At the Club, Nikki demands to know if Victor has been keeping the truth from her. He insists it's not personal. Nikki points out her son will lose his business. Victor reiterates it's not personal. Cane, Lily, and Colin whisper about the revelation. Nikki tells Dylan and Avery Victor has a history of underhanded moves and stalks off. Dylan asks Victor about his business. Victor says there are other considerations and he's ignorant and has bad timing. Jill complains he's tanking Chancellor. He won't hand it to Jill. Dylan tells Paul that Kevin found the information. Paul says it explains a lot. Avery confronts Joe. He says it's a good deal and Dylan won't walk away empty-handed - he has her. Jill tells Colin that Victor must be desperate; it's the perfect time to make a move. Dylan confronts Joe about luring Avery to his suite and they nearly come to blows. Paul intervenes. Lily tells Joe he's not making friends in this town. Cane, Colin, and Jill join Lily. Colin thinks Cane and Jill should be running Chancellor. They shake on it - partners. Jill thinks maybe this is what Katherine wanted all along; for them to realize they needed each other as much as Chancellor.

Nick finds Mariah at Cassie's grave wishing her a happy birthday. He does the same and wishes Mariah a happy birthday. She says hers was never celebrated before. They discuss the situation with Faith. Mariah wonders what Cassie would think. Nick says she hated it when they fought; she was a peacemaker. Mariah says it's another way they're different.

At Sharon's house, she thanks Noah for going to the cemetery with her. It's hard still to think of Cassie missing her birthday. She wants to celebrate Mariah's birthday later and mentions a job interview. Faith overhears them talking about going to court. She tells her doll they need a little push. Noah and Sharon discuss Faith being caught in the middle. Faith wants to invite Nick over for Mariah's birthday. Later, Mariah enters with Nick - he gave her a ride from the cemetery. Faith pushes for Nick to stay. He agrees. Mariah seems to zone out when they tell Cassie stories.

At The Underground, Kevin, Austin, and Summer discuss Mariah being upset. Summer wonders why Kevin cares. He says she just puts up walls. Summer remembers it's Cassie's birthday. Kevin goes to look for Mariah. Austin tells Summer that Mariah is decent deep down. Summer complains about him defending her. Later, Summer closes the place down for a private party - her and Austin. They watch a virtual fireplace on her phone and she massages him. They undress and have sex.

At Dr. Jain's office, he tells Michael and Lauren that he recommends radiation treatment and hormone therapy. Michael has stage three cancer that is spreading. Michael's dissatisfied. Lauren follows him out.

At the ranch, Victor says everything he does is for his family. Nikki rants to Victor about gaslighting Sharon and tricking Summer. He cites the good results, and says rebuilding the inner city will create a lot of jobs. Nikki fumes. "And to hell with my son, right?" She rants about him not caring about Dylan and betraying her. Victor says Dylan can relocate - he'll give him startup money. He won't discuss it further until she calms down. After, Nikki eyeballs the tequila. She tries to walk away, but drinks it.

Michael and Lauren argue on the Crimson Lights patio. She says he needs to accept he has cancer. Michael calls to make a radiation appointment. Inside, Dylan tells Paul he can't understand how Nikki's lived with Victor all these years. Paul worries about her drinking. Dylan and Avery go back to the rally and Paul leaves Nikki a message checking in.

Kevin arrives at Sharon's. He wishes Mariah a happy birthday and joins them. Kevin tells them about Victor owning the development land. Kevin and Mariah step out. She feels like an outsider in there. Kevin gives her a gift - a framed drawing of her favorite character. She loves it. After, Mariah gets a gift from Sharon while the others are in the kitchen - it's a necklace with garnets; her and Cassie's birthstone. Mariah doesn't want Cassie's leftovers and leaves. Sharon explains to the others. Kevin will track her down. Sharon thanks Nick for staying. Once alone, Faith tells her doll she has to do something big.

Victor returns to the Club and tells Joe the deal is still on - he doesn't get cold feet. Nearby, Colin, Jill, Cane, and Lily watch and grin.

Mariah enters The Underground and kisses Austin while Summer's in the other room.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin sees Mariah kissing Austin.

Chelsea says to Billy, "Connor's toy car. He's been asking for it all morning. I've no idea where it went."

Adam plays with Connor's toy car.

Sage opens her door to Nick, who is bearing flowers. "Hi."

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