victoria - to keep her away from Billy. Billy tries to laugh it off, but Jeff insists there's an issue. He calls Billy's bluff. "Are you going to make an honest woman of my daughter or what?" Billy sees dollar signs in his eyes. Jeff warns him not to break his kid's heart.

At the Bingham mansion, Sage remarks on Adam playing with the toy car. They bicker about him going to Chelsea's. Sage wants him to focus on funeral planning - she warns the minister knows Gabriel. Sage goes to answer the door - it's Nick bearing flowers and wanting to offer Gabe condolence. She says he's not around, but Adam appears. They cover her lie and Nick chats about being there before. Nick then wants to come in and write a check for Constance's charity. He does, and then recalls that Gabe was with Sage at the bear trap. The doorbell rings. Adam rushes off. Nick asks Sage about keeping her relationship with Constance from him, and then grills her about living there with Gabe. Adam reappears. He says Sage was raised there and he just moved back. Nick asks if it was Constance who bailed him out of the Juliet incident. Adam messes up assuming Juliet was a girl. Nick can't believe he forgot - Juliet was a sailboat.

Kevin follows Mariah into Crimson Lights. She doesn't want him there. He's not leaving her alone after what she pulled. Mariah accuses him of being angry she kissed Austin. Kevin tells her to admit the real reason she did it - she's protecting herself from people caring about her. Kevin urges her to trust something that's real. She admits she might possibly be scared. Kevin says he's scared of love too. They might someday meet someone worth the risk.

At Chelsea's work, Sharon arrives for the job interview. Chelsea says the dress model will be working with her directly - she doesn't think this is a good idea. Sharon wants to smooth over their history - she was a different person before. She pleads for a chance because of the custody case. Chelsea understands. They talk about Adam and Billy. Chelsea hires her. Sharon's thrilled.

Chelsea returns to the penthouse as Jeff is leaving to celebrate. Billy explains he gave him his money and tells her what Jeff said. She tells him about hiring Sharon. Chelsea checks Connor, who tells her daddy read him a book. She tells Billy, who wonders how she feels about it.

Sharon returns home and shares her good news with Noah.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren mentions telling their friends, but Michael says, "No. I'm not going to have a welcome to Michael's cancer dinner."

Billy holds up his bandaged finger and tells Jack he's having his tattooed wedding ring removed and Connor's even calling him daddy. Jack says, "Don't get too attached."

Dylan asks Victor, "Is it about money, or is it about your wife having a son with Paul Williams?"

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