At Constance's house, Adam accuses Sage of bluffing him about their marriage. Sage says Gabe had to be married to claim his inheritance. Adam snarls that she's blackmailing him. She says acting so jaded isn't like Gabriel. Sage shows him the marriage certificate. She flashes back to Gabriel marveling at the marriage clause in the will and them sweet and smiling as she volunteered. She tells Adam that Gabe was a better man than he'll ever be. Adam wants the truth. Sage tells him how they got married and were funny and goofy. On the way home, Gabriel went in the river to save Adam. Adam says they'll get a divorce and split the inheritance. Sage tells him to keep reading. He realizes they have to be married for three years and explodes - he already has a wife. Sage replies he has a widow and invites him to call her and tell her he's coming home.

At the lab, Ben and Abby look on as Joe gives Ashley flowers and thanks her for a memorable New Year's Eve. Abby wants more information. Ben recognizes Joe as the guy trying to squash Crimson Lights and warns him it won't be easy getting past Mac. Joe leaves. Abby muses 'someone' won't need the new fragrance. They get to work choosing a scent and find a winner. Abby takes off. Ashley and Ben discuss New Year's. Ben thinks Joe is a snake. Ash thinks Joe is merely brokering a business deal. Abby returns and gets a strange expression when Ben and Ash both promise the love potion will deliver. Ben leaves. Abby tells Ashley about Lars and the kiss from Harding and then asks about her love life. Ash tells Abby to take the scents back to the lab. Once alone, Abby steals a dropper of the fragrance.

Victor is on an angry phone call at Newman-Chancellor when Victoria enters with Katie. Victor is pleased to have her back at work. Victoria asks about his phone call - it sounded personal and he had fire eyes. Victor admits he sent an operative to the Jabot lab and Ashley realized it. He needs a different angle. Victoria realizes she wants him to get info from Ben and tells him no. Victor says Reed told him Ben spent the night. Victor tells her he has someone else at Jabot, and he thinks Ben is a step up from Billy. Vikki asks him to be on his best behavior with Billy at the christening. Victor agrees. She assures him they've both moved on.

At Avery's office, Dylan wants to get the name of behind the development company. He feels they should start with her ex-husband. They bicker. Dylan doesn't think it can hurt to approach him. They get Joe in there and appeal to him to tell his client to find another location. Avery says if he's the man she thought she knew, he'll tell them who is behind the sale. Joe feels double-teamed. He warns if he gets them the name, it's then on them. He'll give it his best. Joe then listens from outside as Avery gets a call from the Chronicle for Dylan to give an interview. Avery coaches Dylan, who leaves. Joe calls Avery to meet the seller a suite at the Club. Avery's on her way.

At the Club, Chelsea tells Billy she won't be attending Katie's christening with him. Billy argues for her to attend. Chelsea cites bad vibes and recalls when Victor was blackmailing Adam at Connor's christening. Billy is upset it's about Adam. Chelsea is concerned that Adam will always be between them. "Because of you, not me." Billy convinces her to come to the christening. The waitress refers to Chelsea as Billy's wife. They stammer to the waitress that they're not married. Billy confronts Chelsea about wearing her wedding ring - it looks like they're cheating. He asks why she's still wearing Adam's ring. Nearby, Avery tells Michael she has a meeting with the seller in a suite, arranged by Joe. Michael wants to join her, but Avery puts him off. Michael doesn't trust Joe. Avery will be fine. She asks Michael not to mention this to Dylan. Upstairs, Joe tells Avery it's going to be just them.

At Crimson Lights, Ben wants to help with Dylan's interview. They debate whether Joe is human. Dylan says the sooner he leaves the better.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Devon encounters a lingerie-clad Gwen beckoning him into a suite.

Sharon tells Nick, "I am so sick and tired of you coming down on me like you're some kind of saint!"

Billy arrives at the penthouse and asks, "What are you doing here?" Adam turns away from Chelsea to look at him.

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