Dylan gives out signs for the rally at Crimson Lights. He tells Avery they'll have a good crowd at the Club later. She notes he didn't say goodbye this morning and tells him she wants to get married right away. Dylan thinks she wants to do this so Joe gets the message. Avery denies it. Dylan won't do it - he won't let Joe influence them in any way. Avery will wait. Dylan decides he'll do it for them. "Let's get married!"

In his suite, Joe tells someone on the phone he needs a permanent place to live in Genoa City. Downstairs, Jill, Colin, Cane, and Lily discuss the rally forming outside. Colin teases Jill about joining him at the party. She wants to see firsthand who to cross off her Christmas list. She spots Victor and warns him about getting on the wrong side of Nikki by siding against her son. She adds that Katherine loved preserving Genoa City and they argue about Chancellor. Joe appears and bickers with Lily about his project. He also tangles with Jill, who calls him an arrogant SOB. Jill and Lily confer about the development and Victor running Chancellor. Lily thinks Jill should talk to Cane. Joe moves on to Colin, and tells him he's welcomed on board as an investor. Victor tells Joe it should be a rewarding evening for him.

At the station, Kevin is digging for information online and Paul warns him to keep it legal. Nikki arrives and they discuss the rally. Nikki's going to the party to get the scoop on the presentation. Nikki wants Paul to help their son - without Crimson Lights he might leave. Kevin thinks the project is sketchy and the person behind Gerolomo should have to answer for it. Nikki whispers to Paul that she's still on the wagon. Paul worries about the next time something happens she can't handle. Nikki reassures him and thanks him for always being there. Cane calls and they head to the Club. Kevin tries to find out who's behind Gerolomo.

At the Abbott house, Jack can't reach Phyllis. Summer arrives looking for career advice. She wants to earn a position. Jack says he went to school first and Summer likes the idea.

At Jabot, Kelly calls out to Jack that she got his message, but Phyllis is there - she sent the message. She calls Kelly out for being desperate. Kelly thinks she's pathetic. Phyllis puts Kelly on notice to back off Jack or she'll be sorry. Kelly insists she's not trying to win him back. Phyllis tells her she was a port in a storm. They bicker about why Jack proposed to Phyllis. Kelly wonders if she's so sure about Jack's love, why is she worried about her? Kelly points out how vindictive Phyllis has been since her return. A slap rings out as Jack arrives. Kelly says Phyllis hit her. Phyllis denies it. Kelly tells him Phyllis lured her there with his phone, and leaves. Phyllis admits it, but wants Jack to believe she didn't hit her. He warns Phyllis the only person who can take away what they have is her. She has to fight for what's hers.

Kevin arrives at Crimson Lights and tells Avery and Dylan that Victor owns Gerolomo. Dylan slams the table. "That son of a b****!"

At The Underground, Mariah complains to Austin about bartending and calls him domesticated. Austin thinks she's bristly because she's sorting through feelings about spending Christmas in a different situation. They talk about things changing when the right person comes into your life. He mentions Mariah and Kevin, but she says they're just friends. Summer arrives. She tells Austin she's going back to school and he's supportive. Kevin arrives and tells Mariah he had to drop some bad news. She snaps that sometimes people don't want to know. After, Kevin learns Mariah ran off.

At Cassie's grave, Mariah wishes her sis a happy birthday.

Victor greets Nikki and Paul at the Club. Cane says he asked Paul there because of the protesters. Joe begins his presentation. Dylan and Avery appear. Dylan confronts Victor. "You're the one selling us out." He hollers that Victor owns Gerolomo and has been lying to Nikki and everyone. Nikki demands to know if it's true. Victor says it's business and no one will stand in the way.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

A doctor tells Michael he's in stage three, which means the cancer is spreading.

Nikki and Victor argue publicly.

Joe says to Dylan, "You're the one who slept with my wife while she was still married to me." Dylan says, "It's not my fault you couldn't keep your wife satisfied." Joe lunges.

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