At a Club suite, Avery accuses Joe of trying to get her alone. He asks for a second chance. Avery loves Dylan. Joe implores her not to marry Dylan just to make a point. She orders him to get the developer to call off the warehouse sale and leaves. In the corridor, Devon opens a suite door to find Gwen in sexy lingerie. Devon declines to indulge. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy are bickering about removing wedding rings when Neil appears. After talking to him, they resume arguing and part tensely. Upstairs, Neil hears Gwen is upset with Devon. She leaves. Neil takes Devon downstairs and offers an ear. Devon changes the subject. Neil confides that he and Hilary are trying to get pregnant. Devon wonders if the timing is right. Neil says it's perfect.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor tells Nick he's been asked to give a deposition by Sharon's attorney, who will claim his torment drove her to do what she did. He can handle David Sherman, but warns he'll go after other family members. Victor implores Nick to fight dirty as well. Later, Joe warns Victor that Dylan and Avery are trying to learn his identity. Victor assures him no one will find out.

At the Bingham mansion, Adam informs Sage he won't be held hostage in this marriage. Adam wonders if Sage went missing who would look for her. She hisses, "You wouldn't dare." He warns her not to forget who she's dealing with. She reminds him she's got nothing to lose so he should be careful. Adam realizes she loved Gabriel and laughs. She mocks him for Chelsea moving on so quickly. She tells Adam they have two years and two weeks to go in the marriage. Adam says she'd better stay out of his way.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Sharon he was interviewed for the paper. They discuss her situation with Nick, and then wish each other luck. Dylan goes. Hilary appears, smiling at a text from Devon. Sharon thinks it's from Neil. Hilary misses Sharon at Jabot and offers to help anyway she can. Sharon says she and Neil are an inspiration. Hilary acts strange and leaves. Nick appears and confronts Sharon about going after his family. Sharon lashes out about all the mistakes he's made. She wonders if the DNA test had truly pointed to Jack being Summer's father - would that make Nick unfit for keeping Summer from him? Nick spots Sage looking troubled and goes to check in. She says her grandmother died. After, Sharon yells at Nick for having time for a stranger over discussing their daughter. Nick warns her not to misconstrue it and says he'll go as far as he has to to protect Faith.

At Avery and Michael's office, Kevin is bugging Michael about treatment when Dylan enters. Michael says Avery's not there. Dylan mentions Gerolomo. Kevin hints he can find information. Dylan talks about Joe possibly helping them and leaves. Kevin argues with Michael about needing to stop and face the truth about his cancer.

At the penthouse, Chelsea encounters Adam who says his appointment to see an apartment was cancelled. She agrees to show him hers. They are chatting when Billy shows up. "What are you doing here?" Chelsea explains. Adam mentions Jack hiring him at Jabot, grabs a toy car and his jacket, and leaves. Billy shows Chelsea his bandaged ring finger. He removed the tattoo and the 'Victoria' one on his back. Chelsea removes her wedding ring. They kiss.

Hilary arrives at the Club and Devon leaves her with Neil. He makes a beeline for Gwen at the bar and asks her to go upstairs. Hilary gapes as they kiss. Neil tells Hilary he told Devon they are trying to get pregnant.

Dylan returns to Crimson Lights, where Avery tells him about Joe's trick. She warns Dylan not to go after him - that's exactly what he wants. They agree not to let Joe ruin things for them.

At the Bingham mansion, Sage wonders what Adam did. Adam didn't do anything - Billy will screw this up on his own.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Dylan, "I want to get married. Right away."

Jill asks Victor, "Do you really want to get on the wrong side of Nikki, because I don't think she'd appreciate you siding against her son."

At Jabot, Kelly says, "I got your message. You wanted to see me?" Phyllis is in Jack's chair. "No. I did."

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